Unicode/Hanzi Search: U+5374 (却)

still, but; decline; retreat
Strokes (without radical) 5 Total Strokes 7
Mandarin reading qùe Cantonese reading koek3
Japanese on reading kyaku Japanese kun reading shirizoku shirizokeru kaette
Korean reading kak Vietnamese reading
Traditional Variant(s) still, but; decline; retreat
Semantic Variant(s)

CEDICT Entries:

   [ qùe ]   but, yet, however, while, to go back, to decline, to retreat, nevertheless
   [ qùe bìng ]   to prevent or treat a disease
   [ qùe ]   to step back
   [ qùe zhī gōng ]   to refuse would be impolite
⇒    [ lěng qùe ]   cooling, cool off
⇒    [ lěng qùe ]   coolant
⇒    [ lěng qùe ]   cooling tower
⇒    [ wàng qùe ]   (v) forget, usually only used in writing