Unicode/Hanzi Search: U+4E1F (丟)

discard, reject, lose
Strokes (without radical) 5 Total Strokes 6
Mandarin reading diū Cantonese reading diu1 diu6
Japanese on reading chuu chu Japanese kun reading saru nageutsu
Korean reading cwu Vietnamese reading
Simplified Variant(s)
Semantic Variant(s)

CEDICT Entries:

   [ diū ]    to lose, to put aside, to throw
   [ diū sān ]    forgetful, empty-headed
   [ diū xià ]    to abandon
   [ diū choǔ ]    to lose face
   [ diū rén ]    to lose face
   [ diū rén xiàn yǎn ]    to make an exhibition of oneself, to be a disgrace
   [ diū daò jiā ]    to lose (face) utterly
   [ diū baō ]    (computing) packet loss, to lose a packet
   [ diū mìng ]    to die
   [ diū shī ]    to lose, lost
   [ diū guān ]    (of an official) to lose one's job
   [ diū shoǔ ]    to wash one's hands of sth, to have nothing further to do with sth
   [ diū ]    to lose, to throw away, to discard, to cast away
   [ diū ]    to discard, to abandon
   [ diū shā maò ]    lit. to lose one's black hat, to be sacked from an official post
   [ diū meí diū yǎn ]    to wink at sb
   [ diū meí nòng ]    to wink at sb
   [ diū liǎn ]    to lose face, humiliation
   [ diū lún chě paò ]    (idiom) flustered, confused
   [ diū kaī ]    to cast or put aside, to forget for a while
   [ diū miàn zi ]    to lose face
   [ diū fàn wǎn ]    to lose one's job
   [ diū hún ]    to be distracted
   [ diū hún luò ]    see 失魂落魄[shi1 hun2 luo4 po4]
⇒    [ diū meí diū yǎn ]    to wink at sb
⇒    [ luàn diū ]    to discard in the wrong place (cigarette butts etc), to leave one's things lying around
⇒    [ xuǎn diū ]    discard eligible (Frame Relay), DE
⇒    [ nòng diū ]    to lose
⇒ 西   [ jiǎn le zhī ma diū le guā ]    to let go of the big prize while grabbing at trifles (idiom)
⇒    [ huī bu liū diū ]    gloomy and dull (idiom), boring and gray, unpleasantly murky
⇒    [ zoǔ diū ]    to wander off, to get lost
⇒    [ gēn diū ]    to lose track of
⇒    [ suān bu liū diū ]    sour, acrid, (of a person) embittered