Unicode/Hanzi Search: U+70D8 (烘)

bake, roast; dry by fire
Strokes (without radical) 6 Total Strokes 10
Mandarin reading hōng Cantonese reading hong3 hung1 hung4
Japanese on reading kou gu kyou ku Japanese kun reading kagaribi
Korean reading hong Vietnamese reading hong
Semantic Variant(s)

CEDICT Entries:

   [ hōng ]    to bake, to heat by fire, to set off by contrast
   [ hōng gān ]    to dry over a stove
   [ hōng gān ]    clothes dryer
   [ hōng dòng ]    variant of 轟動|轰动[hong1 dong4]
   [ hōng shoǔ ]    hand dryer
   [ hōng tuō ]    background (of a painting), backdrop, a foil (to set off something to advantage), to offset (something to advantage)
   [ hōng rǎn ]    relief shading (in a picture), fig. to throw into relief
   [ hōng kaǒ ]    to roast, to bake
   [ hōng beì ]    to cure by drying over a fire (tea, meat etc), to bake
   [ hōng beì diàn ]    bakery
   [ hōng beì ]    homepage (loanword) (humorous)
   [ hōng ]    oven
   [ hōng wǎn ]    dish dryer
   [ hōng xiāng ]    oven
   [ hōng lóng ]    bamboo drying frame
   [ hōng lóng ]    bamboo drying frame
   [ hōng zhì ]    to bake
   [ hōng chèn ]    to set off, to highlight by contrast
   [ hōng doù ]    baked beans
   [ hōng yún tuō yuè ]    lit. to shade in the clouds to offset the moon (idiom); fig. a foil, a contrasting character to a main hero
⇒    [ dōng hōng ]    shallow, uneducated
⇒    [ nuǎn hōng hōng ]    nice and warm, cozy, heartwarming
⇒    [ nuǎn hōng hōng ]    nice and warm, cozy, heartwarming
⇒    [ choù hōng hōng ]    stinking
⇒    [ choù hōng hōng ]    stinking