Unicode/Hanzi Search: U+56AE (嚮)

guide, direct; incline to, favor
Strokes (without radical) 16 Total Strokes 19
Mandarin reading xiàng Cantonese reading hoeng2 hoeng3
Japanese on reading kou kyou Japanese kun reading mukau sakini
Korean reading hyang Vietnamese reading

CEDICT Entries:

   [ xiàng ]    to tend toward, to guide, variant of 向[xiang4]
   [ xiàng daǒ ]    guide
   [ xiàng wǎng ]    to yearn for, to look forward to
⇒    [ chōng xiàng ]    to charge into
⇒    [ miàn xiàng ]    to face, to turn towards, to incline to, geared towards, catering for, -oriented, facial feature, appearance, aspect, facet
⇒    [ miàn xiàng duì xiàng de shù ]    object-oriented technology
⇒    [ miàn xiàng duì xiàng yán ]    object oriented language
⇒    [ miàn xiàng lián jiē ]    connection-oriented