Unicode/Hanzi Search: U+62CB (拋)

throw (away), abandon, reject
Strokes (without radical) 5 Total Strokes 8
Mandarin reading paō Cantonese reading paau1
Japanese on reading hou Japanese kun reading nageutsu
Korean reading pho Vietnamese reading
Simplified Variant(s)

CEDICT Entries:

   [ paō ]    to throw, to toss, to fling, to cast, to abandon
   [ paō xià ]    to throw down, to dump, to abandon, thrown down
   [ paō xià maó ]    to drop anchor
   [ paō guāng ]    to polish, to burnish
   [ paō chū ]    to toss, to throw out
   [ paō què ]    to discard
   [ paō shoù ]    to dump (selling abroad more cheaply than cost price at home)
   [ paō meì yǎn ]    to throw amorous or flirtatious glances at sb (esp. of a woman)
   [ paō shè ]    to throw, to shoot
   [ paō shè ]    projectile
   [ paō shè ]    projectile
   [ paō ]    to sprinkle
   [ paō zhì ]    to throw, to cast
   [ paō sàn ]    to scatter, to disperse
   [ paō ]    to abandon, to discard, to renounce, to dump (sb)
   [ paō ]    to drip, to flow out, to sprinkle
   [ paō xiàn ]    parabola
   [ paō miàn ]    paraboloid (geometry)
   [ paō shēng ]    to entice an inexperienced man
   [ paō zhuān ]    to get the ball rolling (abbr. for 拋磚引玉|抛砖引玉[pao1 zhuan1 yin3 yu4])
   [ paō zhuān yǐn ]    lit. throw out a brick and get jade thrown back (idiom), fig. to attract others' interest or suggestions by putting forward one's own modest ideas to get the ball rolling
   [ paō kōng ]    to short-sell (finance)
   [ paō xiù qiú ]    throwing the embroidered ball (traditional Zhuang flirting game at festivals), (fig.) to make overtures, to court
   [ paō liǎn ]    to lose face, humiliation
   [ paō huāng ]    to lie idle (of arable land), fig. rusty because of lack of practice
   [ paō ]    cover (i.e. insurance against loss in financial deals)
   [ paō taò ]    covered arbitrage
   [ paō feì ]    to waste, to squander
   [ paō maó ]    to drop anchor, to break down (of a car etc)
   [ paō kaī ]    to throw out, to get rid of
   [ paō ]    to desert, to leave, to forsake
   [ paō toú loù miàn ]    to show your face in public (derog.)
   [ paō ]    projectile
⇒    [ shuāng paō miàn ]    hyperbolic paraboloid (math.)