Hanzi Character Search: 醜

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ugly looking, homely; disgraceful
Strokes (without radical) 10 Total Strokes 17
Mandarin reading chǒu Cantonese reading cau2
Japanese on reading shuu Japanese kun reading minikui nikumu tagui
Korean reading chwu Vietnamese reading xấu
Simplified Variant(s)

CEDICT Entries:

   [ chǒu ]   shameful, ugly, disgraceful
   [ chǒu è ]   (adj) ugly; repulsive
   [ chǒu hùa ]   defame, libel, to defile, to smear, to vilify
   [ chǒu shì ]   scandal
   [ chǒu wén ]   scandal
⇒    [ bìan chǒu ]   disfigure