Unicode/Hanzi Search: U+8AE2 (諢)

jokes, obscene jests; joke
Radical 𧥛𧥜
Strokes (without radical) 9 Total Strokes 16
Mandarin reading hùn Cantonese reading wan6
Japanese on reading kon gon Japanese kun reading tawamure joudan odoke
Korean reading wen Vietnamese reading
Simplified Variant(s)

CEDICT Entries:

   [ hùn ]    jest, nickname
⇒    [ hùn ]    to intersperse comic remarks (in a performance), (fig.) to quip, to banter
⇒    [ chā hùn ]    to include impromptu comic material in opera performance (idiom); to jest, buffoonery
⇒    [ hùn ]    to intersperse comic dialogue (as they do in operas)