Unicode/Hanzi Search: U+8ACD (諍)

to expostulate; to remonstrate
Radical 𧥛𧥜
Strokes (without radical) 8 Total Strokes 15
Mandarin reading zhēng zhèng Cantonese reading zaang1 zaang3 zang3
Japanese on reading sou shou Japanese kun reading isameru uttaeru arasou
Korean reading cayng Vietnamese reading
Simplified Variant(s)

CEDICT Entries:

   [ zhèng ]    to admonish, to warn sb of their errors, to criticize frankly, Taiwan pr. [zheng1]
   [ zhèng rén ]    dwarf in legends
   [ zhèng yoǔ ]    a friend capable of direct admonition
   [ zhèng chén ]    official who dares speak frankly before the emperor
   [ zhèng yán ]    to reprove, forthright admonition
   [ zhèng sòng ]    to contest a lawsuit
   [ zhèng jiàn ]    to criticize frankly, to admonish
⇒    [ jiàn zhèng ]    see 諍諫|诤谏[zheng4 jian4]