Cantonese Search: cyun3

cyun3 inch; small, tiny; KangXi radical 41
cyun3 English inch (unlike 寸, which can be either the English or the Chinese inch)
cyun3 gwaan3 string; relatives; conspire
cyun3 green jade
cyun3 bracelet, armlet
cyun1 cyun3 bracelet, armlet
cyun3 run away; revise, edit; expel
cyun3 zeoi3 afraid, apprehensive, nervous
cyun3 hurry; to throw; to urge
cyun3 cyun4 jyun4 orange or reddish-yellow silk
cyun2 cyun3 run away; revise, edit; expel
cyun2 cyun3 zyun2 lush growth; dense growth of trees and grass, to huddle together; to crowd together
cyun3 syu2 hurry; to throw; to urge; (Cant.) to steal, pilfer
cyun3 oven, cooking stove; cook