Cantonese Search: jit6

𠱥 fik1 jit6 we5 (Cant.) wrangling, a noise; fitful; a soft fabric with no body
jai6 jit6 drag, tow; throw; twist
jit6 nip6 law, rule; door post
jit6 hot; heat; fever; restless; zeal
jit6 ngat6 bite, gnaw
jat6 jik6 jit6 armpit
jit6 zi3 to seize with the hand; to grasp. to advance. to breakdown
jik6 jit6 black
jit6 hot; heat; fever; restless; zeal
jit6 nit6 jumpy; jittery; worried; to grasp
jip6 jit6 the doorsill
jit6 ngat6 ngit6 bite, gnaw
jit6 misfortune; sin, evil
jip6 jit6 evil; son of concubine; ghost
jit6 yeast; leaven for making liquors
jit6 ngaat6 ngit6 bite, gnaw; wear down, erode
jit6 fermenting grain; yeast
jit6 stump, sprout
jit6 paak3 stump, sprout
jit6 bee
jit6 ngaat6 ngit6 gnaw