Cantonese Search: jam4

jam4 jau4 to move on; coubtful
jam4 9th heavenly stem
jam4 jam6 trust to, rely on, appoint; to bear, duty, office; allow
jam4 ngam4 sing, hum; recite; type of poetry
jam4 conceive, be pregnant
jam4 jam6 weave, lay warp
jam4 cliffs
jam4 obscene, licentious, lewd
jam4 obscene, licentious, lewd
jam4 lapel; hidden lapel of coat
jam1 jam4 comfortable, contented, peaceful
gim2 jam4 jim4 eaves of house; brim, rim
jam4 hoopoe
jam4 jim4 sim4 eaves of house; brim
jam4 long and heavy rain