Unicode/Hanzi Search: U+947F (鑿)

chisel; bore, pierce
Strokes (without radical) 19 Total Strokes 27
Mandarin reading zaó zuò zaò Cantonese reading zok6
Japanese on reading saku sou Japanese kun reading nomi ugatsu
Korean reading chak co Vietnamese reading tạc
Simplified Variant(s)

CEDICT Entries:

   [ zaó ]    chisel, to bore a hole, to chisel or dig, (literary) (bound form) certain, authentic, irrefutable, also pr. [zuo4]
   [ zaó jǐng ]    to dig a well
   [ zaó toū guāng ]    lit. to pierce the wall to steal a light (idiom), fig. to study diligently in the face of hardship
   [ zaó ]    chisel
   [ zaó yán ]    (rock) drilling
   [ zaó yán ]    rock drill
   [ zaó ruì ]    to fit like mortise and tenon
   [ zaó chén ]    to scuttle (a ship)
   [ zaó shí chǎng ]    rock quarry
   [ zaó kōng ]    to open an aperture, (extended meaning) to cut a way through, to open up a road
⇒    [ yuán zaó fāng ruì ]    see 方枘圓鑿|方枘圆凿[fang1 rui4 yuan2 zao2]
⇒ 穿   [ wàng shēng chuān zaó ]    a forced analogy (idiom); to jump to an unwarranted conclusion
⇒    [ fāng ruì yuán zaó ]    to put a square peg in a round hole, incompatible (idiom)
⇒    [ ruì zuò ]    incompatible
⇒    [ sǔn zaó ]    mortise chisel
⇒    [ què zaó ]    definite, conclusive, undeniable, authentic, also pr. [que4 zuo4]
⇒    [ què zaó ]    established and irrefutable (idiom)
⇒ 穿   [ chuān zaó ]    to bore a hole, to give a forced interpretation
⇒ 穿   [ chuān zaó huì ]    to make far-fetched claims (idiom), to offer outlandish explanations
⇒    [ kaī zaó ]    to cut (a canal, tunnel, well etc)