Cantonese Search: aa1

𠮩 aa1 liu1 (Cant.) an interjection; rare, specialized
aa1 hon3 factory, workshop; radical 27
aa1 forked; bifurcation
aa1 used in translation
aa1 aa3 aa6 particle used to express surprise or mild emphasis; (Cant.) slurred form of the number ten
aa1 aak1 ak1 grasp, clutch; choke, strangle
aa1 aa2 dumb, mute; become hoarse
aa1 crow; Corvus species (various)
aa1 aa2 ak1 dumb, mute; become hoarse
aa1 aa2 aa3 aa4 exclamatory particle
aa1 ngaa4 the forking branch of a tree
aa1 ac
aa1 ngaa5 elegant, graceful, refined
aa1 ngaa1 crow, raven; Corvus species (various)
aa1 aa3 actinium