Cantonese Search: doek3

cuk3 doek3 a shackled pig
do2 doek3 chop by pounding, mince, hash
涿 doek3 drip, dribble, trickle
doek3 duk1 a thorn, to select; to pick, to push, to find out, to cut out; to engrave, sound of striking
doek3 to peck; (Cant.) to slander
doek3 strike, hit, beat, hammer
doek3 duk1 zaa1 the buttocks; the rump, fat; plump, one of the seven constellations; name of a star, the anus
doek3 polish jade; cut jade
doek3 cut, chop, hack
doek3 doek6 slander; gossip; rumors
doek3 zau3 zyu1 a beak; to peck; to order, enjoin upon