Cantonese Search: gei2

gei1 gei2 small table
gei2 self, oneself; personal, private; 6th heavenly stem
gei1 gei2 desk; machine; moment
gei2 gei3 record, annal, historical account
gei2 hei2 a hill with trees or grass-- some give the opposite meaning
gei2 willow; medlar tree; a small feudal state (Qi)
gei2 zi2 a kind of jade
gei2 gwai2 a cupboard or pantry to store
gei2 louse eggs, nits
gei2 hei2 white millet
gei2 gei3 record, annal, historical account
gei1 gei2 carving or engraving knife; grave
gei2 drag aside, pull; drag one foot
gei1 gei2 how many? how much?; a few, some
gei2 species of deer
gei2 hei2 ji2 the shin; to pierce; to touch
gei2 louse eggs, nits