Unicode/Hanzi Search: U+947D (鑽)

drill, bore; pierce; diamond
Strokes (without radical) 19 Total Strokes 27
Mandarin reading zuān zuàn Cantonese reading zyun1 zyun3
Japanese on reading san Japanese kun reading kiri kiru
Korean reading chan Vietnamese reading
Simplified Variant(s)
Semantic Variant(s)

CEDICT Entries:

   [ zuān ]    to drill, to bore, to get into, to make one's way into, to enter (a hole), to thread one's way through, to study intensively, to dig into, to curry favor for personal gain
   [ zuàn ]    an auger, diamond
   [ zuān jǐng ]    to drill (e.g. for oil), a borehole
   [ zuān jǐng píng taí ]    (oil) drilling platform
   [ zuān jìn ]    application to the task
   [ zuàn qiǎ ]    drill chuck
   [ zuān quān ]    jumping through hoops (as acrobatic show)
   [ zuān jiān yǎng gaō ]    lit. looking up to it, it gets higher; boring into it, it gets harder (idiom) (from Analects), fig. to delve deeply into one's studies, meticulous and diligent study
   [ zuàn ]    pressure on a drill bit
   [ zuān kǒng ]    to bore a hole, to drill, drilled hole
   [ zuān xīn ]    to sneak in, to infiltrate, to be piercingly painful, to be unbearable (of pain, itch etc)
   [ zuān xīn chóng ]    boring insect, snout moth's larva (Aphomia gullaris or Plodia interpuncuella or Heliothus armigera etc), major agricultural pest
   [ zuàn jiè ]    diamond ring, CL:隻|只[zhi1]
   [ zuān tàn ]    to conduct exploratory drilling
   [ zuān tàn ]    drilling machine
   [ zuān zhǐ duī ]    to dig into piles of outdated writings (idiom); to study old books and papers
   [ zuān huǒ ]    to drill wood to make fire
   [ zuān zhuō zi ]    to crawl under a table (e.g. as a penalty for losing in a card game)
   [ zuàn ]    drilling machine
   [ zuān dòng ]    to bore, to burrow, to crawl through a tunnel
   [ zuān yíng ]    toadying for personal gain, to curry favor, to study in great depth
   [ zuān bǎn ]    to cut a woodblock (e.g. for printing)
   [ zuān niú ]    lit. honing a bull's horn; fig. to waste time on an insoluble or insignificant problem, to bash one's head against a brick wall, a wild goose chase, a blind alley, to split hairs, same as idiom 鑽牛角尖|钻牛角尖
   [ zuān niú jiān ]    lit. to penetrate into a bull's horn (idiom); fig. to waste time on an insoluble or insignificant problem, to bash one's head against a brick wall, a wild goose chase, a blind alley, to split hairs
   [ zuān yǎn ]    to drill a hole, drilling
   [ zuàn shí ]    diamond, CL:顆|颗[ke1]
   [ zuàn shí wáng laǒ ]    highly eligible bachelor, desirable male partner
   [ zuān yán ]    to study meticulously, to delve into
   [ zuān kòng zi ]    lit. to drill a hole, to take advantage of a loophole, to exploit an advantage, to seize the opportunity (esp. to do sth bad)
   [ zuān fěn ]    residue from drilling, slag hill
   [ zuān moú ]    to use influence to get what one wants, to find a way through (esp. corrupt), to succeed by means fair or foul
   [ zuān jìn ]    to get into, to dig into (studies, job etc), to squeeze into
   [ zuàn toú ]    drill bit
⇒    [ bīng zuàn ]    ice auger
⇒    [ zuān ]    crafty, tricky
⇒    [ zuān yán ]    to study diligently
⇒    [ shoǔ zuàn ]    gimlet, hand drill
⇒    [ kǒng zuàn ]    auger, drill
⇒    [ dīng zuān ]    to make doubly sure (idiom)
⇒    [ bǐng zuàn ]    hand drill with a crank handle
⇒    [ zuàn ]    pneumatic drill
⇒    [ kǒng zuān ]    lit. leave no hole undrilled (idiom); to latch on to every opportunity
⇒    [ zuàn shí ]    solitaire (puzzle)
⇒    [ píng saī zuàn ]    corkscrew
⇒    [ suì zuàn ]    small diamonds, melee (small diamonds used in embellishing mountings for larger gems), splints (sharp-pointed diamond splinters), clatersal (small diamond splints from which diamond powder is produced by crushing)
⇒    [ jīng líng baǒ zuàn ]    treasure of spirits, Silmarillion or Quenta Silmarillion by J.R.R. Tolkien 托爾金|托尔金
⇒    [ wàn toú zuān dòng ]    milling crowds
⇒    [ luó zuàn ]    auger, gimlet, screwdriver (cocktail)
⇒    [ xuè zuàn ]    blood diamond, conflict diamond
⇒    [ chōng zuàn ]    impact drill, hammer drill
⇒    [ jiàn fèng jiù zuān ]    lit. to squeeze into every crack (idiom), fig. to make the most of every opportunity
⇒    [ kaī zuān ]    to start drilling
⇒    [ diàn zuàn ]    electric drill
⇒    [ fēng zuàn ]    pneumatic drill, jackhammer