Unicode/Hanzi Search: U+52F8 (勸)

recommend, advise, urge
Strokes (without radical) 18 Total Strokes 19
Mandarin reading quàn Cantonese reading hyun3
Japanese on reading kan ken Japanese kun reading susumeru
Korean reading kwen Vietnamese reading khuyến
Simplified Variant(s)
Semantic Variant(s)

CEDICT Entries:

   [ quàn ]    to advise, to urge, to try to persuade, to exhort, to console, to soothe
   [ quàn miǎn ]    to advise, to encourage
   [ quàn dòng ]    to incite
   [ quàn huà ]    to exhort (sb) to live a virtuous life (Buddhism), to beg for alms
   [ quàn gaò ]    to advise, to urge, to exhort, exhortation, advice, CL:席[xi2]
   [ quàn ]    to mediate, to urge peace
   [ quàn shàn chéng è ]    to encourage virtue and punish evil (idiom); fig. poetic justice, you get what's coming to you
   [ quàn daǒ ]    to advise, to attempt to convince
   [ quàn weì ]    to console
   [ quàn jiè ]    variant of 勸誡|劝诫[quan4 jie4]
   [ quàn ]    to advise and teach, to persuade and instruct
   [ quàn ]    prevail, convince
   [ quàn jià ]    to mediate in a quarrel, to intervene in a dispute and try to calm things down
   [ quàn jiě ]    conciliation, mediation, to mollify, to propitiate, to reconcile
   [ quàn yoù ]    to prevail upon, to coax
   [ quàn jiè ]    to exhort, to admonish
   [ quàn shuō ]    to persuade, persuasion, to advise
   [ quàn ]    to encourage and supervise (esp. state officials promoting agriculture)
   [ quàn jiàn ]    to admonish
   [ quàn nóng ]    to promote agriculture
使   [ quàn nóng shǐ ]    envoy charge with promoting agriculture (in Han dynasty)
退   [ quàn tuì ]    to try to persuade sb to give up (their job, plans etc)
   [ quàn jiǔ ]    to urge sb to drink alcohol
   [ quàn ]    to advise against, to dissuade
   [ quàn jià ]    to urge sb to accept a post, to urge sb to agree to do sth
⇒    [ quàn ]    to persuade by all possible means, to implore
⇒    [ hǒng quàn ]    to coax
⇒    [ fèng quàn ]    may I offer a bit of advice
⇒ 退   [ sān quàn tuì shī ]    consultant who breaks up sb's extramarital relationship for a fee
⇒    [ quàn tīng ]    refusing to listen to advice or remonstrance, incorrigible
⇒    [ chéng è quàn shàn ]    see 懲惡揚善|惩恶扬善[cheng2 e4 yang2 shan4]
⇒    [ xiāng quàn ]    to persuade, to exhort, to advise
⇒ 祿   [ quàn ]    Luquan Yizu Miaozu autonomous county in Yunnan
⇒ 祿   [ quàn zhì xiàn ]    Luquan Yi and Miao autonomous county in Kunming 昆明[Kun1 ming2], Yunnan
⇒ 祿   [ quàn xiàn ]    Luquan Yi and Miao autonomous county in Kunming 昆明[Kun1 ming2], Yunnan
⇒    [ guī quàn ]    to advise
⇒    [ jiě quàn ]    to soothe, to pacify, to mollify, to mediate (in a dispute etc)