Cantonese Search: fu2

fu1 fu2 tiger; KangXi radical 141
fu2 fu6 father; KangXi radical 88
fu2 tiger; brave, fierce; surname
fu2 pou2 pou3 begin; man, father; great; a distance of ten li
fu2 pat, console, comfort; pacify
fu2 slap; pat; tap; handle of a vessel
fu2 middle
fu2 prefecture; prefect; government
fu2 axe, hatchet; chop, hew
fu2 min5 make effort, endeavor; to lower the head
fu2 bow down, face down, look down
fu2 cauldron, pot, kettle
fu2 to be exiled; delay payment for
fu2 to intimidate; to scare
fu2 pou2 dried meat; preserved fruits
fu2 bitter; hardship, suffering
fu2 a basket, square outside and round inside, used to hold boiled grain in State worship
fu2 jewel in shape of tiger; amber
fu2 bowels, entrails, internal organs
fu2 pou4 a kind of legendary tree
fu2 wu6 coarse, crude; plant
fu2 fu6 rot, decay, spoil; rotten
fu2 m4 mou5 unclear; an expletive; not
fu2 pat, console, comfort; pacify
fu2 bow; nod; condescend
fu2 an ancient vessel used for holding boiled grain
fu2 embroidered official or sacrificial robe