Unicode/Hanzi Search: U+6000 (怀)

怀 怀
bosom, breast; carry in bosom
Radical 𢖩
Strokes (without radical) 4 Total Strokes 7
Mandarin reading huái Cantonese reading waai4
Japanese on reading Japanese kun reading
Korean reading Vietnamese reading
Traditional Variant(s) bosom, breast; carry in bosom
Semantic Variant(s)

CEDICT Entries:

怀   [ huái ]   to think of, to cherish, mind, heart, bosom
怀   [ huái ān ]   (N) Huai'an (place in Hebei)
怀   [ huái bào ]   (within someone's) embrace, cherish
怀   [ huái ]   hostile
怀   [ huái é míng ]   Wyoming (US state)
怀   [ huái hùa ]   (N) Huaihua (city in Hunan)
怀   [ huái ]   (N) Huaiji (place in Guangdong)
怀   [ huái lái ]   (N) Huailai (place in Hebei)
怀   [ huái nìan ]   to cherish the memory of, to think of
怀   [ huái níng ]   (N) Huaining (place in Anhui)
怀   [ huái rén ]   (N) Huairen (place in Shanxi)
怀   [ huái róu ]   (N) Huairou (place in Beijing)
怀   [ huái ]   to doubt, to suspect, doubt, suspicion
怀   [ huái yǔan ]   (N) Huaiyuan (place in Anhui)
怀   [ huái yùn ]   to be pregnant, to have conceived
⇒ 怀   [ huái hǎo ]   harbor evil designs, harbor malicious intentions
⇒ 怀   [ gūan huái ]   show loving care for, show solicitude for
⇒ 怀   [ mǎn huái ]   (v) be full of; contain; be imbued with
⇒ 怀   [ mǐan huái ]   recall fondly
⇒ 怀   [ rén huái ]   (N) Renhuai (place in Guizhou)
⇒ 怀   [ xīong huái ]   (v) think about; cherish
⇒ 怀   [ huái rùo ]   very modest