Cantonese Search: hung1

hung1 culprit; murder; bad, sad
hung1 atrocious, ferocious, brutal
hung1 breast, chest, thorax; clamor; the Hsiung Nu 'Huns'
hung1 turbulent; noisy, restless
hung1 ngau6 'OM'; bellow; (Cant.) dull, stupid
hung1 variant of 恟 , scared, nervous
hung1 hung3 empty, hollow, bare, deserted
hung1 kung4 high and vast; elevated; arched
hung1 the rush of water; turbulent; noisy, restless
gung1 hung1 kung4 a kind of herb
hung1 scared, nervous
hong3 hung1 hung4 bake, roast; dry by fire
hung1 breast, chest, thorax; clamor
hung1 breast, bosom, chest; thorax
hung1 hung2 boorish, ignorant; urgent, pressing
hung1 naive, guileless, simple-minded
hung1 Kongtong mountain
hung1 ancient string music instrument