Unicode/Hanzi Search: U+7009 (瀉)

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drain off, leak; flow, pour down
Radical 𣱱
Strokes (without radical) 15 Total Strokes 18
Mandarin reading xìe Cantonese reading se2 se3
Japanese on reading sha Japanese kun reading sosogu haku
Korean reading sa Vietnamese reading tả
Simplified Variant(s)

CEDICT Entries:

   [ xìe ]   to flow (out) swiftly, diarrhea
   [ xìe ]   to have diarrhea
   [ xìe ]   lagoon
   [ xìe ]   to leak out (information)
   [ xìe yán ]   epsom salts
   [ xìe yào ]   laxative
⇒    [ bēn xìe ]   (of torrents) rush down, pour down
⇒    [ xìe ]   reinforcing and reducing methods (in acupuncture)
⇒    [ gǎn rǎn xìng xìe ]   infective diarrhea