Cantonese Search: gung1

gung1 bow; curved, arched; KangXi radical number 57
gung1 labor, work; worker, laborer
gung1 fair, equitable; public; duke
gung1 achievement, merit, good result
gung1 gung6 together with, all, total; to share
gung1 attack, assault; criticize
gung1 gung3 supply, provide for; offer in worship
gung1 hung4 red, vermillion; blush, flush
gung1 hung1 kung4 a kind of herb
gung1 palace
gung1 centipede
gung1 body; personally, in person
gung1 gung2 ngung2 to raise; to fold the hands on the breast, to bow, to salute, a method (to pile or to raise up) of painting; (Cant.) to push from behind
gung1 respectful, polite, reverent
gung1 palace, temple, dwelling, enclose
gung1 give, present; reverential
gung1 body; self
gung1 hung4 the nautilus
gung1 a kind of pheasant-like bird
gung1 give, present; reverential