Unicode/Hanzi Search: U+4EF0 (仰)

raise the head to look; look up to, rely on, admire
Radical 𠆢
Strokes (without radical) 4 Total Strokes 6
Mandarin reading yǎng yàng áng Cantonese reading joeng5 ngong5
Japanese on reading gyou kou Japanese kun reading aogu oose aoru
Korean reading ang Vietnamese reading ngưỡng

CEDICT Entries:

   [ yǎng ]   look up
   [ yǎng gūang ]   Rangoon (capital of Burma)
   [ yǎng tīan ]   (v) face upwards, the sky
⇒    [ qían yǎng hòu ]   to sway to and fro, to rock back and forth
⇒    [ xìn yǎng ]   firm belief, conviction
⇒    [ zhān yǎng ]   (v) revere; admire