Cantonese Search: sit3

sit3 sit6 tongue; clapper of bell; KangXi radical 135
sit3 to contract, draw in, reduce, shorten
jai6 sit3 leak; vent; flow; reveal
jai6 sit3 long oar, sweep
jai6 sit3 leak, drip; vent or release
kai3 kit3 sit3 deed, contract, bond; engrave
sit3 secretly, stealthily; steal; thief
sit3 bits, scraps, crumbs, fragments
lei4 sit3 rare beast; strange; elegant
sit3 bridle; halter
sit3 slight, insult, treat with disrespect
sit3 rope, cable; reins; to tie up, bind
sit3 lust after, act indecently; lewd
sit3 beating of ocean; surging of wate
dip6 sip3 sit3 to sort out the stalks used in divination; to fold
sit3 wedge; gatepost; foreword
sit3 (interchangeable 鞢) a jade ring with a small segment cut off; used to indicate separation, a thumb-ring worn by archers, tinkling sound of clicking (said of metal), (corrupted form of 渫) to remove; to eliminate
sit3 wooden shoes, clogs
sit3 cord
sit3 elevated, lofty
sit3 dirty, ragged; slight, insult, treat with disrespect
sip3 sit3 harmonize, blend; adjust
sit3 kind of marsh grass; feudal state
sit3 secretly, stealthily; steal; thief
sip3 sit3 to walk
sit3 to limp