Unicode/Hanzi Search: U+904D (遍)

everywhere, all over, throughout
Radical 𠔇
Strokes (without radical) 9 Total Strokes 13
Mandarin reading biàn Cantonese reading bin3 pin3
Japanese on reading hen Japanese kun reading amaneshi
Korean reading phyen Vietnamese reading
Semantic Variant(s)

CEDICT Entries:

   [ biàn ]    everywhere, all over, classifier for actions: one time
   [ biàn ]    to extend (everywhere)
   [ biàn ]    everywhere, all over
   [ biàn kaī huā ]    to blossom everywhere, to spring up all over the place, to flourish on a large scale
   [ biàn ]    to cover the whole (area), to be found throughout
   [ biàn ]    to traverse, to travel throughout, (math.) ergodic
   [ biàn shēn ]    over the whole body
   [ biàn ]    all over the body
   [ biàn lín shāng ]    covered all over with cuts and bruises, beaten black and blue, be a mass of bruises
⇒    [ biàn ]    one time (all the way through), once through
⇒    [ biàn yoù biàn ]    over and over
⇒    [ biàn yoù biàn ]    over and over
⇒    [ èr biàn ]    second persecution
⇒    [ chuán biàn ]    to spread widely
⇒    [ hóng biàn ]    lit. plaintive whine of geese (idiom); fig. land swarming with disaster victims, starving people fill the land
⇒    [ zhaǒ biàn ]    to search everywhere, to search high and low, to comb
⇒    [ biàn ]    universal, general, widespread, common
⇒    [ biàn huà ]    generalization (logic)
⇒    [ biàn xìng ]    ubiquity, universality
⇒    [ biàn xìng jiǎ shè ]    universal hypothesis
⇒    [ biàn lùn ]    universal hypothesis
⇒    [ héng shī biàn ]    corpses strew the field, deadly (conflict)
⇒ 滿   [ mǎn shān biàn ]    covering the whole land, over hills and dales
⇒    [ màn tiān biàn ]    lit. to fill the whole sky and cover the land; everywhere, as far as the eye can see
⇒    [ màn tiān biàn ]    lit. to fill the whole sky and cover the land; everywhere, as far as the eye can see
⇒    [ màn shān biàn ]    lit. covering the mountains and the plains (idiom), fig. as far as the eye can see, covering everything, omnipresent
⇒    [ fēng yān biàn ]    fire beacons on all sides (idiom); enveloped in the flames of war
⇒    [ wán biàn ]    to visit (a large number of places), to tour around (the whole country, the whole city etc)
⇒    [ fān biàn ]    to rummage through, to turn everything over, to ransack
⇒    [ paǒ biàn ]    to go everywhere, to scour (the whole town)
⇒    [ xiǎng biàn ]    to resound (all over the place)
⇒    [ è biàn ]    starving people everywhere (idiom); a state of famine