Cantonese Search: tung4

tung4 together, same; surname
tung4 same, similar; together with
tung4 a name
tung4 red, vermilion; name of ancient
dung6 tung4 big; ignorant; rude, rustic
dung6 tung4 mountain in Gansu province
tung4 heat
tung4 name applied various trees
tung4 copper, brass, bronze
tung4 child, boy, servant boy; virgin
dung6 tung4 alley, lane
tung2 tung4 thick piece of bamboo; pipe
tung4 ketones
tung2 tung4 bamboo pipe; fish hook
tung4 copper, brass, bronze cuprum
tung4 zung3 page, boy servant
tung4 high, lofty; damp
tung4 zong6 name of a variety of dog; wild tribes in South China
cung1 tung4 irresolute, indecisive; yearn for
tung4 twilight just before sunrise
cong4 tung4 tree
tung4 the rising moon
罿 cung1 tung4 net catch birds
tung4 zung3 rice
tung4 pupil of eye
tung4 ancient warship
dung1 tung4 rattle of drums