Cantonese Search: zi6

zi6 the hours from 9 to 11; 6th terrestrial branch
zi1 zi6 measuring cup; wine container
zi6 court, office; temple, monastery
zi6 letter, character, word
co4 to4 zi6 hill
zi6 self, private, personal; from
zaai6 zi6 KangXi radical 153; legless insects; a legendary beast
zi6 serve, wait upon, attend; examine
ci4 zi6 govern, regulate, administer
ci4 zi6 a river in Hebei province
zi6 raise animals; feed; nourish
zi6 to sacrifice, worship
zi6 a female rhinoceros
zi6 prepare
kei4 zi6 wait for, wait until, as soon as
ji6 sik6 zi6 eat; meal; food; KangXi radical number 184
zi6 river bank; water's edge
zaai6 zi6 eye sockets; corner of the eyes
zi6 corner of the eyes, eyesockets
zi3 zi6 the female of certain animals; to bring forth young of animals
zi6 to feed; provisions
zi6 spade-shaped tool; plow
zi6 a hamper, wicker basket
ci5 zi6 zik6 to throw; to pitch, to send, to stay, a crutch; staff or stick
doi6 zi6 wait for; lay in
zi6 hemorrhoids, piles
zi6 place for worshipping the haven
zi6 wait for, wait until, as soon as
zi6 swine
zi6 peek
zi5 zi6 pheasant; crenellated wall
zi6 to connect, inherit; descendants, heirs
si6 zi6 stop
zaai6 zai6 zi6 unicorn
zi6 young, immature; childhood
zi6 raise animals; feed; nourish
si1 zi6 small, minute; lacking sincerity
zi6 variant of 穉 , young grain; young, tender