Unicode/Hanzi Search: U+7F62 (罢)

cease, finish, stop; give up
Radical 𦉪𦉫𦉭𦉰
Strokes (without radical) 5 Total Strokes 10
Mandarin reading ba bǎi Cantonese reading baa6
Japanese on reading Japanese kun reading
Korean reading Vietnamese reading
Traditional Variant(s) cease, finish, stop; give up

CEDICT Entries:

   [ ]   to stop, cease, dismiss, suspend, to quit, to finish
   [ chù ]   dismiss from office, ban, reject
   [ gōng ]   strike, go on strike
   [ gūan ]   dismiss from office
   [ jiào ]   teacher's strike
   [ ]   student's strike
   [ le ]   a modal particle indicating (that's all, only, nothing much)
   [ liǎo ]   a modal particle indicating (don't mind it, ok)
   [ lùn ]   abandoned idea
   [ mǐan ]   recall
   [ shì ]   shopkeeper's strike
   [ shǒu ]   give up
   [ xīu ]   give up, abandon (a goal, etc), let it go, forget it, let matter drop
   [ ba ]   (final part.)