Cantonese Search: daam6

daam6 taam5 weak, watery; insipid, tasteless
daam6 eat, feed; chew, bite; entice
daam6 eat, chew, bite; entice, lure
daam6 xenon
daam6 pit
daam6 (non-classical form of 啗) to eat; to chew; to bite. to entice; to lure, to contain; to, comprise
daam6 dam3 jim4 long hair; (Cant.) to hang down, droop
daam6 gam2 bite, chew; (Cant.) like this, in this way
daam6 zin6 fine
daam6 peace
daam6 taam4 calm, quiet, tranquil
daam6 taam5 sacrifice offered at the end of the three years' mourning the death of a parent
daam6 taam4 incite