Cantonese Search: bei2

bei2 bei6 spoon, ladle; knife, dirk
bei2 bei6 pei4 to compare, liken; comparison; than
bei2 head sores
bai6 bei2 to compare; to match; to equal
bei2 one's deceased mother
bei2 name of a river
bei2 bei3 to give
bei2 (Cant.) leg, thigh
bei2 that, there, those
bei2 empty grain or rice husk, chaff
bei2 so that, in order that; cause
bei2 pei3 marry off, pair, match; compare
bei2 pe5 bell shaped with large base, (ancient form of 髀) buttocks, hipbone; innominate bone; (Cant.) to stagger
bei2 bing2 pei4 sheath
bei2 buttocks; thigh, thigh bone