Unicode/Hanzi Search: U+6B47 (歇)

rest, stop, lodge
Strokes (without radical) 9 Total Strokes 13
Mandarin reading xiē Cantonese reading hit3
Japanese on reading ketsu kai Japanese kun reading yameru tsukiru
Korean reading hel Vietnamese reading hết

CEDICT Entries:

   [ xiē ]    to rest, to take a break, to stop, to halt, (dialect) to sleep, a moment, a short while
   [ xiē le ba ]    (dialect) give me a break!, forget about it!
宿   [ xiē ]    to lodge, to stay (for the night)
   [ xiē shān dǐng ]    (East Asian) hip-and-gable roof
   [ xiē hoù ]    saying in which the second part, uttered after a pause or totally left out, is the intended meaning of the allegory presented in the first part
   [ xiē xīn ]    to drop the matter, to stop worrying
   [ xiē xi ]    to have a rest, to stay for the night, to go to bed, to sleep
   [ xiē shoǔ ]    to rest, to take a break
   [ xiē ]    hysteria (loanword), hysterical
   [ xiē ]    to close down (temporarily or permanently), to go out of business
   [ xiē ]    to have a break, to rest
b7福   [ xiē luò ěr ]    Sherlock Holmes
   [ xiē ]    to stop on the way for a rest
   [ xiē huáng ]    large warship
   [ xiē caì ]    Stop it! (Beijing and Internet slang), Game over!, You're dead!
   [ xiē dǐng ]    to be balding, to be thinning on top
⇒    [ tíng xiē ]    to stop for a rest
⇒    [ ān xiē ]    to go to bed, to retire for the night
⇒    [ xiē gēn ]    Michigan, US state
⇒    [ xiē gēn xué ]    University of Michigan
⇒    [ xiē gēn zhoū ]    Michigan, US state
⇒    [ xiē gēn ]    Lake Michigan, one of the Great Lakes 五大湖[Wu3 da4 hu2]
⇒    [ xiē ěr ]    Michel or Mitchell (name), George Mitchell (1933-), US Democratic party politician and diplomat, influential in brokering Northern Ireland peace deal in 1990s, US Middle East special envoy from 2009
⇒    [ jiàn xiē ]    to stop in the middle of sth, intermittent, intermittence
⇒    [ jiàn xiē xùn liàn ]    interval training
⇒    [ guān diàn xiē ]    to close up shop and cease business temporarily, closed for business
⇒    [ xiē ěr ]    Marshall (name), George Catlett Marshall (1880-1959), US general in WWII and Secretary of State 1947-1949, author of the postwar Marshall plan for Europe and Nobel peace laureate