Unicode/Hanzi Search: U+57CB (埋)

bury, secrete, conceal
Strokes (without radical) 7 Total Strokes 10
Mandarin reading maí mán Cantonese reading maai4
Japanese on reading mai bai Japanese kun reading umeru uzumeru umaru
Korean reading may Vietnamese reading mai

CEDICT Entries:

   [ maí ]    to bury
   [ mán ]    used in 埋怨[man2 yuan4]
   [ maí ]    to ambush, to lie in wait for, to lie low, ambush
   [ maí míng ]    to conceal one's identity, to live incognito
   [ maí dān ]    to pay the bill (in a restaurant etc) (loanword from Cantonese), (fig.) to bear responsibility
   [ mán tiān yuàn ]    lit. to blame the heavens and reproach the earth, fig. to rave and rant
   [ mán yuàn ]    to complain, to grumble (about), to reproach, to blame
   [ maí tai ]    (dialect) dirty, to mock sb
   [ maí ]    to engulf, to bury, to overlook, to stifle, to neglect, to fall into oblivion
   [ maí xiàn ]    sunken cord (used in bookbinding)
   [ maí zàng ]    to bury
   [ maí cáng ]    to bury, to hide by burying, hidden
   [ maí shè ]    to install (water pipes, landmines etc) underground
   [ maí toú ]    to immerse oneself in, engrossed in sth, to lower the head (e.g. to avoid rain), countersunk (of screws, rivets etc)
   [ maí toú gàn ]    to bury oneself in work (idiom); to be engrossed in work, to make an all-out effort, up to the neck in work
   [ maí shoǔ ]    to immerse oneself in (one's work, studies etc)
   [ maí diǎn ]    (web analytics) event tracking, event
⇒    [ zhōng xīn maí zhì guān cóng ]    center-embedded relative clauses
⇒    [ shí miàn maí ]    Ambush from Ten Sides (pipa solo piece), House of Flying Daggers (2004 movie by Zhang Yimou 張藝謀|张艺谋[Zhang1 Yi4 mou2])
⇒    [ maí ]    to crush and bury
⇒    [ maí fu ]    to lie in wait, to ambush, to conceal sth
⇒    [ yǎn maí ]    to bury
⇒    [ huó maí ]    to bury alive
⇒    [ shaō maí ]    to bury, funeral rites
⇒    [ laò mán yuàn ]    to get blamed
⇒    [ zàng maí ]    to bury
⇒    [ zàng maí xiāng ]    lit. burying jade and interring incense (idiom); funeral for a beautiful person
⇒    [ yǐn míng maí xìng ]    to conceal one's identity, living incognito
⇒    [ yǐn xìng maí míng ]    to conceal one's identity, living incognito
⇒    [ yǐn maí míng ]    to live incognito