Cantonese Search: zyut3

zyut3 sew, stitch; insufficient
zyut3 zyut6 stupid, clumsy, crude; convention
zyut1 zyut3 to prick; to cut blocks, to engrave
zyut3 to sprout, flourish; sprouts appearing above-ground; vigorous
zeoi3 zyut3 patch together, link, connect
ceot1 zeot3 zyut3 zyut6 sew, stitch; insufficient
zyut3 joist; cane
zyut3 joist; cane, club; king-post
zyut3 collect, gather up, pick up
zyut3 sip, suck up; sob, weep
zeot1 zyut3 rocky peaks; lofty and dangerous
zyut3 sad, melancholy, grieving, mournful
zyut3 to weigh; cut; come without being invited
zyut3 stop, suspend, halt
zyut3 zyut6 cut, sever, break off, terminate
zyut3 small pillars that support the roof, those which rest on the main bean
zyut3 raised path between fields
zeoi3 zeoi6 zyut3 zyut6 patch together, link, connect
zyut3 to mend clothes
zyut3 to pour wine in a libation
zyut3 zyut6 stop, suspend, halt
zyut3 to suck, sip, sob, kiss; to chatter
caai3 zyut3 to lap; to suck
zyut3 armor neckplates
zeoi3 zyut3 libation
zyut3 handful
zyut3 sip, drink, suck