Unicode/Hanzi Search: U+884D (衍)

overflow, spill over, spread out
Strokes (without radical) 3 Total Strokes 9
Mandarin reading yǎn yán Cantonese reading hin2 jin2 jin5
Japanese on reading en Japanese kun reading habikoru shiku amari
Korean reading yen Vietnamese reading

CEDICT Entries:

   [ yǎn ]    to spread out, to develop, to overflow, to amplify, superfluous
   [ yǎn shēn ]    to give rise (to), to spawn, to spread (to)
   [ yǎn huà ]    to evolve (of ideas, designs, constructions etc), to develop and change
   [ yǎn shè ]    diffraction
   [ yǎn shè zi ]    diffraction grating (physics)
   [ yǎn shè ]    angle of diffraction (physics)
   [ yǎn shēng ]    to give rise to, to derive, derivative, derivation
   [ yǎn shēng gōng ]    derivative (finance)
   [ yǎn shēng ]    a derivative (complex product derived from simpler source material)
   [ yǎn shēng chǎn pǐn ]    derivative product, derivative (in finance)
   [ yǎn shèng gōng ]    hereditary title bestowed on Confucius' descendants
   [ yǎn shèng gōng ]    the official residence of Confucius' descendants at Qufu 曲阜, Shandong
   [ yǎn shēng ]    compound word such as 玫瑰[mei2 gui1] or 咖啡[ka1 fei1], whose meaning is unrelated to the component hanzi, which often cannot be used singly
   [ yǎn biàn ]    to develop, to evolve
⇒    [ xìn daì yǎn shēng chǎn pǐn ]    credit derivative (in finance)
⇒    [ xià yǎn ]    Xia Yan (1900-1995), Chinese writer, playwright, socialist critic and movie pioneer
⇒    [ tuī yǎn ]    to deduce, to infer, an implication, same as 推演
⇒    [ yǎn ]    to elaborate (on a theme), to expound (the classics), perfunctory, to skimp, to botch, to do sth half-heartedly or just for show, barely enough to get by
⇒    [ yǎn shì ]    to do things half-heartedly, to merely go through the motions
⇒    [ yǎn ]    to skimp on the job, to work half-heartedly, not to take the job seriously
⇒    [ yǎn ]    rich and fertile (soil)
⇒    [ qiè yǎn ]    bamboo box
⇒    [ fán yǎn ]    to multiply, to reproduce, to increase gradually in number or quantity
⇒    [ luó yǎn ]    the Ramayana (Indian epic)
⇒    [ zhoù fán yǎn ]    Descendants are great in numbers. (idiom)
⇒    [ fán yǎn ]    variant of 繁衍[fan2 yan3]
⇒    [ zoū yǎn ]    Zou Yan (305-240 BC), founder of the School of Yin-Yang of the Warring States Period (475-221 BC)
⇒    [ jīn róng yǎn shēng chǎn pǐn ]    financial derivative
⇒    [ yǎn ]    to spread out widely, to disseminate