Hanzi Character Search: 並

equal to; side by side; also, what is more; both
Strokes (without radical) 7 Total Strokes 8
Mandarin reading bìng bàng Cantonese reading bing3 bing6 bong6
Japanese on reading hei Japanese kun reading nami naraberu narabini
Korean reading pyeng Vietnamese reading
Simplified Variant(s)
Semantic Variant(s) &#xU+7AD;

CEDICT Entries:

   [ bìng ]   and, furthermore, (not) at all, simultaneously, also, together with, to combine, to join, to merge
   [ bìng ]   to include
   [ bìng ]   not at all, emphatically not
   [ bìng lían ]   twin lotus flowers on one stalk - a devoted married couple
   [ bìng fēi ]   really isn't
   [ bìng ]   shunt excitation
   [ bìng jìa ]   run neck and neck, keep abreast of, or keep pace with, be on a par with one another
   [ bìng jīan ]   alongside, shoulder to shoulder, side by side, abreast
   [ bìng ]   develop simultaneously
   [ bìng ]   exist side by side, exist simultaneously
   [ bìng lían ]   parallel connection
   [ bìng lìe ]   stand side by side, be juxtaposed
   [ bìng pái ]   side by side, abreast
   [ bìng qǐe ]   and, besides, moreover, furthermore, in addition
   [ bìng ]   merge into, incorporate in
   [ bìng xíng ]   in parallel
   [ bìng xíng bèi ]   both can be implemented without coming into conflict, not be mutually exclusive, run parallel
   [ bìng xíng chéng ]   parallel program
   [ bìng zhòng ]   lay equal stress on, pay equal attention to
⇒    [ cái bìng ]   cut down and merge
⇒    [ kěn dìng bìng ]   active conjoined sentence