Cantonese Search: gwik1

gwik1 quiet
gwik1 to ditch; a moat
gwik1 infertile
gwik1 crack, opening; surname
gwik1 wik6 ditch
gwik1 alone; quiet, still
gwik1 name of ancient feudal State in Shenxi and Hunan
gwik1 crack, split, fissure; grudge
gwik1 cloth
gwik1 to cut the left ears of the slain
gwik1 fright
gwik1 cut off left ear; tally dead enemy
gwik1 alone; quiet, still
gwik1 kyut3 shrike; Lanius species (various)
gwik1 a kind of fish; small fish; fry, a large amphibious creature, something like the newt but very much larger