Unicode/Hanzi Search: U+652C (攬)

grasp, take hold of; monopolize
Strokes (without radical) 21 Total Strokes 24
Mandarin reading lǎn Cantonese reading laam2 laam5
Japanese on reading ran Japanese kun reading toru
Korean reading lam Vietnamese reading lãm
Simplified Variant(s)
Semantic Variant(s)

CEDICT Entries:

   [ lǎn ]    to monopolize, to seize, to take into one's arms, to embrace, to fasten (with a rope etc), to take on (responsibility etc), to canvass
   [ lǎn chaǒ ]    (Hong Kong) to seek mutual destruction
   [ lǎn peì chéng qīng ]    to assume one's post with the aspiration of bringing about peace and order to the nation (idiom)
⇒    [ lǎn zi ]    all-inclusive, undiscriminating
⇒    [ jiǔ tiān lǎn yuè ]    to reach for the stars (idiom)
⇒    [ doū lǎn ]    to canvas (for customers), to solicit, to advertise, to drum up, sales pitch, to take on (a task)
⇒    [ baō lǎn ]    to monopolize, to take on responsibility over everything, to undertake the whole task
⇒    [ baō lǎn sòng ]    to canvas for lawsuits (idiom); to practice chicanery
⇒    [ baō lǎn ]    to take complete charge (idiom)
⇒    [ yán lǎn ]    to recruit talent, to round up, to enlist the services of sb
⇒    [ yán pìn zhaō lǎn ]    to enlist the services of sb
⇒    [ chéng lǎn ]    to contract for an entire project
⇒    [ zhaō lǎn ]    to attract (customers), to drum up (trade)
⇒    [ zhaō lǎn shēng yi ]    to advertise, to solicit business
⇒    [ zhaō fēng lǎn huǒ ]    see 招風惹草|招风惹草[zhao1 feng1 re3 cao3]
⇒    [ shoū lǎn ]    to win the support of, to get over to one's side, to keep control of
⇒    [ lǎn ]    to monopolize
⇒    [ lǎn shì chǎng ]    to monopolize a market
⇒    [ tǒng lǎn ]    to be in overall charge, to have overall control
⇒    [ zǒng lǎn ]    to assume full responsibility, to be in full control, to monopolize