Japanese On Search:

𠸎 (Cant.) and, with
𠳖 (Cant.) to strike, pound
𠳕 (Cant.) to search
𠲜 (Cant.) to owe
𠲖 to grin, laugh
𠱸 (Cant.) phonetic
𠱷 (Cant.) small
𠱥 (Cant.) wrangling, a noise; fitful; a soft fabric with no body
𠱘 (Cant.) contrary, opposing, against; disobedient
𠱃 (Cant.) thin, flat; poor
𠱂 (Cant.) to put something or sit wherever one wishes; to rebuke, reproach
𠱁 (Cant.) to fool, trick, cheat
𠰲 (Cant.) to belch
𠰌 to compress the lips
𠰋 (Cant.) left-handed
𠯽 (Cant.) a final particle indicating affirmation
𠴕 (Cant.) to purse the lips; to wriggle
𠴰 (Cant.) classifier for a piece or lump of something
𠸊 (Cant.) an intensifying particle
𠸉 (Cant.) to block, obstruct
𠶲 (Cant.) to stare at; to take a big bite
𠶧 (Cant.) straight, vertical; OK; to pick up with the fingers; verbal aspect marker of successful completion
𠶜 (Cant.) to do, work; to be willing
𠵿 (Cant.) a pair (from the Engl.); to stagger
𠵾 (Cant.) eloquent, sharp-tongued
𠵼 (Cant.) scars on the eyelid; phonetic
𠱓 (Cant.) to importune, beg
𠵯 (Cant.) onomatopoetic
𠵘 phonetic
𠵉 (Cant.) hope
𠵈 (Cant.) to suck or chew without using the teeth
𠵇 (Cant.) peculiar, strange
𠴳 (Cant.) a tiger or demon's howl; to argue, quarrel
𠯦 (Cant.) to eat, take a meal
𠯋 (Cant.) naughty, inferior
𠓼 (Cant.) a wedge; to thrust in
𠀍 (same as 世) generation; world; era
𠍁 (Cant.) an undesirable situation
𠌥 (Cant.) to bow, stoop
𠆩 (Cant.) to play
𠆌 (variant of 庸) usual, common; to use
𠂤 to store up, to pile up
𠂢 to branch
𠂝 every, all; a multitude
𠂔 to stop
𠁥 the horns of a sheep
𠀉 (the same as 丘) a hill; elder; empty; a name
𠀅 an alternate form of
𠀁 the original form for 七
𠀀 the sound made by breathing in; oh! (cf. BOPOMOFO LETTER O, which is derived from this character)
𠕄 (Cant.) 酒𠕄, a dimple
𠖥 kindness, grace, esteem
𠮩 (Cant.) an interjection; rare, specialized
𠮨 (Cant.) to tie, tow; bring along
𠭴 (same as 㑁) short; of short stature
𠬛 to dive under water
𠩺 to split, rive, crack
𠧩 an archaic form of 悔, to repent
𠢤 to urge, compel
𠞰 to attack, destroy; to fatigue
𠝹 (Cant.) to cut with a knife or scissors
𠝭 (Cant.) to fell, cut; to sweep away
𠜱 to peel, pare
𠜎 to castrate a fowl, a capon
𠛪 to cut open, sever
𠚹 to mow
𠗦 to lean on; to trust in
𡁏 (Cant.) soft rice or food for a baby
𠾏 (Cant.) interjection
𡀔 used in transliteration
𠿭 (Cant.) to go somewhere to have a good time
𠿬 (Cant.) ignorant
𠿪 (Cant.) final particle
𠾼 (Cant.) phonetic
𠾵 (Cant.) final particle
𠼱 (Cant.) to spit out; to pester, nag
𠼮 (Cant.) to urge, importune; a lie, fib
𠼭 (Cant.) sound of a car-horn (onomatopoetic)
𠼞 ammonia (obsolete)
𠼗 to blink
𡀝 (Cant.) sound asleep
𠹺 (Cant.) verbal aspect marker for comletion or movement towards
𠾍 (Cant.) to flick something off in a disorderly way
𠽤 (Cant.) to block, obstruct; head; phonetic
𠽒 (Cant.) classifier for hats
𠽌 (Cant.) sound of something rushing by
𠽃 a handful, tuft
𠼻 a particle used in transliteration
𡀠 or; emphatic particle; (Cant.) particle implying doubt
𠿫 (Cant.) shabby
𠳏 (Cant.) interjection
𠾭 (Cant.) soft fabric with no body
𡀞 (Cant.) a Jeep; to wave, beckon
𠼕 (Cant.) a suffix indicating time
𠻻 (Cant.) noise, clamor
𠻘 (Cant.) sound of eating (onomatopoetic)
𠹹 to hurry
𠹸 (Cant.) to cover, close up
𠹷 (Cant.) to speak tirelessly
𠹳 (Cant.) thick, viscous, dense
𠹭 (Cant.) to call (Engl. loan-word)
𠹌 (Cant.) uncommon, rare; penis (vulg.)
𠸺 (Cant.) contrary, opposing
𠸒 (Cant.) 生𠸒人, a stranger
𠸑 (Cant.) soft, sodden
𠸐 (Cant.) to endure, last
𠸏 (Cant.) final particle
𠹻 (Cant.) classifier for smells
𠺌 (Cant.) timid
𠻺 (Cant.) final particle
𠻴 (Cant.) to rinse
𠻗 (Cant.) imperative final particle
𠾴 (Cant.) phonetic
𠺬 (Cant.) final particle
𠺫 (Cant.) strange, peculiar
𠺪 (Cant.) in a rush; slovenly
𠺢 (Cant.) final particle
𠺝 (Cant.) final particle
𠺘 (Cant.) hard to get along with; to rinse, spread thin
𧘂 to rush at, dash against
𦡆 (Cant., vulg.) anus
𦢊 (Cant.) blister
𦢌 an abortion, miscarriage
𦢓 (Cant.) mole on skin
𦣇 (Cant.) buttocks
𦣱 mysterious, occult
𦤎 a marsh, pool; high; the fifth month
𦤦 (Cant.) a smell, scent
𦟌 muscle
𦜖 to stretch, spread
𦐇 the sound of wings, whir
𦕒 to spy, peep
𦖿 (Cant.) to hang down; to lower one's head
𦘩 (Cant.) chin
𦙼 a putrid carcase
𦚓 fat
𦚖 (Cant.) to wink
𦛚 oily
𦧲 (Cant.) to dribble, spit; to pester, nag
𦧺 (Cant.) to lick, lap up
𧋦 (Cant.) a dragonfly; a small boat without a sail
𧌇 (Cant.) a large butterfly
𧌓 a grasshopper, locust
𧐅 maggots, centipedes
𧐢 an oyster
𧓍 pearl oyster
𧕴 (Cant.) a pimple, an insect bite
𧗴 a raised path
𧋊 (Cant.) a large butterfly
𧊶 (Cant.) insect sting
𦪈 (Cant.) to kneel
𦱄 mushroom
𦲷 to arrive, enter
𦷝 to cut grass; hay
𦻐 (Cant.) to fry in oil
𦼯 dock
𦽊 a chestnut horse
𧊅 (Cant.) frog, toad
𦍩 a ram
𦉘 (Cant.) a cooking pot, cooker
𦆯 confused
𥈲 (Cant.) to keep a close eye on, to control
𥈶 (Cant.) sound asleep
𥊌 (Cant.) wrinkled, folded, creased, crumpled
𥊙 (Cant.) to peep at, look at secretly
𥋇 (Cant.) to open the eyes wide
𥋘 (Cant.) to swep the eyes over something
𥋟 to wink
𥌛 (Cant.) to gaze greedily at
𥈟 blind; no pupil in the eye
𥇣 (Cant.) to glance
𥁕 compassionate; to feed a prisoner
𥂁 salt
𥄎 (Cant.) to pull, lift up
𥄫 (Cant.) to stare, peep at
𥄴 looking about eagerly
𥅈 (Cant.) to look, scan
𥅠 (Cant.) to fix one's eyes on, gaze at
𥅾 (Cant.) to peek or peep at
𥐞 a crude saltpeter
𥑢 boron (obsolete; see 硼)
𥬯 a basket
𥵚 thorns, brambles
𥹉 (Cant.) sticky
𥻟 glutinous rice
𦂗 (Cant.) to tighten
𦂥 (Cant.) to drop down
𦄂 girdle; zone
𦆟 tangled
𥫱 to hoard
𥧹 (Cant.) puddle
𥑪 impure ammonium chloride
𥔀 roar, crash
𥔿 (Cant.) classifier for cannons, large guns, etc.
𥜌 a coat, jacket, robe
𥜥 the duration of a dynasty or reign
𥝢 to take advantage of; sharp (of weapons); profitable; profit
𥞛 a stack, pile
𥥅 (Cant.) a hole, hollow; cavity
𥁒 (Cant.) warped
𧘹 (Cant.) a necktie
洴 (Cant.) mud, mire
𨳊 (Cant.) penis (vulg.)
𨳍 (Cant.) penis (vulg.)
𨳒 (Cant.) sexual intercourse (vulg.)
𨶙 (Cant., vulg.) penis
𨶹 to close, shut
𨸚 series, rank, grade
𨸬 battle-field, battle array
𩅻 pelting rain
𨮘 a fine grade of steel
𨭌 (Cant.) bang; pan (Eng. loanwords)
𨉖 (Cant.) to hide oneself
𨉼 (Cant.) to stoop, bow
𨊛 (Cant.) nude, naked
𨋍 (Cant.) a van
𨍳 distant; an open carriage
𨣦 clear; strained
𨧜 a broad hoe, a mattock
𨧧 to strike, attack
𩋘 shoes
𩋧 shoes; the name of a drum
𩶅 mackerel
𩼈 a variety of perch
𪐀 (Cant.) relationship; together
𪒬 (Cant.) burned
𪘁 (Cant.) to bite
𪘲 (Cant.) to grin, smile
𪙛 (Cant.) decayed teeth; tongue-tied
𪚩 (Cant.) sound of shouting
𩯭 hair on the temples
𩬎 (Cant.) bangs
𩓥 (Cant.) to raise the head
𩔗 kind, species; to be similar to
𩗴 (Cant.) classifier for odors
𩜠 (Cant.) soft rice for a small child
𩟔 (Cant., vulg.) to eat
𩥋 to gallop wildly; (Cant.) stupid
𩦢 to provide for; anxious; danger
𩩍 (Cant.) ribs, rib-cage
𨉉 weak
𨈚 weak
𨈇 (Cant.) to step over, step across
𧨾 (Cant.) to fool, trick, cheat
𧩙 birthday; to be born, give birth to
𧬨 ringing, spacious
𧭜 to deceive
𧰊 a rumbling sound
𧴪 fragments
𧴯 (Cant.) to carry on the back
𧵳 a loss; to lose (e.g., money in trade)
𧨊 (Cant.) 𧧝𧨊, to bar the way, obstruct
𧧝 (Cant.) 𧧝𧨊, to bar the way, obstruct
𧚔 (Cant.) a kind of skirt
𧜁 to make smaller, fit; seam
𧝞 (Cant.) 卡𧝞, khaki
𧢝 (Cant.) to stare angrily
𧣈 (Cant.) to gore
𧣴 a cup
𧥺 (Cant.) to fool, deceive, hoodwink
𧦠 (Cant.) to deceive
𧶄 (Cant.) to owe
𧶶 to peddle, trade, deal in
𨂾 (Cant.) to step across
𨃞 to sit cross-legged
𨃟 to sit cross-legged
𨃩 (Cant.) to slip, slide
𨅏 (Cant.) to step over, step across
𨅝 (Cant.) to press down or out with the foot; to kick; to tread on
𨆪 (Cant.) to press down or push out with the foot
𨆯 (Cant.) to lie prone, bend over
𨂽 (Cant.) to stamp the foot
𨂐 (Cant.) to suddenly fall or drop down
𧸖 to earn, sell at a profit
𧻙 (Cant.) 轉灣𧻙角, not straightforward
𧿒 (Cant.) to stamp (one's foot)
𧿫 (Cant.) to have a rest
𧿹 thumb, big toe
𨀣 (Cant.) a home, house
𨀤 (Cant.) to suddenly fall or drop down
𨁈 (Cant.) to ford, wade
𧚅 (Cant.) crotch
𢱑 (Cant.) to scratch
𢘅 (Cant.) flurried, flustered; arbitrariliy
𢙢 to fear
𢙱 to impose upon; stupid
𢚖 (Cant.) intensifier
𢛴 (Cant.) annoyed, impatient, restless
𢛵 (Cant.) annoyed, irritated
𢝵 (Cant.) 花𢝵, to be fashionable
𢞵 (Cant.) to brush, whisk
𢐧 a stand, frame
𢈈 (Cant.) dimple
𡲢 (Cant.) shit
𡲬 (Cant.) blunt
𡻕 year of age
𡽱 a high hill; the name of a hill
𢃇 (Cant.) a sail
𢅏 blinds, window screens
𢅖 curtain, screen
𢆡 (Cant.) female breast, milk
𢠃 (Cant.) to guard against; to take precautions
𢠳 irritable, surly; sad
𢬿 (Cant.) sections or wedges (as of fruit); to take in the hand; to use
𢭃 (Cant.) to touch; to bump into; to take, get, receive; to lightly support something with the hand
𢮑 (Cant.) classifier for lengths of cylindrically shaped objects
𢯊 (Cant.) determination, resolution
𢯎 (Cant.) to scratch
𢯱 public opinion; to assemble; to seek
𢰸 (Cant.) rotten, bad, spoiled
𢰾 general, overall, chief
𢫫 (Cant.) to rub
𢫨 (Cant.) to push from behind
𢠵 alarmed, agitated
𢤹 (Cant.) satisfied, comfortable
𢥞 same as 忡; a sad, uneasy countenance
𢥠 terrified, afraid
𢦂 (Cant.) to brag, praise oneself
𢩦 (Cant.) to squeeze out (as from a tube); to tickle
𢫏 (Cant.) to cover
𢫕 (Cant.) to throw away
𡰪 (Cant.) end, bottom, rump
𡨴 rather; it is better; it is easier
𡥼 (Cant.) to carry on the back
𡃁 (Cant.) member of a triad; young
𡃇 (Cant.) exclamation
𡃈 (Cant.) a lasso; a circle, frame
𡃉 (Cant.) final particle
𡃏 (Cant.) to droop, hang down
𡃓 (Cant.) final particle for emphasis
𡃤 (Cant.) to leave behind, omit
𡃴 (Cant.) smell, odor
𡃀 (Cant.) a musical instrument
𡂝 (Cant.) to choke and cough
𡁯 (Cant.) to pout
𡁵 (Cant.) aspect marker for continuous action
𡁶 (Cant.) to scratch an itch
𡁷 (Cant.) a sharp point; to peck
𡁸 (Cant.) a circle, ring
𡁻 (Cant.) to beat someone up
𡂈 (Cant.) to lie prone; to bend over
𡂖 (Cant.) unrestrained
𡃵 (Cant.) to cover, bury; push from behind
𡃶 (Cant.) to like, love; to kiss
𡑞 tunnel, underground passage
𡒃 a shore, bay; winter quarters
𡒄 disappointed
𡚁 used-up, malpractices; (Cant.) bad, vile, corrupt
𡚦 (Cant.) vulgar term for female sex organ
𡜱 to envy, to be angry with; (Cant.) pregnant
𡞾 soft, delicate
𡣕 a concubine, wife
𡈎 a decoy; to inveigle
𡇙 (Cant.) round and full
𡄟 (Cant.) onomatopoetic, the sound of panting
𡄯 (Cant.) hiccough
𡄵 (Cant.) to grin, laugh
𡄽 (Cant.) to slide down
𡅈 (Cant.) a particle implying completion, certainty, or urgency
𡅏 (Cant.) to accuse, slander; to turn, sprain
𡆀 (Cant.) special relationship
𡆇 (Cant.) a watt (Engl. loan-word)
𡁜 (Cant.) particle to close a quote
𢱕 (Cant.) to beat, poud; to get drenched
𥀬 (Cant.) a scar
𤌍 (Cant.) to fry
𤍕 to gather wood for a burnt sacrifice to Heaven
𤍠 hot (in temperature)
𤍤 a flaming explosion, a flash
𤏲 to set on fire
𤑕 smoke, fog, vapor; smoke, cure
𤓓 smoky or burning smell
𤔔 to govern
𤊒 (Cant.) to scald with boiling water
𤆣 (Cant.) to cook in boiling water
𣚕 (Cant.) to wave, beckon with the hand
𣚺 (Cant.) a young chicken
𣧂 (Cant.) untidy
𣪠 to attack
𣲷 (Cant.) sticky; not smooth; slow
𣳨 to store up, pile up
𣳼 (Cant.) salivating
𤆍 red; communist, 'red'; bare
𤕭 to get hold of, take
𤗈 (Cant.) to squeeze in, to stuff in
𤷇 (Cant.) severe pain
𤷪 (Cant.) impatient, restless
𤷫 (Cant.) a prickling pain, ache
𤸻 (Cant.) a scar, scab; and, with
𤹐 (Cant.) a knot
𤺧 (Cant.) annoyed
𤿂 (Cant.) unattractive, pale
𤿪 (Cant.) wrinkled, crumpled
𤶸 (Cant.) a scar
𤵚 humpback
𤘘 cattle, domestic animals
𤙴 (Cant.) gore
𤜯 (Cant.) to bite
𤠑 sea otter
𤡮 a kind of monkey
𤢕 to ruin; to tire of; to explain
𤢪 to hunt
𤮨 to grind; a hull; a mill
𣘦 ebony
𣘚 (Cant.) a bar; to bolt, lock
𢱟 to strike, flog
𢳜 to waste
𢴈 (Cant.) to throw down, fall down
𢴒 (Cant.) to chase, drive away
𢵄 (Cant.) to save up (money)
𢵌 (Cant.) to goad, incite
𢵓 (Cant.) to rush; chase someone out, drive out
𢵧 (Cant.) to draw lines
𢶅 to divine; to fold
𢳆 (Cant.) to shake, rattle
𢳂 (Cant.) to scoop up, ladle out
𢱢 to select; (Cant.) a wedge of a fruit such as an orange
𢲈 to tie a knot; join or tie fast
𢲡 (Cant.) to grab with the hands; and, with
𢲩 (Cant.) to affix a chop or seal to a document
𢲲 to shore up, put on trestles
𢲵 (Cant.) to save up (money), to save up bit-by-bit
𢲷 to search; (Cant.) to scratch
𢲸 (Cant.) to shake violently, stir; to strip
𢶍 (Cant.) garbage
𢶜 (Cant.) to push; pull open
𢶠 (Cant.) to take without asking
𣎴 stump of a tree
𣏴 (Cant.) a kind of fruit
𣑁 to leap, skip
𢽴 (Cant.) to poke, jab
𣓌 a well-sweep
𣔨 (Cant.) to be entangled, twisted; (of alcohol and tobacco) to be strong
𣔼 a cane, rod, pole, staff
𣖕 (Cant.) the back of a chair for one to lean against
𣉞 white, clear
𣘗 a tree a thousand feet high
𢶣 to fold, double
𢶤 (Cant.) to pester, nag; to wallow; to roll around on the floor
𢶯 (Cant.) to pull, turn
𢷤 to expel, reject
𢷮 (Cant.) to poke, nudge; stretch out
𢹑 (Cant.) to widen with force
𢺋 (Cant.) to stitch together, quilt
𢺳 to push, pull, port the helm; (Cant.) to hold to, cling to; to cock a gun
radical number 9
power, capability, influence
to finish; particle of completed action
simplified KangXi radical 149
(an ancient form of 五) five
(same as 筄) last name; KangXi radical 26; a joint, a seal, (ancient form of 節)
a tally, like fitting the two halves of a tally, to petition the emperor that ..., to play music; to beat time
water; radical number 85
dog; radical number 94
heart; radical number 61
practice; flapping wings
country; rural; village
guard, protect, defend
kwukyel hammer
亿 hundred million; many
right conduct, righteousness
silk; KangXi radical 120
gate, door, entrance, opening
place; KangXi radical 170
eat, food; radical number 184
horse; surname; KangXi radical 187
fly; go quickly; dart; high
woman, girl; feminine; rad. 38
cut, mince, slice, carve
file of ten soldiers
cinnabar (native HgS); vermilion (artificial HgS used as pigment)
number six
no, not; un-; negative prefix
recognize, know, understand
cart, vehicle; carry in cart
ridicule, jeer, mock; inspect
obituary; give notice of death
draw up agreement; arrange
see, observe, behold; percieve
plan, plot; strategem; scheme
sea shell; money, currency
granary; berth; sea
half of tree trunk; rad. no. 90
crow, rook, raven; black, dark
logical reasons, logical order
book, letter, document; writings
first character of Korean place name 'Halpho'
hall, central room
history; calendar
remember, reflect upon; memory
(Cant.) have not
phonetic for 'te' (Japanese)
currency, coins, legal tender
fragrance, smell
Japanese unit of weight (1/1000 of a kan)
ridge or crest of hill
do, handle, govern, act; be
open; initiate, begin, start
an ox, a cow Radical 93
radical 87
wind; air; manners, atmosphere
tanned leather; surname; simplified form of KangXi radical number 178
bolt, latch, crossbar
a net; net-like, radical 122
frozen; cold
(ancient form of 爪) claws of birds or animals, feet, to scratch, to claw, to grasp
(ancient form of 友) a friend; a companion; a associate, friendly, to make friends of, brotherly regard
(standard form of 仂) a surplus or excess, a tithe, a great stock of merit
(ancient form of 幻) deception; sleight of hand; magic
(ancient form of 之) to arrive at; to go to
(ancient form of 巨) great; big, chief, very
(same as 卷) a book or painting which can be easily folded or rolled up, a division of a book
(same as 宁) space between the throne and the retiring room behind it, to store up; to save up, peaceful, used as a term of comparison
(non-classical form same as 互) mutually; together; each other (dialect) scratching or clawing to and fro
dried up ( of waterway; the channel of a river; a pond, etc.)
(non-classical form of 氿) the dry soil on the river side, spring water from the hole of mountain side, a small fountain, shore; bank; beach, name of a lake in today's Jiangsu Province Yixing county
to wash; to rinse; to clean; to spurt; to blow out
name of a river, (same as 汊) a branching stream; branching creeks
(same as 丘) hillock or mound
a kind of punishment in Han Dynasty, name of chessmen in Chinese chess game(simplified form, a variant 罵) to curse; to revile; to abuse, to scold
(a variant, seal type of 全) perfect, complete, absolute
to stammer
a sickle, a reaping-hook, to gether in the harvest, to pare; to scrape
(incorrect form of 功) merit; achievement; meritorious, efficacy; good results
(corrupted form of 幼) young; immature; weak; delicate
to take in; to absorb, (non-classical form of 罱) a kind of spring fishing net; a kind of small net with a handle used to catch fishes or birds
wall made of soil, used in name of places
yelling sound of towing a boat, (the Sanskrit) to call out
(non-classical of 攀) to drag down; to seize, to pull, to hold to
high and level on the top
a marsh at the foot of the hills, (interchangeable 湢 沇)name of a river
(ancient form of 奴) a slave; a servant, term of depreciation, (ancient form of 侮) to insult; to ridicule
a tribe of savages in South China
a proud temper, military equipment; a long spear
(ancient form of 信) to believe in; to trust, truth, sincerity, confidence, a pledge or token
(same as 鬒)bushy, black hair
name of an island
to turn upside down; to exert a great deal; to pull and drag, to implicate or involve
to take; to receive; to fetch; to take hold of
(ancient form of 收) to receive what is due; to gather together, to harvest, to collect; to put away, to close, to bind, to restrain, to bring to the end, (same as 摎) entwined -- as branches of a tree; to tangle; to involve, to collaborate; to band tog
according to; to use; with, for
ripped; split
(ancient form of 會) to meet, to gather, to be able, to understand
to help; to aid; toassist (ancient form of 岑) a relatively high, pointed hill, silent; still; quiet
deep in the mountain
soft and meek, weak, to arrange, to regulate
(same as 守) to guide; to watch, to wait, to keep
name of a mountain
to walk alone, to insist on one's ways in doing things
(variant of 心) the heart, the moral nature, the mind, the affections, intention, the radical on left side of the character
display food for show only; sacrifice
flash; avoid, dodge, evade
long; length; excel in; leader
team, group; army unit
drive, ride; manage, control
hunger, starving; hungry; a famine
gold; money; KangXi radical 167
stand; let stand; establish, set
north; northern; northward
dragon; symbolic of emperor
bird; KangXi radical 196
command, order; 'commandant', magistrate; allow, cause
mow, cut grass; hay, fodder
return; return to, revert to
head; top; chief, first; boss
place, locale; department
strike, hit, beat; attack, fight
(kokuji) water gate, spout
adjunct pronoun indicate plural
ceremony, rites gifts; admire
surname; gallop; by dint of
(Cant.) cover, lid
commander, commander-in-chief
orchid; elegant, graceful
small, narrow, tiny, little
happy, glad; enjoyable; music
profession, business; GB radical 111
east, eastern, eastward
bush, shrub; thicket; collection
put forth effort, strive forward
affairs, business; must, should
scattered, mixed affairs; duties; occupation business
issue, dispatch, send out; hair
a chemical compound; divination; to consider
cottage, hut; surname; black
silk; fine thread; wire; strings
a three-edged spear
sigh in disapproval; take small
西貢叾, a place in Hong Kong
a straw bag; a tobacco pouch
record; keep in mind, remember
consult, talk over, discuss
hesitate to say, reluctant to speak
inquire; ask; examine; reproach
crush by weight; grind
teach, instruct; exegesis
finish; conclude, stop; exhaust
abuse, slander; vilify; ridicule
allow, permit, yield, concede
smooth, slippery
expose other's secrets, pry
confusion; internal strife
to discuss; ask for, beg; demand; dun; marry
name of a hill
name of a county in today's Sichuan Province
name of a place
electricity; electric; lightning
extinguish; wipe out, exterminate
concourse; flow together, gather
Chinese people; Chinese language
vicious, depraved, bad
ill tempered; naughty
investigate, inspect
level, rank, class; grade
white silk, fine silk; gauze
green silk thread or tassel
record, annal, historical account
grass; radical number 140
cotton; silk
thread needle, sew stitch, string
treaty, agreement, covenant
inferior silk; tassel, fringe
fine, delicate; minute; graceful
variant of radical 125
pen; radical number 129
silk; KangXi radical 120
bend, turn, twist; distort
red, vermillion; blush, flush
name of an emperor; saddle part
village gate
rice cake
page, sheet, leaf; rad. no. 181
tame, docile, obedient
go quickly or swiftly; hurry
sugar, syrup; malt sugar; sticky
shut, close; obstruct, block up
ask about, inquire after
rush in, burst in, charge in
carry on back
stoke, pat, feel by hand, grope
thrive, prosper, flourish
lightly tap; through away; drop; sentence final particle
heaven; sky
ditch; pool
scatter, spread; praise
theatrical play, show
hard, tough, rigid, strong
regret, repent; confess sins
wild duck, teal; swim
dislike, detest, reject; satiate
drag along
be united; cooperate
flowery; illustrious; Chinese
pick up with fork or pincers
rule, law, regulation; grades
sweep, clear away; exterminate
used in translation
calm, lull
wintry wind
final interrogative particle
probe, poke, prick, pierce
agriculture, farming; farmer
army, military; soldiers, troops
move, happen; movement, action
establish, create; knife cut
hold in hand; keep; carry out
frontier pass; close; relation
buy, purchase; bribe, persuade
tall, lofty; proud, stately
wound, injury; fall ill from
to adorn oneself, dress up, use make-up
ghost of one devoured by tiger
normal human relationships
person's name
look towards; turn one's back on
teacher, master, specialist
married women; woman; wife
false, counterfeit, bogus
summon; propagate, transmit
used in Korean place names
rock; used in Korean names
fish name
take by force, rob, snatch
Asia; second
give birth, bring forth, produce
be wedged or inserted between
bent, distorted, crooked; feeble
to hang
humpback; stoop
umbrella, parasol, parachute
mother, mama
tomb, grave: prairie; open wilderness
year; age; harvest
grandchild, descendent; surname
屿 island
great, robust; extraordinary
expand, enlarge, stretch
seek, search, look for; ancient
an interrogative particle
open space, field, market
direct, guide, lead, conduct
vulgar person, country man
congratulate, celebrate
a legendary ancient emperor-sage
dust, dirt, ashes, cinders
how? what?
a line; to arrange in order, classify
government official, magistrate
ribs; chest
old, aged; experienced
year; new-years; person's age
bad, inferior; slightly
residence, dwelling, home; grave
go; walk; move, travel; circulate
even, uniform, of equal length
debate; discuss; discourse
crossroads; street
swindle, cheat; erroneous, wrong
noisily; uproarious; troublesome
recite, incant; satirize
to capture, imprison, seize; a prison
clothes; radical number 145
crowd into, go into
distant, far
track, rut, path
explain; discuss; talk
take leave of, bid farewell
访 visit; ask, inquire
build; establish; display
accuse; argue, dispute; litigate
allow, permit; promise; betroth
slow of speech; mumble; stammer
virtuous, chaste, pure; loyal
load, burden; carry, bear
see, observe, view; appearance
variant of radical 146
conceal; shun; regard as taboo
sing; songs
express surprise, be surprised
an interjection used express surprise
father, grandfather
pearl that is not quite round
happy, pleased, glad; joy; enjoy
end, finish, conclude; completed
fierce, rude, uncivilized
resolute; a non-Han ethnic group in Guangxi, Hunan, and Guizhou
mixed, blended; mix, mingle
kill, slaughter, murder; hurt
hot water; soup, gravy, broth
to parboil; hot water kettle; to boil
power, right, authority
united in; agreement; mutual aid
to sink; to drown to be given over to
(interchangeable 邘) name of a place
name of a place
(ancient form of 宅) wall of a building, a house, to keep in the house, thriving; flourishing, blazing, (ancient form of 度) legal system; laws and institutions, to think; to consider; to ponder; to contemplate
(large seal type 宇) a house; a roof, appearance, space; the canopy of heaven, to cover
do not care; unmindful of
(same as 灸) (in Chinese medicine) to cauterize by burning moxa; moxa cautery; moxibustion
(simplified form of 寫) to write; to draw
(same as 孕) to be pregnant; to conceive
painfully sad, scared; afraid; fearful, anger, melancholoy; grievous; mournful; sad, to be concerned about
crooked; winding, to circle; to hover around
to walk slowly; to stroll; to ramble
(same as 忍) to endure; to bear; to forbear; to repress
to shoot; to spurt, (same as 的) target for archery
to draw a full bow to aim at the target, to hold; to maintain; to uphold, to conduct
to remedy by punishment; to punish; to reprove; to warn, in great distress; suffering hardships; distress; trouble; worry
(ancient form of 工) labor, work, fine; delicate, to be skilled in
to defend; to ward off; to refuse; to reject; to oppose, a frontier pass (in Wuxian) in ancient times, a county in ancient times
(a variant of 帆) a sail, to sail
a pillow case
to cover something with a piece of cloth, a kind of cloth used to cover something
to hold; to grasp, to maintain; to support; to keep; to uphold, a tie or stalemate
(same as 引) to pull; to attract, to guide, to introduce, to quote, to retire
(same as 芒 荒)vast, to reach, dwell, to negelect; to leave completely unattended to
a turban; headdress; a scarf, a piece of cloth (fabric) used to cover something
(same as 疚) prolonged illness, mental discomfort, to stay in one place for a long period
(corrupted form) name of a mountain ( the location is unknown)
(same as 嵐) mountain vapor; mist
(ancient form of 子) child, seed, 1st terrestrial branch
the appearance of the mountain is flat and smooth, (corrupted form of 峱) name of a mountain in Shandong province
(non-classcial form of 走) to walk, to run, to leave
(same as 岊) the turning area of a mountain, mountain top; summit, a high mountain, a bare (of bald) mountain or hill
name of an island
(same as 璞) an uncarved of unpolished jade or gem
(ancient form of 火) bright lights and illuminations of the fire, fire sounds
㲿 (simplified form of 瀇) extensive body of water; broad and deep of water; momentum of moving water deep and wide
name of a river in today's southwest of Shanxi Province, the wet things attach or stick up to each other, dirty and muddy
(ancient form of 溺) sunk; perished, drawned; infatuated
fine stone like jade
jade articles, (same as ) a kind of jade
(same as ) a kind of jade
a big bull
(same as 嬐) agil; adroit fast; quick; prompt, neat; tidy; orderly, to raise the head; to look up
with purpose; with ambition; with the determination and courage to get ahead
to become associated with each other in good manners and politeness
(ancient form of 姬) a charming girl, a charming concubine; a monarch's wife
to engrave, (interchangeable with 契) a written contract or agreement
a lady officer of the monarch's palace in old times
(ancient form of 嬌) handsome; pretty, cunning, meretricious allurements, to insult; to disgrace, licentious; profligate; lewd; (Cant.) amorous, in love with
(same as 套)a case; a wrapper; a covering; a snare, to encase; to slip over
(corrupted form) to scatter; to dispearse, to give the reins to; to allow to run wild; unstable; light; featherbrained
(non-classical of 凶) cruel, unfortunate, sad
(ancient form of 旡) choked and unable to breath
(same as 刑) a law, to punish; punishment
(a variant of 財) wealth; property; valuables, bribes
(simplified form of 偑) name of a place, last name
(non-classical form of 欠) to own money, deficient, to yawn, last name
to lick; to taste, a mat, bamboo bark
(ancient form of 世) an age, a generation of thirty years, from generation to generation
(same as 丕) great; distinguished
name of a person
(standard form of 仡) strong; valiant, a minority ethnic group in China
(corrupted form of 拯)to save; to lift up
(ancient form of 吟) to hum; to intone, to moan, to sigh, high ridges of cliffs, pebble ground
to fall over; rolling on the ground
(same as 厎 砥) to apply knowledge to final causes; to extend knowledge to the utmost, equally; average, smooth
(standard form of 眾) all; the whole of; a multitude, a crowd (three or more)
used to represent sound; to hum; to groan
loud; clamour; hubbub, big mouth, to brag
(ancient form of 史) history; chronicles; annals
(corrupted form) to follow, to trust to; to put confidence in; to depend on, to turn around; to turn the body, (interchangeable 隱)
(same as 凶) cruel, unfortunate, sad
(same as 石) rocks; stones; minerals, etc.
(ancient form) fault; sin
(non-classical form of 臾) a moment; an instant; a little while; a short time
dog's hair
(ancient form of 正) the right side, proper, pure, honest and virtuous, original, exactly
(same as 旨) (non-classical form 時) purpose; will; intention; objective, good; excellent, a season; an era; time
flags flying, long bands or ribbons attached to flags, streamers, etc. ( ancient form of 偃) to cease; to desist from
(same as 朽) rotten, decayed, useless, (same as 咼 剮) a wry mouth, to cut a criminal in pieces; to hack
distant and indistinguishable
a kind of tree, a kind of lumber used to stop a carriage
(non-classical form of 艸) grass; straw; herbs; weeds
(same as 肙 蜎) a small worm; larvae of mosquitoes, empty, to twist; to surround
to vibrate; vibration, (same as 佾) a row or file of dancers, esp. referring to those in ancient dances at sacrifices or other rites
(same as 虐) cruel; ferocious; atrocious
(corrupted form of 虫 蟲) insects; worms
(of tiger) to roar or howl
dusk; twilight
short, small; little
(ancient form of 恕) to forgive; to pardon, (ancient form 怒) anger; wrath; indignation; rage
(same as 刓) a round off; to trim
confusion; confused or disorderly; chaotic
fear; dread; fright; scare, crafty; low cunning
(same as 恔) cheerful and exuberant; spiritually elevated
sad; sorrowful
name of a mountain
name of a mountain, (non-classical form of 岷) the Min River (in Sichuan), Mt.Min (in Sichuan), name of a county (in old China)
terrified; scared; nervous, (same as 懊) regetful; remorseful; resentful
nauseated; disgusted, (in medicine) an acute case, quick-tempered, to regret; to repent, small (piece of land); narrow (minded)
name of a mountain, the plain between mountains
raging animosity or hatred; full of anger and spite, unhappy; displeased
jealous; to envy, (same as 妨) to hinder; to obstruct, to harm; to damage
(corrupted form) frivolous; flippant; capricious; plyful; sportive, cunning
(same as 岷) the Min River (in Sichuan), Mt.Min (in Sichuan), name of a county (in old China)
luxuiant; lush; flourishing
(same as 呡) (simplified form of 歲) a year; age (of a person), harvest
(baby talk) body waste, (a dialect) weight measurement
(same as 芬) fragrance; aroma; sweet smell; perfume
name of a mountain
mountain, (corrupted form of 底) underside; bottom; basis; foundation
a vessel for rice, mats on carritage
(same as 衭) the lapel or collor of a garment or robe, (Cant., same as 褲) drawers, trousers or pants
(same as 或) a certain; some, perhaps; probably; maybe, or
(abbreviated form of 錢) money; cash, a unit of weight, a Chinese family name
a turban; a headdress a scarf
a fine thread, a net with small; tiny holes
name of a fish in legend, spawn, or roe
tiles (laid upside down) on a roof, ropes, to hold fast
(same as 希) rare, to hope; to expect
(same as 定) to decide; to fix; to settle
(same as 介) alone; solitary, to live alone
(ancient form of 容) face; expression, to contain; to hold; to pardon
(same as 扊) the bolt of a door; door latch
(same as 孩) a child; an infant, young; small
(a simplified form 撝) to wave, to assist
(simplified form of ) to hold; to grasp, to detain, to uphold, to push, to stand upright
(a simplified form of ) to carry on the shouldersof two or more men, to raise
forked branches, stone roller, to roll, to stop; to detain; to prohibit, to clutch; to grasp
(same as 仿) alike; similar, (same as 搒) to involve; to affect
to push; to excpel, to shirk; to decline, to row, to wipe and clean, to strike; to beat, to be rampant in defiance of authority
(non-classical form of 弢) a bow-case; a scabbard, to sheathe, to conceal
to rub; to grind; to polish; to wear, to take; to obtain; to select, to beat; to strike; to attack
(ancient form of 旁) side, by the side of; nearby
(same as 毛 芼) to select; to choose; to pick out
(same as 彋) a bow stretched to the full
sound of flying or speeding
(a variant of 阱) to fall into a well, a pit; a pitfall; a hole; a gully, to involve; to entrap
rocks collapsing (descriptive of sound), big pieces of rocks
(same as 咬) to bark as a dog, obscene expressions, an interjection; implying surprise
big; extremely; great; vast; extensive; tall
(simple form of 興) to prosper, to begin, to increase; to rise; to raise, flourishing
(ancient form of 公) public; open to all
(same as 貌) manner; appearance; form; face; bearing
to come; to go out
tie-beams of a small boat
(ancient form of 兩) two, a pair; a couple; both
concealed the stolen goods in one's dress
fine stone; fine jade
(of a crowd) noisy; to brawl; to scold
to gag or bribe; to satisfy one's appetite; name of an old book; (Cant.) to guess, reckon mentally; to bud
(same as 仿 方) to imitate, like; resembling; according to, a measurement for sound effect
strong; healthy, to clasp under the arm, to persecute; to oppress, vigorous
(same as 黜) to degrade; to dismiss, to reject; to dispel
(Cant.) an expletive, exclamation
public opinion, (same as 訟) to go to law, to dispute, to demand justice; (Cant.) classifier for ears of corn
to bark (said of a dog)
sound angrily; roaring with rage, (same as 嘛) (a dialect) what; the tone implying to remind
slow-tongued; to stammer, to shout in triumph; the noise of shoting in battle
(same as 匴) a large basket for holding cooked rice, a kind of tray made of bamboo used in ancient time
(ancient form of 恆) constant; regular; continually; persevering
birds' chirps; gabbling, sound in high pitch; to roar; aloud
(ancient form of 陋) to secrete; to hide, a kind of basket
to peel, to pare, to trim, to split, (non-classical form) to open; to unroll; to spread out
(same as 玷) a flaw; a defect, to cut with a sword; to chop
(interchangeable 斟) name of a old country; used in name of a place
(same as 坳) a hollow in the ground; a cavity, undulating
(same as 坳) a hollow in the ground; a cavity, (same as 物) matter; substance, all living creatures, things in general, the affairs of this world, things or matters outside oneself, others, goods, the Tibetan classical text means Buddha
(same as 耗) to waste, to destroy, to diminish; hence it came to mean, a rat, heedless; careless; inattentive; rough and coarse
to mate; to pair
deep; profound, empty; hollow, quite; peaceful
(same as 序) precedence, order, orderly, the east and west walls of the parlor
(non-classical form) sound of tapping; sound of striking, opposing voices
to chew; to masticate, to dwell on, Chinese medicine term
with a charming sprightly carriage (said of a woman)
(ancient form of 侮) to insult, to ridicule
(same as 旒, a corrupted form of 荒) a cup with pendants, a pennant, wild, barren, uncultivated
(same as 拗) to pull; to drag, to break off, to pluck, as a flower
㐖毒, an old name for India
(simplified form) rude; barbarous, stupid; dull, last name
(a simplified form) clever; ingenious; cute; pretty
(same as 作) to make; to do; to act, to write; to compose; to rise, work
(same as 𠭴 𠭴) short; of short staturee
(same as 仿) to imitate, like; resembling, according to
used in girl's name, a woman's countenance; features
a lady start to doll up
used in girl's name
to make a deceptive show of power, not really strict
(non-classical form ) happy; pleased, to laugh
(simplified form) last name
name of a place in today's Jiangsu Province Yixing county, to float; to waft; to swim
a brick
new branches growing (said of trees), hollow; empty
(same as 男) a human; a man; a boy ( non-classical form of 留) to remain; to stay, to keep, to preserve
(standard form of 沛) a great flow of water; flowing copiously, quickly; rapidly; sudden, flourishing; luxuriant; prosperous or abundant, marsh; swamp
a legendary wild animal, snake; serpent
(same as 狺) to bark (said of a dog), (same as 齗) gums (of the teeth), (same as 啀) dogs to fight with gnashing and grinning; looks very angry
a kind of animal, the animals to run about wildly, wild; mad; crazy, (same as 獪) cunning; artful; crafty
(same as 豚) a small big; a sucking pig, to shuffle along without lifting the feet
an ox walking slowly
(same as 雨) rain, to rain down; to pour down
(same as 攸) the flowing of the water, name of a river
name of a place in ancient times
(ancient form of 流) to flow, to drift, to circulate, a current, to descend, unstable; weak
(non-classical of 淬) to temper iron, or steel for making swords, etc. (also used figuratively), to dip into water; to soak; to dye
(same as 沿) to follow a course; to go along; to coast, to hand down; to continue; to conseve, along or by, as a road or a coast
water flow; water current; momentum of moving water
a river in ancient times
to desist an ox (止牛)
(a variant of 涎) spittle, saliva
to burn; to heat, to burn over a wider and wider area; to glow; to shine, light; brightness
(non-classical form of 炒) to fry; to roast; to cook
(same as 玗) fine stone like jade
(same as 珙) a large piece of jade-stone
a kind of jade
to move one's eyes (sama as 眴) to express or indicate with eyes (interchangeable 眩) dizzy; giddy
griping colic, a swelling, a little painful; some not serious
(same as non-classical form of 眄) to look askance; to ogle
(ancient form of 香) sweet; fragrant, delicious, incense
to put forth ears and to blossom of the grains (corns and cereals)
a kind of grain
a little protruded
to be careful; to exercise caution; to take care; to pay attention
(same as 㽱) griping colic, illness; disease
milk; breasts, the young of animals, birds
(same as 吁) signs and groans; moan, name of a county
ear lobe; lobule
a king of tree
height of the end-point; the tip of a small branch; (Cant.) slender, thin
㩿 unstable, dull, rough; coarse
(non-classical form of 舉) to lift; to raise; to commend; to praise, entire; whole
to enter, to go ahead; to proceed; to advance, to improve, to offer
(same as 艮) one of the Eight Diagrams for divination
(same as 廾) hands joined, to support; to aid; to help, to lean upon
(ancient form of 綱) the large rope of a net, main points; outline; principle
a kind of ornaments, people wore in ancient time in order to avoid evil spirits or influences
(same as 蚩 嗤) to laugh at; to make fun of; to deride; to ridicule
(ancient form of 氣) air; vapor, breath, spirit; character, bearing; manner
(same as 厚) thick, deep friendship, to treat kindly; generous
(same as 光) light; brightness, glossy; glory; glorious
to cough; cough
(same as 鄖) name of an old country in today's Hubei province, name of a place in today's Jiangsu province
(same as 邦) a state; a country; a nation
(ancient form of 遊) to travel; to roam; to saunter
to dig a passage through a mountain or hill; to drill, collapsed in ruins; to crumble, the earth cracking up
a marshal or herald; an offical rank in old times, indicating exclamation (same as 哉)
(same as 序) an east and west wall; side rooms, screen-walls to private rooms of the palace, ancient school which was also an asylum for aged scholars
line, streak, stripe; wrinkle
poor, destitute, impoverished
spin, reel, weave; reeled pongee
weave, lay warp
knot; button; handle, knob; tie
loosen, relax, relieve; extricate
jetty; submerged rock; eddy
intestines; emotions; sausage
an organic compound
a small worm; to twist; to surround; empty
tough, strong, hard
armpit, arms
in disorder, scattered, tangled
soap; black; menial servant
rivet gaze upon, keep eyes on
woof; parallels of latitude
confused, in disorder; numerous
pure, clean, simple
spoiled silk; hem of dress; mista
a rope for leading cattle or horse
gauze, thin silk; yarn, thread
heavy rope, hawser; main points
admit, take, receive, accept
indulge in, give free reign to
art; talent, ability; craft
storey, layer, floor, stratum
vomit; annoy, enrage
hut, cottage; name of a mountain
old woman, hag
charming, enchanting
rock mountain
county, district, subdivision
mountain mist, mountain haze
steep hill; mountain in Hubei
all, complete, entire
post; position
steep, sheer; rugged, rough
be numerous, brilliant
family name
unclear; an expletive
stone boarder; steps
altar; arena, examination hall
sad, broken-hearted, disconsolate
disappointed, dissatisfied
regretful, disappointed
怀 bosom, breast; carry in bosom
anger, wrath, hatred, enmity
sad, grieved; grief, melancholy
(Cant.) impatient, restless
surround, encircle, corral
penetrate, pervade; penetrating
stretch, extend, expand; sheet
should, ought to, must
embankment; dam
entrenchment, bank, low wall
lady's vanity case; trousseau
talk in one's sleep, somniloquy
corridor, hallway; luxuriant
(Cant.) a necktie, a tire
used in onomatopoetic expressions
final particle of assertion
member; personnel, staff member
chat, jaw, gossip, talk; mouth
choke by smoke; irritates nose
sound of crying, sobbing
curtain that forms wall
tent; screen, mosquito net
fall down, drop, sink, go to ruin
grave, mound; bulge; bulging
armory, treasury, storehouse
to bale out water, to dip
disturb, annoy, agitate
(Cant.) to pull out
freeze; cold, congeal; jelly
in, on, at, by, from; than; with reference to; compared with
to strike; to run against to throw, as a stone
to collect; to join together
all, together, unanimous
protect, guard, defend, shelter
wipe, rub off
pat, console, comfort; pacify
Chinese land measure; fields
cut throat
report, tell, announce
roll around with hand; model
raise, lift up; tight-fisted
disorderly, messy; huge, big
strict, rigorous, rigid; stern
swing, brandish, flourish
plunder, rob, take by force
order; command; give command
strong and pliable, resilient
donkey, ass
endeavor, strive; encourage; cut
nail, spike; pursue closely
needle; pin; tack; acupuncture
post horse, relay horse
cooked food; cook until well done
spur a horse on; expel, drive away
surfeited, satiated; confer
sacrficial victim; gift; grain
stuffed dumplings
drink; swallow; kind of drink
cooked rice; food, meal
varicolored, variegated; mixed
sloping, steep; suddenly, abruptly
'female' principle; dark; secret
column, row or file of troops
stairs, steps; rank, degree
mourn, grieve; urge on, incite
midpoint, space; place, locality
gate, barrier; wide, vast, expand
gate, door; living quarters
intercalary; extra, surplus
fence, guard; defend; idle time
soar, fly, float; scatter
gloomy, depressed, melancholy
more, still further, much more
gains, advantage, profit, merit
cold, cool; lonely
plum; judge; surname
urine; urinate
ancient musical instrument; surname
form; appearance; shape; official
unit of distance; village; lane
string; relatives; conspire
cart, vehicle; carry in cart
turtle or tortoise; cuckold
see, observe, behold; perceive
stingy, miserly, parsimonious
egg; ovum; roe; spawn
prison; stable, pen; secure
early morning
good, virtuous, respectable
think of, recall, study
do, play or fiddle with; alley
sink, submerge; addicted to; name
pigeon; collect, assemble
surname; a musical note
green jade
a fierce Mongolian wolf dragon's head on roofs
a legendary animal with short forelegs which rode a wolf
time, season; era, age, period
be healed, cured, recover
to bake, to roast; to dry at a fire
annihilate, wipe out, kill off
extensive, wide, broad; empty
rising sun; sunshine
roast; scorch; melt; flame
vivid, illuminating; bright
name of a river in Shanxi
timber forest; timber, lumber; woodcutter
type of oak; stable
willow, poplar, aspen; surname
agate; cornelian
blue, dark green; cold
pimple, sore, boil
Shanghai; river near Shanghai
trickle, drip; strain; dregs
river in Shanxi province
soak, steep; sodden or soaked
be lost; sink, be submerged
pass, pass through, go across
bend, stoop, crouch; to yield
cheat, defraud, swindle; trick
to spy; to give information; shrewd
offer tribute; tribute, gifts
wealth, valuables, riches
examine patient, diagnose
slander, comdemn, reproach
play with words, quip; talk nonse
words; phrase, expression
decree, proclaim; imperial decree
argue; biased; one-sided
translate; decode; encode
bequeath, pass on to future generations
recognize, understand, know
curse; swear, pledge
appraise, criticize, evaluate
KangXi radical 149
carriage; high; wide; balcony
a block that keeps a wheel from moving
various place names; surname
town in Shanxi province
take a big stride; pass by
exegesis, explanation; explain
accuse; sue; inform; narrate
scold loudly, curse, abuse
prove, confirm, verify; proof
cheat, swindle, lie
a string of 1000 coins; to go through
soft, flexible, pliable; weak
rules, regulations, customs, law
seek; search
rumble, explosion, blast
mend, patch, fix, repair, restore
yoke, collar
wheel; revolve, turn; recur
shift, move, turn
eulogize, praise the dead
test, try, experiment
very; somehow
place in today's Henan province
name of an ancient state; surname
postal, mail; post office
late, tardy; slow; delay
join, connect; continuous; even
disobey, violate, defy; be apart from
distant, remote, far; profound
advance, make progress, enter
be defeated, decline, fail
still, yet, also, besides
be concerned, worry about
louse eggs, nits
neighbor; neighborhood
store, stockpile, hoard
KangXi radical 167
a shackled pig
one's responsibility, duty
virtuous, worthy, good; able
accounts; bill, debt; credit
goods, commodities, products
matter, material, substance
peddler, hawker, street merchant
be greedy, covet; covetous
poor, impoverished, needy
decrease, lower; censure, criticize
buy, purchase; hire
this, the, here
error, mistake; deceive, mislead
detailed, complete, thorough
should, ought to, need to
to expostulate; to remonstrate
reach; achievement, accomplishment
deceive, cheat, defraud; sly
explain, expound, comment on
abuse, scold, berate, insult
bear children, give birth; birth
speech, talk, language; dialect
inquire, question; numerous
execute, kill, put to death; punish
sincere, honest; true, real
tease, joke with; ridicule, mock
question, interrogate
inquire into, ask about; consult
jokes, obsene jests; joke
poetry; poem, verse, ode
boast, brag; popular, well-known
be surprised, be shocked
(same as 䢋) indicating exclamation
name of a place
to turn over the clod of the earth with a shovel or a spade, to plough the land for rotation of crops, a channel for irrigation in farmland
name of a place in today's Sichuan Province
to hasten; to hurry to
temple, shrine; imperial court
be anxious, be grieved, be sad
obstruct, impede, bar, hinder
move; dispel; distribute
to persecute; to oppress in difficulties; embarrassed
abrogate, terminate, discard
disorderly, messy; huge, big
pinch; twist, wring; determined
to grieve; sorrowful
circular measure
choose; select; pick up; gather
to scatter, spread
manner, bearing, attitude
instigate, arouse, incite
establish; one of nine empire divisions
(Cant.) to grasp, hold
grope, press, span
draft; intend, plan, propose
copy, write down, record
collect, bring together
embrace, hug, squeeze; crowd
select, choose, pick out
a range of peaks in Shandong and Jiangsu; the name of a mountain
prepare, ready, perfect
Korean place name Pholha
(Cant.) feminine suffix
strive, exert effort; arouse
mourning; mourn; funeral
drawer; tray; pad; screen
yellow dirt mount
岿 grand, stately; secure, lasting
place name in Guangxi province
name of place
real, true; honest, sincere
favorite, concubine; favor
to cut, injure, stab, stick on
unsubmissive; obstreperous
diagram; chart, map, picture
I; you; family name
a company, companion; together
go-between, broker, proxy
sojourn, lodge
grave, mound; ridge in field
mound, grave; ridge in field
black clods of earth; shop, hut
flag, pennant; sign; fasten
a multicolored prop used in dancing
side; incline, slant, lean
spy, reconnoiter; detective
be lucky; by chance, by luck
examine, investigate; judge
(Cant.) to have no zeal at all
medicinal preparation
(Cant.) verbal particle of perfective aspect
(Cant.) final particle
clean, pure; cleanse
triumphant; triumph, victory
amputate, cut off
stab; prick, irritate; prod
sharpen; carefully, thorough
small box; chest, casket
sell; betray; show off
enjoin, instruct; charge
to endure
mingle with; toilet, lavatory
collect; overall, altogether
hate, abhor; hatred, resentment
mountain name
enjoy, be glad, be pleased
used as description of sound
lie down; crouch
cheat, fool, pretend
net for catching birds; gauze
number, numerals; yard; symbol
brilliantly colored stone with veined patterns in it
purchase grains; store grain
mine; mineral, ore
sew, stitch; insufficient
classic works; pass through
to unravel or unreel silk; to interpret
dark blue or reddish color
to contract, draw in, reduce, shorten
ribbon or cord used attach ornaments
to practice, drill, exercise, train
class; section, department
girdle; tie, bind; gentry
straw; stalk of grain
fine, tiny; slender, thin
weave, knit; organize, unite
end; finally, in the end
crepe, crape, wrinkles, creases
loop, catch; fetter, shackle
large rope; rope attached to bier
a sacrifice at the beginning of a military campaign
线 line, thread, wire; clue
(Cant.) to press steadily
skin; superficial, shallow
difficult, hard; distressing
to swell; fat, swollen
ribs, armpits; flank; threaten
swell; swollen; swelling
kidneys; testes, gizzard
a chemical compound
area between waist and hips
(Cant.) leg, thigh
swell, inflate, expand
the corners of the mouth, the lips
knot, node, joint; section
continue, carry on; join
long narrow knife-shaped boat
decorate, ornament, adorn
a pen; to surround
border, boundary, juncture
land, continental; army
fish; fishhook; tempt, lure
ornamental hairpin
a moment; a measure of area equal to 100 mu or 6.7 hectares; to lean
top, summit, peak; to carry on the head
exhibit, display; plead; a surname
sluice; flood gate, canal lock
quarrel; dispute hotly
farewell party; see off, send off
defile, mountain pass, gorge
eat heartily; eat one's fill
raise animals; feed; nourish
sweet-meats; sweet-cakes; syrup
mountain located between Shanxi
bracelet, armlet
mounted escort; groom
to be stationed at, reside at; to stop
a camel; humpbacked; to carry on the back
tired, old horse; old, weak
colt; fleet, swift; sun; surname
to drive, sail, fly; a cart, carriage
驿 relay station
an old, tired horse, a jade; tired, exhausted
extra horse; imperial son-in-law
team of four horses; horses
sail, drive, pilot; fast, quick
tool for boring holes
excellent horse, noble steed
smoothly, freely, unrestrained
tail; hair; yak
to give to; to confer on
sugar product
clear, bright; the sun; heat pertaining to this world; superior; upper; front
to remove evil; to cleanse; to wash away
kilowatt; kilogram
become cloudy, overcast
river in Henan
river in Shantung
dusk; Mei river; Zhou dynasty place-name; (Cant.) to go underwater, to dive
spear, lance; gun, rifle
(Cant.) onomatopoetic
gentle and affable
a sore, ulcer; pestilence
cut, chop, sever; behead
intermittent fever; malaria
morning sun, sunrise
stir-fry or boil in water or oil then cook with a sauce
brilliant red; glowing
mud; miry, muddy, stagnant
two pieces of jade joined together
date tree; dates, jujubes; surname
type of oak; stable
bamboo tube, wooden peg; spout
name of a river
pour, splash, water, sprinkle
door stop, door jam; touch; (Cant.) to use the body to move someone
maple tree
an even-grained, yellow- ish, fine wood used for furniture; cedar
marsh, swamp; grace, brilliance
tinkling sound tinkling of pendant gems
jade ring or bracelet; ring
type of jade; rare, valuable
a kind of gem inferior to jade
measuring box
to kill; a spear
to pluck, pick, tear
raining; wet; soaked; a river in Guangdong
a raft
river in Shandong province
appear, manifest, become visible
river in Jiangxi province
species of deer found in north China
ferocious appearance; hideous
the coconut tree; rim
fir tree
owl thus, something evil
wood streaks
a frame; a reel, spindle, spool
drain off, leak; flow, pour down
gold; metals in general; money
year; new-years; person's age
roast, broil; toast; cauterize
刺 stab; prick, irritate; prod
take; bring; grasp, hold; arrest
turtledove, cuckoo
kite; Milvus species (various)
two, both, pair, couple; ounce
but, how; bear, stand, endure
fish; surname; KangXi radical 195
expand; open up; support or push
forest, grove; surname
to seep out, excrete
come, coming; return, returning
change; easy
anger, rage, passion; angry
pull, drag; seize, hold; lengthen
pity, sympathize
齿 teeth; gears, cogs; age; simplified form of the KangXi radical number 211
prison, enclosure
cry of bird or animal; make sound
precedent, example; regulation
mud, mire; earth, clay; plaster
ligustrum sinenese, tree
(same as 旁) side, by the side of; nearby
a kind of tree, (corrupted form of 杬) a kind of plant; (non-classical form 欖)the olive tree
woolen textiles; fine cloth
(same as 抌) to hit or to strikeheavily, to dip, to administer; to control, to govern; to treat; to cure, to punish
farm tools; a spade or shovel
to take
to measure; to estimate
to covet; greedy
(simplfied form of 椲) a kind of wood ( used as a kind of material to make basin and bowl, etc.) (same as 楎) a peg for handing things on, a clothes-horse
(same as 冀) hope; wish; to hope and scheme for, to stammer; to stutter; stuttering, to give
(simplified form of 棡) a tall tree; a large tree, (interchangeable 扛) to carry on the shoulders of two of more men
(a variant 七) capital form of seven
(same as ) a basin; a bathtub, a kind of tool or utensil, (interchangeable 模) form or shape of a thing; style; pattern; appearance; look, a sample
(same as 棒) a club; a stick, to hit with a club, good; strong; wonderful
rash; impatient, very angry
(non-classical of 析)to split; to rip or break apart; to divide; to separate, to interpret; to explain; to analyse
(simplied form of 掔) thick; firm; substantial, to drag along; to pull, to lead
to disturbe; to agitate; to harass, to quarrel; to wrangle
(same as 擸) to hold, to grasp, to hold the hair; to pull at; (Cant.) to take at a glance
(simplified form of ) to wipe; to scrub; to rub, to dust; to clean, (a dialect) to scratch with fingers lightly, (a dialect) to carry on the arm
(a dialect) a crack on the utensil
a basin; a bowl
disappeared, not supported by, to avoid, unable to see
the sun
(a dialect) the gesture of using an indented contain (ladle, spoon etc.) to get in hold something (loosed), (corrupted form of 瓬) clay pottery; earthenware
to give a playful blow, to strike against, to wring; to wrench; to twist, to turn for the better
early morning, daylight
to hold; to grasp, rregular; uneven, a precipice beneath an overhanging cliff, (same as 拑) to take by force; to control with threat of force; to coerce
light; bright, clear
unstable, dull, rough; coarse
(non-classical form) to destroy; to injure; to damage, to exhaust, to complete; to finish, (ancient form 布) cloth; textiles
(same as 殘) to destroy; to injure; to damage; to spoil, cruel and fierce, crippled
to feel or touch with hands; to hold, to lay the hand on, to cover
to clutch; to grasp
to clatch, to grasp with the hand, to pinch, to kill, to attach from the sideway, to strike with the hand; (Cant.) to tear, rip
(same as 虔) to act with reverence, devout; sincere
of tiger, to roar
(same as 虐) cruel; ferocious; atrocious
of tiger
(same as 卒) a servant; an underling, a pawn in chess, abrupt; hurried
(same as 弣) the middle part of a bow; the handle of a bow, try to dig and get something with a knife
to cut the flesh from the bones; to scrape off; to pick out; to get rid of
to sink into; to pierce, (ancient form of 割) to cut; to hack; to reap
inferior; secondary, ugly
(same as 尪) weak; a rickety person; emaciated
last name
small, poor, submit to the dominion of; slow; late
(non-classical form of 卣) a kind of wine pot or jar used in ancient time
a kind of disease
cannot straighten up
name of a place; in Fujian Province
(same as 坐) to sit, a seat
to strip the skin of the face; an imminent calamity, to engrave; (Cant.) to pierce
(simplified form) (a dialect) to kill; to slaughter
sound of rolling a boat
a buckler; a shield
(corrupted form of 囂) looks big outside but empty inside, to yell; voice of anger, hubbub; clamour
great strength; great power
(same as 柙) a pen for wild beasts; a cage for prisoners
to close; to stop up; to obstruct
to refuse, to repel
a phonetic
(corrupted form ) to call, to yell, anxious, dazed, image sound, an exclamation expressing sound (such as clap hands; to fire a gun; to strike; sound of firecracker etc.)
to brawl; to scold, noise from a crowd; hubbub; noisy; loud noise
to deliberate and plan; to arrange
(corrupted form of 佇) to stand and wait; to hope for
to move; to start; to shake, name of a person
(a simplified form) (corrupted form of ) all together, mutually, last name
(same as 丘) a hillock or mound
a cove; a bay, a bend or nook in the hills, the outside part of a curved bank; the curve of a bow
(same as 坍)to fall into ruins; to collapse
(ancient form of 卓) to establish, to surpass, eminent; lofty; profound
to exert oneself; to make strenuous effort
with a big mouth, great; big; vast
(same as 媌) pretty; charming girl, (same as 懰)exquisite; fine
used in girl's name
(same as 嬭) the breasts of a woman; milk; a term of respect for women; grandma, one's elder sister or sisters, used for a girl's name
(same as 姒)wife of one's husband's elder brother; (in ancient China) the elder of twins; a Chinese family name, (same as 姬) a handsome girl; a charming girl; a concubine; a Chinese family name
used in girl's name
a pretty girl; a beauty; a belle, handsome; female beauty
a lady teacher to teach the proper rules of female behavior in ancient times
instrument of torture used in ancient times, loud, an evil doer all the times, (same as 幸) to rejoice, fortunate; prosperous
(corrupted form) to make a profit on sell and buy; the profit in business, (interchangeable 嬴) a overplus; gain; profit; abundance
small and weak, used in girl's name, a woman's feature; lady's face
used in girl's name
(same as 胚) an embryo; a foetus a month old
great; big; vast, (same as 弼) to aid; to assist; as in the government, (interchangeable 佛) Buddha
(said of truth) to come out to the open; to be known by all, (ancient form 澤) glossy; shining
(interchangeable 伴) a partner; a companion, (same as 赫) bright; luminous, glorious (same as 扶) to support; to prop up; to help
(non-classical form of 孕) to be pregnant; to conceive
(same as 刷) a brush, to brush; to clean; to scrub, to print, expecially from blocks
a goddess's name in legend; the sister and successor of Fu Xi 伏羲, (interchangeable 庖), last name
used in girl's name
(interchangeable ) to linger; to walk to and from, to conceal; to cover up; to secrete; to hide; to cover over
ice; icicles, cold; frost, crystallized
cold, indifferent
to dig a hole; to tuck in; to put the finger into
to freeze; to congeal; to curdle
(non-classical form of 妞) a girl; a little girl
sodomy; to bugger
bitterly cold
(non-classical form of 卻) still; but; yet; etc., to refuse to accept, to retreat; to withdraw
wine cups
a kind of fish in legend (a record in old books)
(same as 廩) a granary, to supply (foodstuff), to stockpile
quick; urgent; anxious, loyal sincere and respectful
a house; an unfinished house, uneven; irregular; unsuitable; ill-matched, tenon
a dish-cloth; a mopper; a cleaning rag
a dish-cloth; a mopper; a cleaning rag, headdress; a scarf; turban
ragged clothing, ragged; old and wear out
a kind of beast with long hair, other name for pig, fox, wild cat, raccoon
to stretch a bow, the bow decorated with colorful silk and leather, bent; curved
a kind of delicate and fine fabric, a napkin; kerchief or towel, a headwear
(same as 岢) name of a mountain in Shanxi province
(standard form of 忝) to disgrace; to insult, to condescend
a family name
to rely upon each other
a cottage; a small house, a small cup
(same as 弛) to unstring a bow; to relax; to neglect
(non-classical form of 廖) name of a small ancient State, a Chinese family name
(same as 迥) far; distant; separated
to walk in an easy and leisurely manner, (same as 宙) time--past, present and future, infinite time; time without beginning or end; eternity
(same as ) spasms, cramps in the feet and legs, in cold day the joints of the feet and legs unable to stretch
(same as ) bows (with carved pattern) used by the son of heaven -- the emperor, flags; streamers; banners, a flag-staff made of bamboo
(ancient form of 台) a raised platform, eminent; exalted, name of a star
to join two things; contiguous; things connected end to end, sharp
(a variant of 急) anxious; hurried; urgent; hasty
(corrupted form of 司) to have charge of; to preside over, a (governmental) department
(ancient form of 族) a tribe; a clan; relatives, race (of people), a class; a family (of animals)
dwell, to live in a depraved (crude; vulgar; inferior) place
roof of the house connected
name of a mountain
(same as 丞) to respectfully receive, to flatter; to pay court to
mountain; hill
(same as 尼) a nun, the mountains after which Confucius was named
(same as 岐) name of a mountain in Shanxi province, name of a political district in ancient China, name of a river in Shanxi province, to diverge; to branch
name of a mountain
(a variant of 岸) shore; bank; beach; coast
name of cape in Shandong Province
(ancient form of 丹) cinnabar, red; scarlet, a pill, a sophisticated decoction
the bolt of a door; door latch
to concede or submit willingly
(non-classical form of 跛)lame; crippled
can not walk normally
melancholoy; grievous; mournful; sad, anxious and fearful, extremely sad
to have wisdom; intelligent
(simplified form of 㥮) obstinate; stubborn; opinionated; obstinacy; stubornness; intransigent, truculent; savage, ferocious; fierce
to beat; to strike, to throw; to pitch, to scoop out to dig out
to lead; to guide, to entice, to introduce, to draw out; to stretch, to beat; to strike
(ancient form of 居) to dwell; to occupy to inhabit, a Chinese family name
(same as 好) to like; to love; to be fond of
(ancient form of 得) to get, complacent, (same as 礙) to obstruct, to hinder, to stop progress, to injure, to offend, to concern, hindrance, restraint
to break off (relations); to sever, to exterminate; to annihilate; to wipe out, to pierce; to stabl; to irritate; to hurt, to hold weapons, agricultural implements; far tools, sharp will; eager intention; determination
(non-classical form of 哉) a particle expressing surprise, admiration, or grief, an expletive
㦿 a window, a small door, (ancient form 戶) a door, a household
stupid; foolish; unwise; unintelligent
knowledge; to know; to be aware of, a bureau, state of affairs
(standard form of 尾) the tail; the rear, last; final
(an ancient form of 居), to dewell; to remain, to be in--of various states and conditions, to occupy, the course of one's life
small; to store up or pile in order, to follow; to trace, a short step
(same as 甘) to have one's heart own; to submit, admire, etc. sincerely and willingly
grievous; mournful; melancholy
to love, to be found of, o like; love, affection, a breath, news, to stop; to end, (interchangeable 忌) jealous; to envy, (the small seal 愛) love
(non-classical 憂)palpitation or fluttering of the heart, to become interested in something (usually as a result of persuasion); to move the mind; to start thinking; agitated; nervous
(said of music) disharmony; discord, quiet, to yield; to concede
(same as 狦) a fierce dog, a kind of animal (looks like a wolf)
of mountain; high and lofty
(ancient form of 鈕) buttons
a fine breed of cattle (cow, bull or ox), hornless cattle
bull; bulllock; ox (castrated), a four years old ox
the opposite; contrary of the cattle's horns
a two-years-old ox, ox with a long body, ox with long and big feet
(same as 犍) castrated bull; ox, name of a political division in ancient China; today's Sichuan Province, a kind of animal (looks like an ox)
(same as ) a kind of jade
(simplified form of 灡) water in which rice has been washed, (interchangeable 瀾) a great wave; a huge billow
(same as ancient form of 甃) brickwork of a well, to repair a well, to lay bricks
a rush and impatient disposition, (non-classical form 狷) rash; quick-tempered; narro-minded, honest and straightforward
(same as 貁 non-classical form 狖) a kind of animal (looks like weasel), an ape with black color and long tail
(non-classical abbreviated form) fox-like animal
dog with a short tail, (same as non-classical form 貂) the sable; the marten; mink
a yellow dog with black head
(same as 怯) lacking in courage; cowardly, nervous; socially timid; fright
a kind of dog
a large ape found in Western China, a precious mammal found in Africa
flying feather, soft; light
(corrupted form of 玖) black jade-stone
(same as ) two dogs are barking to each other, rude spoken language; rude talk; unpolished; rustic and coarse
name of a spirit; a god, a kind of jade
(same as 玫) black mica (a sparkling red gem)
to soak or be soaked; to dip; to immerse
(a variant of 法) statutes, laws, regulations, a rule, legal standard, plan or methods, etc.
to absurd pursuit or desire; to wish wildly; to desire to long for (usually more than one's rightful share), to knit; to weave
mind; disposition; temper
blocks for printing, supporting boards used in building walls
ashes; embers, remnants of
to have disappeared, avoid, not at all, not supporting by
(same as ) fire
scattered or dispersed and clear, to stop, to detain, a conncetion, lineage
(same as 杴) a shovel, a trough to carry off water, a wood-board; a plank
(non-classical form of 氀) woolen textiles; (non-classical form of 毹) woolen blanket, a kind of dresses wear by monority, stupid and vulgar
(abbreviaded form of 溢) to flow over; to brim over, excessive
flowing of the water, sound of the flowing water
a river in ancient times; in Henan Province
guide or lead to make the water flowing smoothly
a place in ancient times
marshy; swampy, damp; moist
a river in ancient times
small, missing; wanting; lost, the floating ribs on the sides of the trunk
(a corrupted form) a kind of insects; earthworm, strips of meat cut from the flank and dried in the wind
fat; plump; obesity; obese
(simplified form of 膞)sincere; earnest, a part of offering in sacrifice, gizzard of a fowl, chopped meat, small pig, the kneecap; patella, bone of one's limbs
long and narrow boat, a small boat
young and small, (same as 絿) rash and impatient
the buttocks, the anus
(same as 芀) name of a plant (much used for making brooms); a reed
a wound; a bruise; a sore, scar, muscles of the back
(ancient form of 飪) to cook food thoroughly
(standard form 罕) a net or snare, a flag, rare; strange; scarce; few, name of a place in ancient times
to eat meat, (same as 肘) the elbow, (same as ) fine quality of meat, (same as 衄) nose bleeding
(same as 脘) the stomach; gizzard (of birds and fowls)
half of the body, (non-classical form of 胖) fat; obese
(same as 醓) brine from pickled meat; condiments, juicy meat pulp; mashed meat cooked with soybean sauce, short and ugly, light of the setting moon; (Cant.) 肚䏙 stomach
unexpectedly; suddenly aching of the midriff or waist; lumbago
(corrupted form of 究) to examine; to study; to investigate exhaustively
(same as 芑) a kind of sorghum with white sprouts, a kind of wild vegetable; bitter herbs
(same as 移) to change; to shift; to move; to influence, to coney; to forward
hanging down of the ears of the grains, something to hang or be hanged or hung
(same as ) bran; chaff, grains; corns; cereals
grains producing neither flower nor fruit
skin disease
pebble; small piece of stone
a tray; a plate; a dish, large bowl
weapons; arms ( a lance; a spear)
(same as 年) a year, one's age
(same as non-classical form of 莊) solemn, large farmhouse
to gouge out an eye or eyes (a corrupted form)
to regard; to look up to, to look, to take a glance at
(same as ) (ancient form of 俟) to wait for, until; when; as soon as
illness; disease
to turn one's eyes to; big eyes
to look, to confuse; to dazzle
gloomy; dark; obscure
illness; disease
to offer small pig as sacrifice when warship god of life
name of a mountain (of warship), (same as 禔) happiness; good fortune; good luck; blessing, (same as standard form 祓) to exorcise; to remove evil; to cleanse; to clean; to wash away
forty bundles of rice plant, panicled millet, (same as 芽) sprout; shoot; bud
nasal disease, (same as 疤) a scar; a birthmark (same as 巴) to hope; to wish
to pierce; to stab; to irritate; to hurt, a thorn
a big house, (same as 宏) great; vast; wide; ample
(abbreviated form) capacity unit in France (Decalitre) equal to ten times of one litre
a rite or service, message offered to the gods in worship
(same as 禍) calamity; disaster; evil; misfortune
ten handle of grains (rice plant)
dark rice plant, millet grain (in black color), (same as 稃) bran
a kind of grain
inside; within; inner; interior; domestic, heartlessness
(non-classcial form of 耄)an old man of eighty, aged
rope made of bamboo strips
to lift up the eyes and look around
to split tangled hemp
to stand still
to pierce through; to penetrate through; to cross, extremely; to the extreme, a hole; an opening; an aperture, with no door or window
to pierce through; to penetrate or bore through; to thread, to cross; (Cant.) hole, hollow, cavity
a hole; a cave; a pit, to digthe ground and build underground living quarters, to make smooth of the leather
down; to see obscurely, (same as 䀛)
to look far with the eyes half-closed (to narrow the eyes), to look at for a long time, daybreak; dawn, to look not straight forward, to distrub; to dizzy; dark, to look at ferocious
to look at, to examine; to observe; to survey
to look up to; to respect
(a corrupted abbreviated form) to cover the line of vision or sight --the straight line between an object and one's eyes, to look steadily at, to look at impatiently
diseases; illness
to be weaked by disease; feeble; lean (a dialect) poor in quality
to faint, to feel nausea, abuse; vilification
(corrupted form ) diseases of the abdomen, illness, sick for the second time; get sick again
dropsy; hydrophillic swelling
to look askance at, to dislike, a kind of eye disease (tears all the times), pretty eyes, (same as 瞲) to look at in surprise
angry glances; to look angrily, eyeballs
with heavy eyelids
rocky (same as 玤) fine stone which is little less valuable than jade (interchangeable 崩) to collapse; to fall
a small bowl; a small basin
a kind of stone, rugged rocks, difficult; hard; difficulty; hardship
a kind of rock
(same as 柘) a thorny tree about 15 feet high, the leaves are used for feeding silkworms before the mulberry leaves are ready or when they are scarce, bark contains a yellow dye (interchangeable 蔗) the sugar cane
(same as 矺) to rap; to tap; to beat(same as 磔) torture of dismemberment used in the ancient times, sound of throwing something to the ground
(a non-classical form) a bowl, a small shallow container; a small cup
to vomit; to throw up; to disgorge, hiccough; shortwindedness, supposed upward motion of the spirit (in Chinese herb medicine), to sigh with grief or regret; to lament; to deplore
withered; dry, calamity; disaster, (ancient form 辜) sin; crime; guilt
to laugh hertily; to roar with laughter, to breath
to take breath or rest (after strenuous exercise), hiccough; shortwindedness
(ancient form of 訶) to scold or blame in a loud voice
(same as 些) a small quantity or number; a little; a few; some
(a variant of 昶) a long day, bright, extended, clear
(same as 冬) winter, (in lunar calendar) the period from the 10th to the 12th moon
a kind of water
day after day; daily, time, moving of the sun
danger; precarious; perilous, lofty; high, to decay; to break; to snap
of look of the sun, the look of the weather
to rip open the flesh, to break; to snap
light; bright; brilliant, clear, intelligent; day dawn
to drink, to swallow
light; bright; brilliant, clear, intelligent; day dawn
to breath with mouth open
to move; to shake; to rock; to excite, to decrease; to reduce; to diminish; to subtract; to deduct, to shoulder; to take upon on oneself
broken; to break, ruined, reason; cause; right, principle; theory, to arrange; to repair, to regulate; to operate; to govern
(same as 更) to change, to alter
hidden; mysterious; secret, to conceal
(a simplified form) to strike; to tap, to shock
a bucket made of willow, (a dialect) to lift (especially when only a single person is involved)
high; tall; lofty
to ruin; to destroy; to break down, to hang up; to suspend
to accumulate, to massage the cheeks
to dispel, to move; to transfer, to issue; to set aside, to stir up, turning
(ancient form of ) slow; gradual; tardy; leisurely, to delay; to put off; to defer
(non-classical form of 梳) a comb; a coarse comb; to comb
to strike; to beat; to attach, (same as 揈) to move; to shake; to wield
to nip with the fingers; to take a pinch; to take up as with tongs
to stop, to detain; to stay; to end; still; calm, only
to depend on; to lean to; to rely on; by means of, to follow the old or traditional (practices, customs, precedents, etc.), to receive and carry on; to continue; to succeed to
to thump; to beat; to strike; to attack
to hold; to grasp, to maintain; to keep, a post, to lead on, (same as 擩) to rub, to crumble by hand, to massage; mixed-up; confused
a kind of tree
the sun
to pull; to dray; to hinder; to santch away
half of a unit of measurement used in ancient times
(non-classical form) to jump; to leap; to bounce; (in general) get angry and leave away, to bump; (Cant.) to poke, jab
a board (on the back of a donkey) for carrying things; saddle
a pillar arch
(same as non-classical form 耜) a farming instrument; a spade; a shovel
a kind of animals (like rabbit, it is blue colored and much bigger)
a kind of tree
the lips; (Cant.) to sip
to make a fool of; idiotic, simple, stupid
(same as 媵) (in old time) a maid who accompanies a bride to her new home; to escort, a concubine
insincere and cunning person; a pretentious person
(non-classical form of 吝) stingy, sparing of; closefisted, to regret, to shame; to insult
sound of calling chickens, to curse; to swear
(same as 詍) loquacity; to talk incessantly and tediously, to laugh, joy
(interchangeable 吼) to roar of animals, angry tones, (interchangeable 詬) a sense of shame; to shame, to vomit
(non-classical form of 勃) sudden; suddenly; quick; to change as the countenance
(same as 喟) to sign; to lament, to stop, to cut off; to sever; to interrupt
a god, pregnant
(non-classical form of 那) that, there
frivolous; flippant; capricious; playful
(same as 仇)an enemy, enmity, hatred, to hate, a rival, a match
to shake one's head
(a dialect) to engrave
(same as 价) a servant, a middle-man, good, great; (a simplified form) price; value
to slant; intricate; describe a writer's pen, lofty rocks; protruded rocks; resolute
to condemn; to sentence, to hold a hearing (on a legal case); to interrogate or question a prisoner, to whisper
weak and small
bitterly cold
to stop up; to close against; to restrain, to dam a stream and change its direction, to conceal a mound
cultivated land; to till lands, a clod of earth
(non-classical form of ) to spread soil on the road, pave the road with soil, (ancient form of 堲) sickness; illness; disease
(ancient form of 桀) a hen-roost, cruel, the last ruler of the Xia Dynasty
(same as 葬) to bury, (ancient form of 坐) to sit, a seat
(same as 朗) bright, clear, intelligent, light, brilliant, to understand, to illustrate, to cleanse
horned hair
(same as 刺) to pierce; to stab; to irritate; to hurt
agricultural implements
(same as 艾) Mugwort, artemisia or any plant which produces moxa punk, general name for plants like mint
to speculate; to conjecture; to assume; to make an intelligent guess; to fathom, (of a woman) beautiful, used in girl's name
to speculate; to conjecture; to assume; to make an intelligent guess; to fathom, (of a woman) beautiful, used in girl's name
used in girl's name
used in girl's name
clean; pure; clear, usually used for names
cold, cold air, bitterly cold
sound of a whistle, to blow
big; great; vast, very, liberal, bark (as a dog)
(same as 遂) to obey; to comply with; to follow the wishes of another, (an ancient form of 歲) a year, age, the harvest
(a variant of 寇) tyrannical; cruel, to rob; to plunder, banditti; thieves; highwaymen
to do something in an old way; use the old method; to go to the old road
draw the feet up; to refuse to advance, to summarize; to gather; to collect, name of an old country, (same as 鍐) a headstall; ornament on a bridle; (Cant.) to jump up
to worship of God, to praise; many; much
a shirt; a garment; a gown, a black dress
(same as standard form 巾) a napkin; kerchief or towel, a headgear
(ancient form of 討) to quell (uprising, rebellion, etc.) to punish (another nation, etc.) by force fo arms, sound; voice; tone
(same as 遷) to move; to remove, to change
(non-classical form of 螈) a kind of lizard found in damp places; Diemyctylus pyrrhogaster, a kind of amphibious reptile
(same as 恤) sympathy, pity
a sea-insect; in the shape of a human's elbow
(same as 赴) to go to; to attend (same as 踣) to stumble and fall prone, stiff in death
to walk slowly, lame; crippled, long and thin legs, to walk alone, to insist on one's ways in doing things
(same as 處) to dwell; to abide in; to stay on; to be at rest in; to occupy, a place; an office; a department
to prepare, all complete; all ready, (corrupted and abbreviated form of 訛)false; fake, errors; wrong
thicker, heavy, still; yet
(non-classical form of 虻) a gadfly
this, here, if so; in this case, reluctant to go forward
(standard form of 斥) to accuse; to blame, to expel; to drive off; to reject
a threshold; a door-sill
depraved talking
a granary, a cabin, as in the ship, a corridor; a hallway
(corrupted form) right; fitting; proper; good, should; ought to; had better
side room
(same as 㢋) vast, to open up, enlarge or expand, the blot of a door; door latch, name of a person
(terrains) of highly strategic; precipitious (hill, etc. a big mound; (same as 㢈) a collapsed house, to hit, to catch something
the buttocks; the rump; the sacrum, to set sideways, the male organ; (Cant.) vulgar term for the female sex organ
(same as 恚) full of anger and vexation, rage; hatred; to hate; to bear a grudge against; animosity
a big piece of log to join the thick ropes; cable; used on a boat
scared; terrified, fear; dread; fright
conciliation; to come to an amicable understanding; compromise
(same as 寍 寧) peace; serenity, used as a term of comparison: -- rather; it is better, would that
deep bottom; the southeast corner of a house
(same as 屑) chips; crumbs; bits trifles, to care; to mind
(corrupted form) the upright bar for fastening a door
to close, shut the door with a bang, to soar, (ancient form 闔) a Chinese family name
(same as 嬛) lonely; solitary, exquisite; fine, to worship with reverence
mournful; melancholy; distressed; grieved; sad
a robe; a long gown, a shirt; a short gown
remains; remnants
an artisan to soften raw silk by boiling and to dye the dressed silk
storage room
(same as 㡃) an artisan to soften raw silk by boiling and to dye the dressed silk
(same as 屇) a cave a hold in the ground; a hole
(standard form) lusty; strong; gigantic strength, heavy sleep with snoring
corresponding; equivalent, cosiderable; to a great extent, appropriate, (same as 凹) a hollow, concave
(corrupted form of 慌) blurred; dim, obscure; confused in mind
sorrowful, anxious
can not walk normally, swollen feet
(corrupted form of 怴) crazy; mad, anger; angry, idiotic; silly; stupid, ill-will; enmity; animus
to remember (old days, friends, etc.); to recall, (a pronoun, a dialect) this; these; such, here, without restricition; at will, to trust; to show good faith, weak, ( ancient form 飪) to cook, you, ( dialect) so; that, than, that case, that (indicating d
joy; delight; gratification
to go straight forward, (same as 衕) a lane; an alley, (same as 侗) ignorant; rude; rustic; straight-forward; uninterrupted; no obstacle
walking, (ancient form form of 會) to meet, to gather, to be able, to realize
to walk; to go
a Chinese family name
to go; to walk
a rope decorated with bronze ornament (for leading cattle), a family name
(simplified form of 憍) (same as 驕) untamed; intractable; disobedient
(same as 恩) grace, favour, kindness, mercy
never reveal one's feeling or emotion, (same as 巧) false, artificial, illegal, clever; artful, pretty cute
a model or typical example; technique of standard handwriting, knowledge, to know; to feel; to understand
to bump, to strike
(simplified form) name of a mountain
lofty; high; steep
name of a mountain
to walki; to go
palpitation or fluttering of the heart, to become interested in something (usually as a result of persuasion)
powerful and strong bow, (interchangeable 5F3D 韘) archer's thumbring of leather
(same as 巽) the 5th of the Eight Diagrams 八卦, South-east, Mild, bland, insinuating, peaceful words
(non-classical form of 弼) device for regulating bows; bow regulator, to correct, to assist; to aid
to surprise; to amaze, afraid; scared; fearful; terrified, grieved; distressed; grieved; distressed
(same as 玈) black color, a black bow; bow in general
to move the mind; agitated; nervous; to start thinking
(ancient form of 西) the west; western, European
(non-classical form) mournful; melancholy; distressed; grieved; sad, to fear; fear; dread
disappointed; to fail in attaining one's purpose; to be disappointed in attaining the ambitions, to be surprised; to be amazed; to marvel, to think; to consider; to ponder; to contemplate, to expect or hope with eagerness, a credit, straightforward; faith
fat meat, big; large
the belly; the abdomen
(a abbreviated form of 纖) small, fine, delicate
(standard form of 紆) to twist; to distort, a cord
(same as 緇) black silk; a dark, drab colour, used for Buddhists, from the dark colour of their robes (same as 純) pure, honest
(same as 紖) a rope for leading cattle
a full net, a thick rope; a cable
to fawn on; to flatter; to please, to love, attractive
to twist or to crumple between hands and make something turn, (same as 懦) cowardice; timid; weak and cowardly
to measure (esp. for grains) by pints and pecks
deteriorated and become red; old rice; decaying rice, red rice; (Cant.) the small of long-stored rice
(ancient form of 汁) meat soup, mixed meat
a patient (of jaundice; icterus) facial complexion
(same as 囟) top of the human head; the skull
(same as 芞) fragrant herb, vanilla
(same as 荾) parsley, (same as 葰) ginger, pistil
(a corrupted form) net for catching rabbit
(corrupted form) net; web; network
(same as ) (standard form 罕) a net or snare, a flag, rare; strange; scarce; few, name of a place in ancient times
tools to draw water or liquid
a kind of herb medicine, luxuriant; flourishing of grass and trees
(simplified form of ) (same as 緇)) black silk; a dark, drab colour, used for Buddhists, from the dark colour of their robes (same as 純) pure, honest
(same as non-classical form 蛆) maggot
uncooked or raw meat, an organic compound; Proteose
dry, dandruff-like scales of dead flesh and skin
(same as 艖) small boat (short and deep)
(non-classical form) (same as 舠) a knife shaped small boat
a sailing boat
meat, rough; cracked skin
almost dry; not completely dried
earthware; pottery (a basin; a pot; a bowl. a cistern; a crock), (interchangeable 缸) a big earthen jar
(corrupted form of 燎) to burn, to illuminate; a signal light; brilliant
bright lights and illuminations of the fire, flames
a kind of animal (same as 夷) generally called for minority groups in old China
a kind of animal (of dog tribe)
a kind of monkey, fox
a kind of animal ( of mule tribe) (same as 貘) tapir
(same as 貅) a kind of animal like a tiger, a fabulous fierce beast -- thus -- fierce; valiant; heroic; brave
a kind of jade, a conical cap (wore on ceremonious occasions in ancient times) decorated with jade
(ancient abbreviated form of 瑁) a very precious piece of jade worn by ancient emperors to match tables borne by the nobles
flame; fire, light; brightness
(same as 犐) hornless cattle
(same as 犐) hornless cattle
a kind of mountain cattle; big and heavy
green colored melons
a kind of melon
a kind of cattle
(same as 燒) to burn, to roast, to boil; to heat
hide or to keep in store the vegetable in cold winter days
(same as 鈃) long necked wine vessels (bottle; pot; jar; and cups etc.)
borderland; the frontier, a pit; a cave, a narrow path in the field, administrative unit for rural community of 傣族 ( under the feudal system), pond; a marsh, saltpond, (same as ) salt marsh
(sama as 畯) official in charge of farmlands in ancient times; a bailiff or landlord, rustic; crude (ancient form of 允) to allow; to grant
agricultural implements; farm tools, name of a place
(same as ) a kind of jade (a jade decorative article for horse)
measuring unit for thermodynamics
a kind of jade
dirty; filthy, corrupt, soap, black, to unravel silk threads
(non-classical form of 涓) a brook, the smallest drop of water, to expel evil influences; to eliminate; rid off, to clean up, to select, atributary (or a river), the flowing of a spring, (interchangeable 泫) to glisten; to sparkle, to weep
(same as 浺) deep and far; profound and abstruse (of the sea)
bank of a river, (same as 汊) a branching stream
name of a river
(same as 菢) to incubate; to brood; to hatch; to sit on a nest, a woolen blanket
(simplified form of 濄) (same as 渦) name of a river, to whirl, an eddy
(simplified form of ) slippery ( as a road)
flowing of the water
(corrupted form of 洭) a river in ancient times; a part of Huangjiang, Lianjiang and Beijiang in today's north-west of Guangdong Province
the flowing water
a fountain or spring flows downwards, sound of the flowing water
cave, grotto; ravine; hole
convenience, ease; expedient
province; save, economize
pick up, collect, tidy up; ten
statute, principle, regulation
river in Shanxi province; city
bright, brilliant, radiant, light
seagull, tern; Larus species (various)
tinkling of jade
willow tree; pleasure
throat; pharynx
narrow; crude, coarse; ugly
a bird resembling the secretary falcon
degree, system; manner; to consider
bustard; procuress; Otis species (various)
deed, contract, bond; engrave
descend, fall, drop; lower, down
crow; Corvus species (various)
an exclamation of confirmation
teach, instruct; encourage, urge
recite, chant, repeat
speak, say, talk; scold, upbraid
give, grant, bestow; surname
deceive, lie, delude, cheat
trade, barter; mixed; rashly
expenses, expenditures, fee
congratulate; send present
give to, hand down, bequeath
member; personnel, staff member
inform, notify, admonish, order
err, make mistake; interfere
criticize, scold, blame, ridicule
expensive, costly, valuable
lend; borrow; pardon
borrow; pardon; loan
forge ahead; energetic; surname
mean, low; cheap, worthless
number two
deceive, cheat; hurried, bustling
warn, admonish; warning
paste to, stick on; attached to
make false accusation; defame
language, words; saying, expression
persuade, entice, induce; guide
wheel; to turn; to revolve
pass by, approach; direct
although, even if
lying prone, leaning over
surname; ancient state
a state in Shandong province
look at, inspect, observe, see
peek; spy on, watch; investigate
to wake up from sleep; conscious
surname; place name
county in Henan province; surname
a Chinese family name arrange; display a column of troops
a flea; species of beetle
pulley, windlass, capstan
underwear; inner garments
axle, axletree; pivot; axis
end of axle; divergent
rush forth; surpass, excel
cross board at rear of carriage
run over something with vehicle
small light carriage
light; easy, simple; gentle
axle; personal name of mencius
state in today's Henan province
state in today's Henan; surname
surname; an ancient town's name
a kind of scorpion
nibble away; erode; eclipse
ant; leech
look at, inspect; perceive
shrimp, prawn
mountain pass; crisis, climax
used in translation
prize, reward; give award to
draw near, approach; descend
painting tool place name
mountain range; pointed mountain
high, lofty, noble; steep, perilous
mud; surname
high pointed mountain
return; repeat; repeatedly
relatives, parents; intimate the hazel nut or filbert tree a thorny tree
(Cant.) to dredge or poke with a pole or stick
obstruct, impede; stop; resist
strive, endeavor, struggle
crowd, squeeze, push against
direct; wipe away; squander
pull out, pluck; take hold of
to beat; to strike
constitution, statute, law
a child toy
scratch; disturb, bother; submit
flog, whip; chastise
to pluck, pick, tear; (Cant.) rubbing action
mutual term of address used by sons-in-law; a brother-in-law
graceful, charming, fascinating
seductive and loveable; tender
lovely, beautiful; docile, obedie
cut, cut flesh from bones
sword, dagger, saber
old man
take; hold; give forcefully
meritorious deed; merits; rank
taste; experience, experiment
cns 2-2A40 is different
raise, rear, bring up; support
temperate, frugal, economical
(Cant.) 傢俬, furniture
spouse, couple, pair
two, pair
grave, respectful, majestic
ah, final particle
picture, scroll; one of pair of
companion, mate, colleague
war, fighting, battle
high and dry place
devise, plan, deliberate; consult
a polite version of he
disordered; indistinct doubtful; blurred
sadness, grief; mourn; be moved
feeble, sickly; tranquil, calm
enjoy, be contented, joyful
feel anguish, feel compassion
angered, filled with hate
rickshaw, cart, vehicle; name of piece in Chinese chess
(J) same as 面影 , visage, face; trace, shadow; memory
rampart, military wall
cultivate, reclaim, to farm land
advance money, pay for another
character used in place names
a sound made to get a horse to move forward
be defeated, fail, collapse
small, head shaped hill, used in place names
belch; vomit
used in transliterations
garrulous; disturbed; restless
swallow, gulp down; greedy
rushing sound; gush forward
dumb, mute; become hoarse
chemical element; (Cant.) backing, support of someone powerful; a little
dangerous; hazardous; difficult; trouble, disaster or distress, name of a place
name of a person
name of a place
name of a place in today's Hobei Province
name of a pavilion (Han Dynasty) in today's Henan Province
name of a state in old times, name of a pavilion
name of a mountain, name of a place, name of a state
name of a county in today's Hunan Province
name of a hillside, name of a village, name of tomb of an emperor; name of a high mound
a pit; a hole; a gully
a tool for brushing the thread, ornamental; brilliant
(Cant.) an elevator (from the British 'lift')
to cut; to mince; to slice; to carve
(same as 徂) to go to; to go ahead; to advance
a kind of wine
a kind of protein
perpendicular, vertical; erect
why not? would it not be better to?
give; by, for
fragrant smell of grain; aromatic
inlay; border
condition or appearance of moon
an organic compound
the navel
victory; excel, be better than
arrange in order; display
the limbs; the upper arm; wings of birds; legs of animals
shinbone; calf of leg
to weed
(same as 秋) autumn, fall; year
deep, true, sincere, genuine
bind, tie, fasten
to moor a boat to the bank
entwine; wind around; surround
to cut, sever, break off, terminate
tile, brick
unhulled rice
class, group, kind, category
powdery substance
an organic compound
a kind of farm tool
giant clam, tridacna gigas
(Cant.) to nod one's head; to shake, sway
penalty, fine; punish, penalize
silk, cotton, or woolen fabric
white hempen cloth worn by mourners
draw, sketch, paint
variegated, adorned; brilliant
deep red; river in Shanxi provinc
enmesh, wrap around; web, net
twist, wring; intertwine; winch
govern, command, control; unite
knot, tie; join, connect
a kind of evergreen tree
type of oak; stable
mark, symbol, label, sign; stand the bole of a tree
railing, balustrade; animal pan
a gem cut like dragon
type of willow; tamarisk
an old man's staff
cup (same as 杯 [] and 桮 []); unhappy, displeased, anxious, unsettled
comb; comb out; weed out, elimininate
cage, pen; set of bars
main beams supporting house
clear; bright; whistling
help, aid, relieve; ferry, cross
irrigation ditch, trench; river
measure, estimate, conjecture
muddy, turbid, dirty, filthy
river in Guangdong province
spray, water, sprinkle
saturate, drench; damp, wet
river in Hebei province
die young; national mourning
a fountain or spring
clean, purify, pure
help, assist; connect, adjoin
muddy, turbid; blend, merge, mix
riverbank, shore
thick, strong, concentrated
supporting block; sumac, loquat
a lot; a label; a slip of bamboo engraved with signs
chestnut-leaved oak; oak
tree; plant; set up, establish
rotten, spoiled, decayed
shine, glitter, sparkle
burning-hot, intense; to burn, blaze; splendid, illustrious
smelt, refine; distill, condense
a kind of china
(Cant.) to cook in boiling water
steep bank by stream; jiujiang
ammonia; hydrogen nitride
to put forth effort
a decigram, one-tenth of a gram
enamel, cloissoné
name of one kind of jade
there is no need
prison, jail; case; lawsuit
fierce-looking, ferocious
sly, cunning, crafty
place name
a pennon; a streamer
drag, pull, lead by hand
to weigh in the hand, to estimate; to shake
manifest, display; evident, clear
rice field
spasms or convulsions in young children, caused by indigestion
scrofulous lumps or swellings
bright, glorious; brilliant
vague, dim; twilight
ulcers, sores; infection
tumor, boil, sore, wound
crazy, insane, mentally ill
Machilus nanmu, variety of evergreen
dry (as opposed to rice) field; used in Japanese names
excellent horse; brave, valiant
a leather knee-pad worn during sacrifices
accuse, blame, curse, scold
grey horse
chamber, pavilion; cabinet
spirited horse; haughty
small entrance; women's quarters
a white horse with black mane; a camel
terrify, frighten, scare; shock
team of horses; associate, join
an excellent horse
large face, flat face; stupid
eat, food; radical number 184
bait; bait, entice; dumplings
the sound of the wind; bleak; melancholy
sway in wind
bountiful, abundant, plentiful
rations and pay for soldiers
stuffed dumplings
rice-cakes, biscuits
must, have to, necessary
obey, submit to, go along with
neck, nape of neck; sum; funds
hear; smell; make known; news
door; gate
fujian province; a river; a tribe
hook, barb; sickle; stroke with
tungsten, wolfram
unit of measure equivalent to thirty catties
respect, admire; respectful
steel, iron; great
lock, latch; stamp, seal
blunt, obtuse; dull; flat; dull-witted
paper money, bank notes; copy
clock; bell
steel; hard, strong, tough
a wine flagon
village of twenty-five families
mountain pass; Shanxi province
key; lock
open; peaceful
powerful and influential group
sodium, natrium; sharpen wood
blocked or separated; to prevent
button, knob; surname
ancient wine vessel
fall, slip; let fall; die
food item set out for show only
in disorder; a dangerous condition of the State
look back; look at; look after
high door; high gate; high, lofty
narrow pass, strategic point
confer, bestow; publish, promulgate
prepare, arrange; in advance
excellent horse, noble steed
red, brown, bay; neat, harmonious
test, examine, inspect; verify
threshold; women's quarters
lots (to be drawn); draw lots
superior, outstanding, talented
difficult, arduous, hard; unable
examine, inspect, review, read
a pure black horse; a pair of horses
obstinate, stubborn; recalcitrant
gallop horse; hasten, hurry
pause, stop; bow, kowtow; arrange
tall and slim
laud, acclaim; hymn; ode
fly down or downward
hairpin; gold inlaid work, filigree
drill, bore; pierce; diamond
broad-axe, a battle axe, halberd
iron; strong, solid, firm
platinum; thin sheet of metal
device for carrying a tripod
bell; surname
melt, smelt; shine
money, currency, coins
kind of gong used in ancient times by troops on the march
hungry, starving, famished
surplus, excess, remainder
饿 hungry; greedy for; hunger
cobalt; household iron
pincers, pliers, tongs; to compress
earthenware basin; alms bowl
rare treasure
cool, cold; disheartened
gentleman, young man; husband
how? what?
trip, journey; travel; traveler
clear, bright; distinct
wave; wasteful, reckless
chestnut tree, chestnuts; surname
brand, burn; branding iron
large rope, cable; rules, laws
stop, halt; stay, detain, keep
knot; button; handle, knob; tie
kind of necklace
normal human relationships
flow, circulate, drift; class
pure; virtuous; insult; maltreat
consider, conjecture; material
fiery, violent, vehement, ardent
capture, imprison, seize; prison
lose baby teeth and get adult teeth
species of Taiwan pigeon
thrush; Turdus species (various)
duck; Anas species (various)
female mandarin duck (Aix galericulata)
kite, horned owl; wine cups
mynah; Erithacus species (various)
the eastern egret
the mullet
male mandarin duck (Aix galericulata)
evil, wicked, bad, foul
to propel a boat; to beat
sincere, earnest, cordial
the youngest
place name
scoop out of water; dredge, fish
diminish; impair; injure
to feel or fondle with the fingers
to pick up
hull; thresh; beat, attack
mountain in Sichuan province
place name in hunan province
sincere, warm, cordial; surname
tangled; entwined; crooked
(Cant.) to trap; upright; a pile
pity, sympathize with, grieve for
impede; neglect, delay
miserly, parsimonious, stingy
sincerity, honesty; modest
circular measure
峿 mountain
Laoshan, mountain in Shandong
induce, encourage to come
cover up; curtain
pleasure, enjoyment, amusement
(Cant.) a bud; to bend; phonetic 'num' as in 'number'
jar, pot, jug, vase; surname
theatrical plays, opera, drama
upset, pour out, overflow
(Cant.) sick, unwell
crying of infants
the cry of a bird
(Cant.) phonetic; in a bad mood
(Cant.) interjection
(Cant.) to gasp; to breathe; to rest
(Cant.) a bundle; onomatopoetic; round, circular; guys (slang)
place name
chat, jaw, gossip, talk
a goddess, the mythological sister and successor to Fuxi
elegant, refined; skillful
circle; round, circular; complete
(Cant.) to carry on the back
what; which; who; why
broad, wide; spacious, vast
guest, visitor; surname; submit
flute-like musical instrument
debt, loan, liabilities
(same as 埠) a wharf, dock, jetty; a trading center, port; place name (e.g., 深水埗 in Hong Kong)
slander; gossip; rumors
horizontal wooden bar in front
load; carry; transport, convey
read, study; pronounce
slander, vilify, condemn
诿 pass buck, lay blame on others
lesson; course; classwork
flatter, truckle
who? whom? whose? anyone?
consult carefully with, counsel
transfer, move, change; tune
flatter, truckle, toady
promise; assent, approve
cart wheel with no spokes
hairy and poisonous caterpillars
ant eggs
person's name
(Cant.) an edible snake, lizard
a variety of bivalves
speak ill of, vilify; berate
talk; conversation; surname
friendship; appropriate, suitable
ask, request; invite; please
轿 sedan-chair, palanquin
compare; comparatively, more
a chariot, carriage; a carriage pull-bar
various, all, these; surname
patient, earnest; earnestly
low rear portion of cart
place in today's Henan province
place in Shandong province
towns in Shandong province
consult, confer; select, choose
place name in Shandong province
covet, long for, desire
pursue, follow; expel, drive away
sell or buy wholesale; store
county in Hubei province
thief, traitor; kill
gift superior; gift given
prepared for; inclusive
property; wealth; capital
booty, loot, stolen goods; bribe
bribe; give present
rent, hire; hired person
property; wealth; to count
贿 bribe; bribes; riches, wealth
surname; merchant; buy, trade
humble, modest; yield
farewell present
a brass parts for a cart in ancient China
迿 to be the first to begin a quarrel
choose, select; elect; election
ceremonial gowns of a queen
curling upwards; wavering gently
outer garments; coat, jacket
slit in garment to aid movement
the lapel of a garment
excuse, forgive; guess, presume
name of a place in today's Shandong Province
name of an ancient state, in today's Henan Province
name of a place, name of a county in today's Henan Province
to meet; to co-operate; interaction, to have friendly relations, interlocking; interchanging
(same as 鳩) the pigeon, the turtle dove
(simpliied form)
lofty, (same as 陖), rock; stone, name of a place
bed, window
mixed; abundant; assorted, repeated
name of a place, boundary; a line
component parts of a cross-bow, (same as 銶) a single headed hatchet
to be scattered (over an area); to spread, to give an account of; to explain; to expound, to follow
a group of people walking together
(same as 䣩) rich; good; as wine, pure, unmixed; (same as 純) beautiful; fine; pretty, net; pure; (same as 醇) rich wine; strong wine, gentle; gracious; jidicious, pure and fair
(interchangeable 黓) black, color of the wine, sweet; honeyed; or pleasing
(non-classical form of 隙) a crack; a crevice; a fissure
name of a pavilion in Han Dynasty, name of a county in ancient China
name of a place
something used to bind the frame work in a cart (compartment) of old times, (same as 輴) a hearse; a funeral carriage, (interchangeable 巡) to inspect (said of ranking officials)
flowing water; ripples; weeping
river in Hebei province; creek
still water
inundate, flood; torrent
swirl, whirlpool, eddy
wash, cleanse, purify; sweep
soft, moist; sleek; freshen
rise in price
astringent; harsh; uneven, rough
brook, mountain stream
bright; radiant; thriving
enemy, foe, rival; resist
river in Hebei province; (Cant.) a ford; to wade
(Cant.) intensifier
bright, glorious, splendid
serge from Tibet
a leather ball for kicking
pendant ornaments, earrings
kill; die violent death
treasure, jewel; precious, rare
imperial signet, royal signet
any thick fluid; starch; broth
blend; variegated; striped
to hiccough; to dig out to expand
a kind of monkey
sacrifice, give up; sacrificial
a nose-ring for an animal
garden, field, farm, plantation
hardwood; supports, posts
the lichee, a fruit which grows in South China
cinders, ashes, embers; remnants
scald, heat; wash; iron clothes
bright, glorious, splendid, flame
burn; bake; heat; roast
bother, vex, trouble; troublesome
candle, taper; shine, illuminate
(Cant.) hot; to argue, wrangle, rail at (i.e., to flame)
ragout, cook, braise
shape, form, pattern, style
variant of 枡 , a measuring box
bridge; beam, crosspiece
oar, paddle
stake, post; affair, matter
bent or twisted piece of wood
the forking branch of a tree
a real, hank, skein
press, squeeze hard; force
name of tree; a part of cornice
fruit tree
cross bar
carbuncle, sore, ulcer, abscess
type of birch
sunshine; light, bright, radiant
halo in sky; fog; dizzy, faint
vegetarian diet; study
hot; heat; fever; restless; zeal
dawn, daybreak; clear, explicit
love, be fond of, like
a small cup of stone with ears, used in ancient times for libations
china grass, ramie
soothe, appease, pacify
revive, resurrect; a species of thyme; transliteration of 'Soviet'
beautiful, sexy, voluptuous
luxurious growth of weeds
medicinal herb
a sash; to tie
tense, tight, taut; firm, secure
blue; green
an organic compound
averrhora carambola; surname
a kind of plant
tie, fasten, bind
hold of ship; cabin
dried meat
well rope
raw silk fabric
kind of thick stiff silk
embroider; embroidery; ornament
silk cord, ribbon
continue, maintain, carry on
coarse pongee, kind of heavy silk
(Cant.) to cook
pay respects; reverently
cease, finish, stop; give up
whisper; surname
convulsions, fits
open; throw away
winds; fins
(Cant.) rudder
law, rule; door post
abdominal area of crab; navel
internal organs, viscera; dirty
an organic compound
minced meat or fish
(Cant.) female breast; milk
to offer flesh in sacrifice
breast, chest, thorax; clamor
(Cant.) 芙胵, the gizzard and liver of domestic fowl
urge on; rise up; stir, excite
sunken eyes; deep; abstruse
accumulate, store up, amass
(Cant.) blurred sight
deep; distant
grind, sharpen; mill
wrinkles, creases, folds
small cup or container
supervise, control, direct
gravel, pebbles
foundation stone, plinth
the sound of stones knocking together
smash, crush, break; pound, mash
pit, vault; store in pit
hole, opening, aperture
to smash rock
to comb; a fine-toothed comb
stone tablet; monument
(Cant.) to hide things, to conceal
bamboo water pipe
faint, fuzzy, blurred
big stone
prominent eyes
to make a loud sound
bamboos placed across wooden frames on which grain may be stored in damp climates
contend, vie, compete
the lowing of an ox
(same as 坩) an earthen vessel
an eddy; a whirlpool
to cover; to close; to shut
to touch; to ram, to pull with hands
board to block the water current, to across a river by a closs-beam
narrow trail of path in the fields, a name of an old county in today's Yunnan Province
(interchangeable 啃) to bite; to gnaw, a gnashing sound, (standard form 齦) gums (of the teeth), erosion; to erode
goddess of an ink-slab
(interchangeable 尿) urine, to urinate
(non-classical form of 涎) spittle, saliva
thick stick; stout carrying pole, beam of a bed
the cucumber, dried (preserved) vegetable
not a real father or a nature father (as distinct from foster father)
a crock with narrow opening, an earthen jar
(same as ) (a variant of 碗) a bowl; a basin; a cup; a dish
(same as 盎) a basin; pot; bowl or dish, sleek; well-favoured, abundant, a musical instrument
a river
great billows; large waves; the waves swelling up
to splash (of water)
the water flowing from ..., the current of a stream
lot of melons growing but the root is weak and feeble, wearied and worn
(same as 觢) a kind of cattle with two horns straight up
color of the oxtail; a flat yellow
calf, bull; bullock; ox (castrated), (a variant) domesticated animals
a river
a river in ancient times
(non-classical form of 淑)good; pure; virtuous, beautiful or charming (women), clear
jar with a small mouth, an earthen jar, a jar for the ashes of the dead
a kind of jade
a frightened pig or dog, bark, a running pig
a kind of ape (gibbon)
a kind of animal, fierce dog; small and cute
a hunting-dog, to hunt in winter, imperial tour
a kind of wild animal ( monkey tribe)
(same as 狶 豨) swine; pig; hog; big wild pig, sound used in calling pigs, a legendary appellation of an emperor in ancient times
(si mplified form of 璯) jade decorated cap, used in person's name
(same as 寶) treasure, precious; valuable, respectable; honorable
crooked; to bend; to twist, involved; indirect
a kind of jade, (non-classical form of 玭) pearls
(non-classical form of ) (variant of 瑰) a kind of jasper; stone which is little less valuable than jade, extraordinary; fabulous or admirable
fine stone which is little less valuable than jade
㺿 a jade-like stone, a kind of jade
a tiled house, brick wall of a well
(a variant of 絨) fine, soft fur or hair; down, felt, camel's hair
name of a dog in the period of Warring States (usually known as the magpie, jacklaw), generally called for dogs
(same as 猊) the lion, a wild beast or wild horse which can do 500 li in a day
(same as 燼) ashes; ember
a very great fire; flourishing flames, rich; exuberant; grand; prosperous
(same as 飪) to cook food thoroughly
(same as 溝) ditch; waterway; moat, groove
(simplified form of ) scorched or burned
(same as 白) he bright, white moon; a pure glistening white, splendid, white
(a dialect) to stare at
䀀 cups; small cups
(corrupted form of 氓) the people; the populace, rascal; vagabond
to put into a cupboard or closet; to put into the proper place; to put away, to put away for safekeeping, to collect and keep
green; blue; black, extravasation of blood, to look pale or pallid (of the facial complexion)
acupuncture, narrow and protrude, (non-classical form of 拶) a torture device in old China consisting of several contractilbe wooden sticks, in between which the fingers of a suspect are placed and pressed to extort confessions
deep and dark; profound, (same as 窈) tranquio; placid; serene, soft and pleasing; plausible; exquisite; ver pleasant
to look steadily at, ashamed, to look at ferocious
(same as 瞬) to glance; to blink; wink,, (interchangeable 眴 瞚), to indicate one's wish or intention by expressions of the eyes
(same as 覘) to spy on; to see; to observe; to inspect, to cast the eyes down, the insight of the debauchee, to move the eyes; to look around
a Chinese family name, the timid look of a bird; (of birds) to look around, nervous (same as 瞿) shocked or scared
sight blurred; unclear; dim
㿿 wine cups
vessel; container
insight (version) of jealousy
(a simplified form ) beautiful eyes, to look at just for a short time
cracks; creases; wrinkles; rumples on the skin; surname; (Cant.) hoarse
capacity unit in France (Hectolit) equal to one hundred times of one litre
sound of falling rocks, the arrowhead made of stone
hunchbacked; curved spine, short, dropsy
tool to collect rope, a second name for spinning machine; spinning wheel, the tender shoots of the bamboo with a bitter flavour
rice plant growing the second time, the ear of grain (corn, millet etc.) growing upward
(abbreviated form) (same as ) to break off (relations); to sever, to exterminate; to annihilate; to wipe out, to pierce; to stable; to irritate; to hurt, to hold weapons, agricultural implements; far tools, sharp will; eager intention; determinatio
small bamboo, a kind of bamboo
rocks; stones; minerals, etc.
illness; disease; ailment
(non-classical form) (said of some kinds of reptiles or insects) ecdysis; to cast off the skin; to molt
defects; flaws, illness; disease
(ancient standard form 殃) misfortune; calamity; retribution, a departed spirit
to worship; to honor by a service or rite; to offer sacrifices to
thin; lean; slim; enacuated
(non-classical form 砥) a whetstone, smooth, to polish
(a non-classical form) (same as standard form of 7AB0 窯) a kiln; a brick furnace; a pottery, a coal shaft, a cave -- for human dwelling
sound of falling rocks, fallen rocks
short; (Cant.) intensifier
short (ancient form of 拙) stupid; crude; poor; slow and clumsy
short, dog with short tail
a kind of mineral
white stone
(same as 賨) a fine stone resembling jade
(ancient form same as 讟) to libel; to slander; complaints; grumblings, blames or curses; to blame, (same as 怞) to grieve, sorrowful, sad and weary
(same as 石) a measurement (in ancient times) equal to 120 catty (Chinese pound)
(same as 年) a year, age, harvest
grains producing no fruit
(ancient form) to pray and to curse (the ways of treating a patient in ancient times)
bamboo with long joints
a kind of woman's disease, to cut apart, to break
(same as 痼) chronic disease, a sore in the mouth of a child
name of a variety of bamboo
rocks clustered pile up togethers
tired; exhausted, rugged stone, coarse whetstone, to pile up rocks on the river-bank
(same as 攴) to tap; to rap, (same as 撲) to pat; to beat; to strike; to dash; to smash
name of a variety of bamboo
illness; disease (a dialect) a chronic disease; never recover after a long illness
walking like mad; mad
(interchangeable 怯) to be weaked by disease; weak; feeble, lean; emaciated, illness; disease; sick
㽿 (same as 瘑) ulcer; sore; boil, illness; disease
used in girl's name
(ancient form of 素) plain; unornamented, white, ordinary, simple
used in girl's name
(same as 堡) a walled viliage, an earth-work; a petty military station, subdivision of a township; a ward in a city
(same as 娠) pregnant, to let develop; to nourish; to foster; to nurture, slave girls
(corrupted form) to shout; to scold with loud voice, din; noise; a confused noise
below; under; low, (same as 陛) the steps to the throne, to ascend steps
a cavity; hole of a mound or an altar of earth
wall; fence, (interchangeable with 兑) a hole
a vegetable-plot, to plough; to till lands, among dikes and fields
(same as 涅) to fill up, as a hole, black mud; slime, to stop up; to block; to cork
used in girl's name
used in girl's name
to have one's ambition fulfilled; to be successful in one's career; (same as 愜) pleasing; satisfying; to gratify or be gratified, undignified; improper
(corrupted form) high ridges of cliffs
(standard form) to spit out; to blame, name of an organic compounds
to spit out; to blame, name of an organic compounds
silly, foolish; doting; idiotic
(non-classical form of 啼) to cry; to mourn; to howl, to twitter; to crow, to sneeze; a running at the nose
equal; uniform, used in girl's name
to shout at, (same as 欸) to backbite, to dislike, sound of oars; the creaking or swishing sound of oars or sweeps in rowing
sound of calling ducks
angry, to scold with loud voice, to slander; to defame
used in girl's name, (same as 妾) a concubine, (in old China) a polite term used by a woman to refer to herself when speaking to her husband
(same as 唇) to startle, to alarm; afraid; scared, to be surprised; to be amazed
(simplified form of 喎) a wry mouth
used in girl's name, a fat woman
dust; dirt; a smear, (same as 牧) name of a place in old times
an ugly woman
(non-classical form of 嫂) wife of one's elder's brother
three women, beautiful things
can not speak
used in girl's name
(same as 妦) exquisite; fine; (said of a woman's figure) very full and voluptuous; buxom, used in girl's name
used in girl's name
compasses, (same as 圓) round; circular
frivolous; flippant; disrespectful; irreverent; to insult, young, used in girl's name
womanly, (same as 姶 ancient form) exquisite; fine, used in girl's name, clever; bright; nimble, cute; lovable
rock land
disrespectful; irreverent, to make light of; to neglect; careless; rush, to exchange, (said of one's personality) easy to get along with
anger; rage; angry, (same as 戾) recalcitrant; stubbornly persisting in doing something wrong; cruel; despotic
(corrupted form of 悸) perturbed, to throb, palpitation of the heart
great; big; tall; vast, noble; high in rank, very; much
(simplified form of 儸) smart; clever
(non-classical form of 儕) a generation, a class; a series; a kind
(same as 劙) to divide, to partition, to cut; to hack; to reap
to rain, cold; wintry
strong resistance; lazy, reluctant
vigorous; with great strength
(same as 刳) to cut open; to rip up; to cut out
stupid; loutish, without ability; unable; lacking power
(same as 鞨) to make ready the leather for shoes
to raise the curtain, a kind of rock
(same as 昆) an elder brother
(a variant of 劃) to rive; to divide; to mark; to cut
(same as 雕) to engrave; to carve; to tattoo
(same as 堆) to heap up; to pile, a heap; a pile; a mass; a crowd
(same as 斛) a dry measure 10 or 5 times that of a Chinese peck; a corn measure nominally holding ten pecks but generally holding about five, used in name of a place
to cut the flesh from the bone; to scrape off; to pick out; to get rid of, to arrest; to catch to seize, to struggle; to fight; to conflict; to vie; to compete
㪿 to break; to snap; to bend; to bow down
(same as 旗) a flag; a pennant; a banner; a streamer, a sign
rugged mountain path, very skinny, to pile on upon another; accumulation; to accumulate; (Cant.) exclamation
shortwindedness; hiccough, supposed upward motion of the spirit (in Chinese herb medicine), honesty; good faith; trust
many; much, more than; over
(ancient form of 齋) to abstain from meat, wine, etc., to fast; penance
sound of laughter
sound, wicked; mean; vicious
(ancient form 合) to combine; to unite; to gather, to close; to shut
to let go, to put, to raid; to aggress, to encroach up, a bad year; a year of famine or disaster
to disseminate; to spread, the weak sound of a Chinese musical instrument with seven or five strings
glad; joyful; happy, avaricious; greedy, cold
pleasure; joy
to raise; to fold the hands on the breast, to bow, to salute, a method (to pile or to raise up) of painting; (Cant.) to push from behind
a kind of tree, a tray for carrying sacrificial meats and wine
a kind of climbing plants; rattan; bark can be used to weave cloth, a component parts of a loom
a kind of tree (like locust tree; similar to the ash; acacia)
name of a pavilion, in Xinshi, name of a place in Jingling
torture used in ancient times
name of a mountain, a component parts of a loom
to rub hands; to rub between the hands; to twist between the hands
(simplified form) (same as 蔦) the convolvulus; a kind of creeping plant, partridge; francolin, in Japan, the pole out side of a building used to post the public notice
a hammer
a scabbard; a sheath; a case for sword, a tree like the acacia
the shinbone, or tibia, (same as 交) to intersect, the sun and the moon in the sky, (simpfied form 膠) glue; gum, resin; sap, anything sticky
to get something with both raising hands
(same as 拿) to bring, to take, to apprehend, to grasp
to shake; to rattle
(corrupted form of 掊) to exact, to get salt from sea-water, to break up; to injure, to hold something in both hands; to scoop up mud; (Cant.) to hit, strike, knock
the jingling of metals, to strike, to lead; to guide
to wipe tears, to bind
to hit; to beat; to strike; (Cant.) to drive away, chase
the moon is dimmed; darkness, the word used especially by Triad Society ( a secret society during the Ching Dynasty dedicated to the overthrow of the Manchus and the restoration the Manchus and the restoration of the Ming Dynasty, the character means the
mechanics, opportunity, urgent
㱿 (same as 殼) the husk, skin or shell of fruits; the shell of snakes, insects, etc., the shells of molluscas, a bag or case made of leather for weapons, (interchangeable ) prudent; cautious, (same as 嗀) to vomit; to throw up, strong; durabl
(non-classical form of 顯) clear; evident; eminent; prominent; renowned; famed; to expose; to make known
(non-classical form of 舂) to pound (grain) in order to remove the husk
(same as 春) the first of the four season -- spring, lustful, alive, joyful, youth
the soul out of one's body; as good as dead
(non-classical form of 暴) violent; fierce; atrocious; cruel, sudden
a kind inferior wood
a kind of ornaments, people wore in ancient time in order to avoid evil spirits or influences, sound of laughter
of look of the sun, the look of the weather
(non-classical form of 冥) dark; obscure; dim
resurrection; to come to life again, sick
(ancient form of 信) honesty; good faith; to believe ortrust, a letter
(non-classical form of 訕) to laugh at; to sneer, to slander; to abuse
to go straight forward; (Cant.) to raise up
(same as 蚤) flea, to scratch, the mortices in the hub for the spokes of the wheel
first-born silkworm
suspicion; to doubt, to go up, to start, to occur
to step upon; to tread upon; to trample, a path branching out from the main road; a diverging road
a red swelling of the skin
name of a valley in today's Hobei Province, (same as 谼) deep ditch; big valley
(same as 䙷) to obtain; to acquire; to gain, to effect; to attain, can; may; able to be done
(same as standard form 衄) the bleed at the nose, to damage; a setback; a failure
sweet flag; the calamus; its leaves are hung on the door lintels on the 5th of the5th lunar month, to avert evil influences
(ancient form of 得) to obtain; to acquire; to gain, to effect; to attain, can; may; able to be done
the sleeve
(corrupted form of 袚) greaves, knee-pads, buskins, dress; clothes of minority group in ancient times, children's garments, a mat for wrapping garment, (same as 帗)(in ancient China) a multicolored prop used in dancing rituals
prostitute, a trade; an occupation; a profession
(same as 苒) (of flowers and grass) lush or delicate
name of a variety of grass
(same as 熛) spiting flames, flashed fire, to shine off and on, to cover; to hide, to seal, to build
(abbreviated form of 8107 脅) the sides of the trunk from armpits to ribs; the flank
fatty; greasy, not thick; not tight, plump and pretty of the flesh
(simplified form of 縳) fine silk fabric of bright white colour, to tie up, (interchangeable 卷) a book or painting which can be easily folded or rolled up, a division of a book, files
the cheeks; the jaw
the spine; the spinal column, the ridge
in between of the abdomen and the spine; the spinal column
fat of animals or plants, (same as ) fat; plump, fertuke, animal fats
(same as 脅) to shrug the shoulders, the ribs
to swell up greatly, to swell; a swelling; a boil
tendon (of meat animals); sinews; muscles
red rice, coarse rice
dresses for the bride, green color, yellow color, (interchangeable 絞) a greenish yellow color
stinging; hairy silk fabrics
(same as 網) web; net; network
a kind of dance accompanied by music performed in ancient times, (same as 凰) the female phoenix, a legendary bird in Chinese mythology
(ancient form of 養) to offer provision (esp. to one's elders); to feed one's children
(same as 牂) a ewe or she-goat
(same as 罥) to hang up; to bind; to entangle, net; web; network
(same as 罦) a kind of net equipted with tricky machine used to catch birds and beasts, a covering for a cart
net; web; network, net for catching rabbit
(ancient form 綆) a rope for drawing up water (from a well, stream, etc.)
shoes made of hemp or hair
(same as 衭) the lapel or collar of a garment or robe, drawers, (dialect) trousers or pants
(non-classical form of 料) materials; ingredients
(same as 炙) to burn; to heat; to roast; to broil
a fine thread, linen thread; silk thread; a thread; a yarn
measuring unit; end of spoilted silk
a legendary spirit; immortal, (non-classical form of 聖) sage, sacred; holy
lose of the ear
to shrink; to recoil; to flinch, weak, soft and meek; gentle, (corrupted form of 耎) soft; weak, pliable
an implement to draw or to collect ropes or cords
silky, very fine thread
ropes; cords; cables
a vase, a pitcher, earthenware
(non-classical form of 甜) sweet; agreeable; pleasant
put out the tongue; (same as 㐁) to lick; to taste
name of a variety of grass
name of a variety of grass, hot
to pound (grain) in order to remove the husk
to castrate, a ram or he-goat, last name
name of a variety of grass
name of a variety of grass
name of a variety of grass, a kind of herb
name of a variety of grass
(same as 丰) luxuriant; exuberant of the grass and trees, young shoots of the rape-turnip--Brassica rapa
(same as 廛) living space for one family in ancient times, a store; a shop, a hundred mu (equal to 733.50 square yards) cultivated land
(non-classical form)
(simplified form of 懤)grieved, pained
clever or smart in a small way, memory or recollection
(same as 怨) to find fault with; to repine; to murmur against; to harbour resentment, hatred
to arrest; to catch; to seize, to brawl; a hand-to-hand fight; to struggle for; to fight for, to beat; to strike; to attack
to kill; to put to death; to slaughter; to execute, to punish, to weed out; to exterminate, a kind of weapon
repeatedly; frequently; to alternate, common; ordinary; normal, sharp, name of a state in ancient China, bold; brave; fierce; violent; severe; strict; stringent
(same as 恪) to respect; to venerate, grave and stern; of ornament -- splendid, imposing
(same as 恲) noble; disinterested; generous; energetic; liberal, to divulge; to leak out, to feel dull and listless or depressed
hatred; grudge; enmity; animosity, (interchangeable 救) to save; to relieve; to rescue; to deliver; to aid
uneasy; distrubed; not feeling at peace
to walk in an unsteady way; to swing to and from, to doubt, to suspect
name of pavilion (garden) in ancient China, name of a mountain
to depend on
(same as 恐) fear; dread; fright; scare, (with reference to an unpleasant fact) probably; perhaps; maybe; possible; to threaten; to blackmail
grieved; distressed
(ancient form of 弼) device for regulating bows; bow regulator, to correct, to assist; to aid, to dust, to shake; to brush
to move the mind; agitated; nervous; to start thinking, to rest; to cease, intelligent, strange; uncanny, light aspirations ro ambitions for ...
confuse, senile, stupid
to debauch; to dissipate; to act uninhibitively or disrespectfully
colar, the front of a Chinese gown, lapel of a Chinese dress worn by the literati in former days
high, magnanimity
anger; passion; rage, to wait, to cheat; to swindle
a kind of utensil; implement; tool, a place of worship; a place where to honor by a service or rite; a place to offer sacrifices; a kitchen
a shield; a screen, a tall building; an edifice, (same as 弄) an alley; a lane
to rest from work; to take a rest
the ropes attached to the bier and held by mourners, mourning garments, a ceremonial cap for high ministers in old China
(same as 弁) a conical cap worn on ceremonious occasions in ancient times, low-ranking military officers, a Chinese family name
mountains adjoining; mountains are unbroken connceted, name of a mountain
mountain; hill
big and high; lofty; steep
steep and lofty, a big valley
a long mountain ridge, steep; lofty mountain
name of a mountain, a solitary peak
locust, larva of Chilo simplex; a kind of moth
a mountain in today's Sichuan Province
name of a mountain
name of a mountain
spaciously rooms, expansive; vast and boundless
a land-slide, name of mountain
(non-classical form) harmonoy; peace, pleasant; agreeable; delightful
(ancient form of 寅) the third of the twelve terrestrial branches, a fellow officer, horary sign (for period from 3 to 5 a.m.)
the male organ, obscene language; vulgar expression
deep and level ground gully at the foot of a hill
lofty and dangerous, rocks on the mountain side
steep and lofty, a big valley
a dialect of minority (Zhuang); the plain; level ground between rocky mountain, name of county
ulcers, swollen feet, a kind of disease
(same as 娩) to bear a son; to give birth
(ancient form of 得) to get, complacent
precipitous and lofty; very steep mountains
(same as 岡) ridge (o f a hill or mountain)
(same as 彆) awkward, unfavourable, unsuitable, not smooth
(non-classical form of 豚) a small pig; (Cant.) end, bottom, rump
to draw a bow, bent
(non-classical form of 弦) string (of a bow, a musical instrument, etc.), chord of an arc, the first or last quarter ofa lunar month
(same as 踦)one-legged, crippled; halt, a defect, tired, the shin
(same as 巷) a lane; an alley
(simplified form of 嵾) uneven; rolling; rough; rugged, name of a mountain ( Wudangshan)
lame; crippled; feeble
tired; weary
the rocks on the hills are of different shapes; rugged and weird, character different from others
(a dialect) zhuang (a minority ethnic group) in Guangxi, said of the level ground; plain between mountains
(same as 培) to bank up with earth, to nourish; to strengthen; to cultivate
(same as 尿) urine; to urinate
name of a small principality in what is now Shanxi, the home of the founder of the Zhou dynasty
name of a mountain
shape of the mountain, a mountain in today's Shandong Province
(same as 踐) to tread upon; to trample, to carry out; to perform
(same as 偫) to store up, savings and/or reserves, complete with every; having nothing short; all; the whole
(same as 岐) name of a mountain in Shanxi Province, name of a political district in ancient China, name of a river in Shanxi province, to diverge; to branch
(same as 胤)the succession in a family; posterity; heirs, to inherit; to follow after
vast, to open up, enlarge or expand
to set side by side, to hide; to conceal, to store
a room with open space, an old county near today's Shandong Province Yunchengxian
a collapsed house; (same as 堆) to heap up; to pile
a winding path
high and steep; lofty
(non-classical and abbreviated form) shape of the mountain
not straight, improper
(ancient form of 勇) brave; courageous; bold; valiant; fearless; gallant; heroic
(same as 帽)a hat; a headwear, a cap (of fountain-pen, crew, etc.)
(simplified form of 幓) (same as 縿) the long bands or ribbons attrached to flags and banners (same as 襂) the feather decorected carriages or dresses; flapping and dangling, headdress used by man in ancient times
not doing well; disappointed; very discouraged; frustrate (same as 憛) worried; anxious; apprehensive, to lose head; to lose self-possession
(same as 惎) to bear jealous hatred for; to hate; to hold a grudge against, to injure atrociously; to murder
(a variant of 悶) mournful, sorrowful, melancholy; depressed, to stupefy
stupid; clumsy; (Cant.) to dirty, defile
fine (material, etc.) and delicate (workmanship, etc.) decorative design or pattern
quick; fast, sharp, to move the mind; agitated; nervous; to start thinking, to fear; to dread; to be scared of, to get; to obtain
bashful; shy; ashamed
prudent; cautious
to be perverse; to act contrary to, jealous; to envy; jealousy, obstinate; stubborn, fierce; truculent
indulgent and without restraint, to abandon oneself tocarnal desire; to be dissolute; to debauched, to forget, slow; to delay
used in a person's name, pensive
to pity; to commiserate; to have sympathy or compassion for, scared; afraid; fearful
a little angry
angry, (same as 恲) generous; unselfish; liberal
exclusive; special (same as 德) morality; virtues, behavior; conduct
a kind of fabric, a county in today's Shandong Province; southwest of Huangxian
(same as 帢) a kind of cap worn by an officer in old China
a kind of headdress for man in old China, a bag used to feed the horses
(non-classical form of 慈) compassion; mercy; kind
to think; to contemplate; to consider, to pant because of fear
pretend to be delicate and beautiful, to hang or be hanged, to be in suspension; unfounded
(corrupted form) in contravention of; to offend (same as 冒) incautious, to risk, to put forth
happy; contented; pleased, fragal, nearly; almost, cunning; crafty
(same as 冥) dark; obscure; dim, stupidity, far and high, deep; profound, night
(a variant of 最) very; exceedingly; most, superior
to set with the legs clossed (standard form of 踞), (ancient form of 箕) a winnowing basket, a dust basket, (same as 杞)a state in ancient times
to move the mind; agitated; nervous; to start thinking
㤿 to love; to be fond of, love; affection; kindness, willingly; willing, joyous; happy, to fail to remember; to forget
an error; a blunder, to cheat; to swindle; to defraud, confused; deceit; to deceive
deep, profound, far, extremely
(same as 怍) to be ashamed; mortified; chagrined, to change color; to blush
night; dark; darkness, of death, to mourn, to lose; to deprived of
(ancient form of 宿) ahalting place; to lodge for the night, to keep over night, to cherish, asleep and perching
corrupt; wicked, to hate; to dislike, (same as 猜) to be jealous and suspicious, cunning; crafty
(same as 猧) puppy, of dog tribe
dog to take food, a biter (said of a dog)
(abbreviated form of 留) to remain; to stay, to detain, to leave behind
a kind of dog
fire; flames
(same as 霄) the skies, night, to exhaust; to dissolve, clouds or mists
(non-classical abbreviated form of 熛) tough and honest; upright, flames burst into a blaze
㶿 the smoke went up; giving forth smoke; smoking; misty
(same as 煢 惸) solitary; alone; single; brotherless; friendless; helpless, dice; a kind of gambling game played in ancient times
(corrupted form of 氍) fine woolen cloth, a mat used by the emperor in worshipping
to sink; to fall, to entrap, to crush; to capture
a kind of animal
㹿 a fierce dog, bite fiercely (said of dog), hunting in winter, a kind of beast
(same as 猱) a monkey with yellow hair, crocodile; alligator
the light or glow of fire
(same as 烽) a conical brick-structure in which to light a beacon; (in ancient China) a tall structure (on a city wall, etc.) where fire was made to signal enemy invasion or presence of bandits
very hot, to burn, to heat, to roast, dazzling; bright; shining, a very great fire; flourishing flames
(simplified form of )
cunning; crafty; sly; wily; artful, vigorous; strong
pulp of a melon, a kind of melon
a small melon
(ancient form of 萬) ten thousand, all, very; extremely; absolutely
to bite (said of a dog), dog to take food
(corrupted form of 沓) repeated; joined, crowded together, a family name
(ancient form of 濟) various; varied; numerous, elegant and dignified
㳿 (same as 渫) rolling billows, to get rid of; to scatter, muddy, to ooze
(standard form of 羌) name of a river
(non-classical abbreviated form of 瀰) a watery expanse, to be cover with, to disseminate every where, currents of the water
(simplified form same as 玲) tinkling of jade pendants
(non-classical form of 游) to swim; to float, to roam; to travel
flood; a great flood; massive water, name a river, name of a place in today's Shanxi Province east of Yin county, (same as 汪) deep and extensive (said of water)
name of a river
dark blue color, to combine; to unite, to close; to shut, the water is exhausted, to get the color away by soaking in the water
name of a river, to give suck to, (same as 醹) vintage wine, (same as 乳) milk; breasts
a bank of earth or an embankment to block the current of the water, to stop (or block) up the flowing water
name of a river
mud; quagmire
to add to; to increase; increase; full, plentiful; abundant, saliva
(same as 淵)an abyss; a gulf, to be deep
(simplified form of 潚) deep and clear (said of water) (same as 溲) to urinate, to immerse; to soak; to drench, to wash rice (same as 瀟) rushing rain and wind; roar of gust
fine jade
(same as non-classical form of 璊) a red colored jade
(abbreviated form) (interchangeable ) a kind of jade; a kind of red colored precious stone
fine jade
(interchangeable 珸) name of a sword, fine stone which is little less valuable than jade
(same as 浸) to dip; to immerse; to soak; to permeate; to percolate, gradual; gradually
(ancient form of 瑟) a large horizontal musical instrument, usually have 25 strings which pass over bridges for tuning; anciently this instrument had 50 strings, but the number varies
the water flowing in a turned, crooked or winding and revolving way; an eddy
(same as 淚) tears
great billows; great upheavals; boisterous breakers
(same as 垽) sediment; dregs; precipitate; lees
woolen textiles; fine cloth
a two-years-old ox, ox with long and big feet
(same as 犎) the zebu; or humped-ox
a kind of cattle, an one year old cattle
a cow; female of certain animals
cattle with white stripe on the back, variegated; parti-colored, mixed; impure
(same as 牣) to filled up; full of; filled with; replete with (interchangeable 韌) soft but tough; elastic
to smooth the hair, woolen textiles; fine cloth
earthenware; pottery (bottle; pitcher; jug; vase; crock with a narrow opening)
bottle, earthenware
earthenware (a basin; a pot; a bowl; a crock with a narrow opening)
bricks of the well; brick wall of a well, to build a well, to construct with bricks
bricks (same as 瓵) an eathen jar, a jar for the ashes of the dead
a small jar with a small mouth, a bottle; pitcher; jug etc.
㸿 (abbreviated form of 犢) a calf
a cow; female of an animal
fur; feather; soft and light
variegated; woolen fabric of different colors
(same as 毹)woolen blanket with decorative design or pattern, to waste; to destroy
long hair
can not see clear, (ancient form of 吻) lips
to deliver over to personally, to communicate orally with one's own mouth
the birds singing during the night; (Cant.) interjection to indicate the speaker is thinking
(same as 鍥) to carve; to engrave; to cut; to oppress, a sickle
(same as 飺) to reject food
to spit; to vomit; (Cant.) to gnaw (on bones)
wrath; anger
(same as 咅) to spit out; (Cant.) the sound of spitting
Indistinct nasal utterance, laugh, sound of birds
not pure, immodest, to urge, (same as 嗾) to set a dog on
sound of surprising, to laugh loudly, to flow off, loquacious, sound; voice; tone
used in girl's name
to slander; to libel, a maidservant, used in girl's name, womanly
(same as 妯) sisters-in-law (a reference among wives of brothers)
name of a county in today's Shanxi province
good; nice; fine; excellent
to prostrate; to make obeisance, to concede or submit willingly
(same as 懦)weak; timid; imbecile
(corrupted form) chaos; anarchy; distractions; confusion
(same as 媌) good looking, a prostitute
last name, girl's name
last name, all; together; mutually, a low rank officer to take charge of the bandits in ancient time
(a corrupted form) distress; very difficulty; anxiety; very tired
average; equivalent; corresponding, to cover something carefully and tightly without a break; (Cant.) blocked
a kind of monkey, fingering for an ancient string instrument
an interjection used in poems and songs
(same as 舔) to lick; to taste
(sound transcription) used in names for minority ethnic group in ancient China
used in girl's name
(same as 鍔) swords; a double-edged sword
(same as 冒) to go forward with eyes covered, to risk, to rush upon, to put forth, to issue forth
the cattle and horses trampled on the field
name of a place in Shanxi province
(same as 腆) prosperous; affluence, good; virtuuous, to make strong -- as liquors
name of a place in today's Guangdong Province
(same as 誘) to induce; to entice; to mislead; to lead on
(a variant of 參) to take part in; to visit; to counsel, one of the 28 lunar mansions; ginseng
name of a person
(same as 場) an area of level ground; an open space, a threshing floor, arena for drill, etc. a place, to pile a sand-hills
used in girl's name
with great power; vigorous; very strong; with great force, (same as 域) a frontier; a boundary; region, great; big; vast
(same as 奎) the stride made by a man, name of a star, a kind of tree
(same as 匙) a spoon, a key
(same as 那 哪) an auxiliary (in grammar), that, there, a final particle.
to cut in two, to slash
use knife to split something
to pare; to cut into slices
to cut; to cut out; to pick out; to scoop out, (same as 鄃) name of a county in today's Shandong province
(same as 玊) jade with some defects, a lapidary, to polish gems; a surname
(same as 庾)a stack of grain, a measure of 16 dou
thin ice
industry, sound of making strenuous efforts
noise of stones rolling down, to ram the earth for foundations, (same as 夯) to raise with force; a heavy load; burden, to fill cracks and leakages with earth (in levee construction)
thick; height, black millet
(same as 硯) an in-slab or ink-stone (same as 硜) sound of pebbles or stones rubbing or knocking together
to worship; to honor by a rite or service; to offer sacrifices, an institution, law, to perform rites in honor of gods
big rocks on the riverside (interchangeable 栱) an arched opening
name of a place; today's Jizhou
a fine stone resembling jade
(same as 磽) hard barren land, a kind of stone (interchangeable 銚) a small pot with a handle
birds flying up and down, to look at; to regard; to inspect
dense; crowded; closely, a piece of wood used to strike off grain inm a measure thus - to level; all; to adjust; overall
farm tool; agricultural implements, to till; to plough; to cultivate
long grains
late crop, to reap or harvest; to cut grain
a kind of grain (looks like millet but much smaller)
to husk rice; to get the grains by oppressing the ears of the rice plant
the stalk (stem) of grain, neat and orderly rows of rice seedling
a kind of rice plant
(same as 稚) young and tender; small; delicate; immature, (same as 稊) darnels; tares, grass
a second time growing of rice plant, rice plant, (dialect) sorghum; kaoliang
(same as 秈 覹) common rice; as distinguished from the glutinous variety or glutinous rice, (corrupted form of ) name of a place in ancient times
(ancient form of 粟) grains, millet, Indian corn
(a simplified form ) a kind of rice plant, shaking and waving of the rice plant
a spacious house, (corrupted form of 秺) bundle of rice plant, name of a place
short (dialect) to curry favor; to toady; to flatter; to try hard to please
to pierce; to stab; to irritate; to hurt, a thorn, a lance; a spear
sight blurred; obscure and dim; unclear
to look, an angry look; to look at some one angrily, sight blurred; obscure and dim; unclear
to look askance, to look; to see, to hope, big eyes
achievement; accomplishment, (non-classical form of 禋) to worship with sincerity and reverence, to offer sacrifices to the Heaven
(same as standard form 餋) to worship; to honor by a rite or service; to offer sacrifices
narrow and dim eye sight; having one eye smallerthantthe other, one-eyed, wink of the eyelashes, sleepy; drowsy; dim; vague and hazy
to glance; to wink, having one eye smaller than the other, one eyed, gazing into distance, sight blurred; obscure and dim; unclear
with big eyes
sight blurred; obscure and dim; obscured
name of a place in ancient times
name of a variety of bamboo; sweet bamboo, large bamboo
coresponding; equivalent, considerable, appropriate, (same as 凹) indented; a hollow, concave
(corrupted form of 兜) a helmet; a head-covering, a small pocket in clothes
(same as 癬) ringworm, used for various diseases of the skin
name of a god
fat; plump, a chill, a cold, malaria, a wart; a pimple, a round lump
ulcer, a sore; swelling and sores caused by varnish-poisoning; pestilence; epidemic, leprosy, (interchangeable 勵) to exhort to great effort; to urge
illness; disease; sickness, idiotic; crazy; insane; silly
deep and dark; profound, far; vast, obscure, mysterious
(non-classical form of 宦) a government official; the government service, castrated
stone, to sharpen a knife, sharp-pointed; sharp, vigorous; energetic; keen
(same as 腱) tendon
wrench to adjust the string on stringed instrument
(same as 杼) the shuttle of a loom
(standard form 苦) bamboo, bitter bamboo, usually used as the material for making an umbrella's handle, (same as 罟) net
bamboo with white bark, (same as ) tongs; pincers; tweezers, weary; tired; fatigued, small box
(same as 笮) narrow, boards laid across rafters, an arrow bag, a kind of liquor container, to squeeze; to press, (same as 筰) rope made from bamboo-splints, (interchangeable 鑿) to bore or pierce through
a kind of bamboo, colorless bamboo, bamboo shoot
sharp; acute, clever, vigorous
a cave; a hole, to bore through or drill a cave as a dwelling
empty; hollow, unreal, high and vast, the space
something in the cave
a small bowl; a small basin, a kind of vessel to remove (or to strain out) the water
a big basin
(same as 瘦 瘠) thin; lean; slim; enacuated, a kind of skin disease, a chill, a cold, malaria, (interchangeable ) cough; chilly disease; catching cold
dysentery; diarrhea, a sore; a boil; an ulcer
durable and solid leather
diseases, sticking up or protruding of the big bottom
illness; disease, could not have access to ...
to go through; to penetrate; passed through, (same as 洞) a cave; a hole
wide piece of leather
(a dialect) sickness; disease, favus (a dialect) everything is good except this particular one
light; bright; brilliant; clean; clever, to expose to sunlight, to dry something in an opening for ventilation area or a cool place
flesh; meat of animals, (same as 浩) great; vast, many; much
in contravention of; to offend (a superior, elder, etc.) (same as 冒) incautious; rash; imprudent
a fruit tree ( plum), (same as 菆) hemp stalks, a mat
a kind of tree, a harrow; a drag, a written contract or agreement; a bond; a deed, handles of spears or lances used in ancient times
mild, damp and moist, red color
dark; dull
(same as 晨) morning; daybreak
(corrupted form of ) a kind of liquor container, to squeeze; to press, an instrument of torture for squeezing the fingers of prisoners or witnesses in order to extort evidence or confession
(non-classical form of 旃) a silken banner hanging from a staff bent over at the top
fluttering of the flag, the flags
(same as 椰) the cocoa-nut palm
a kind of tree can be used as dye-stuff, the mast of a boat
tree with small leaves, mushroom; fungus, mould, ror mildew
to know; to recognize, to hide; to conceal, (same as 嘴) beak (of a bird), stone probe
a shrub (plant); dense growth of trees
name of a county in Han dynasty; today's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region; southeast of Baotou county
(corrupted form of 椓) to beat; to tap; to thrash, castration as a punishment in ancient times, a castrate man, to accuse or charge
(same as 匣) a case; a small box
(same as 极) a wooden frame (on the back of a donkey) for carrying things, (simplified form of 極) to exhaust, extreme; highest; topmost
(simplified form) the oscines
(corrupted form of 哮) to roar; to pant; to howl
uncertain; not yet settled, irregular, to raise one's hands, to exhaust; to use up, to complete; to finish, all; entirely; totally; completely
(same as 勃) suddenly, to change, as the countenance, a kind of animal (interchangeable 悖) perverse; contrary to what is right, to rebel
to strike with fists, to strike; to blow
to mix; to blend, to display in neat rows; to place in order
to beat; to strike; to attack, to move with happiness; excited, (a corrupted form) to laugh at
uneven, weak; feeble
the dead
(abbreviated form of 擠) to crowd; to throng; to push; to squeeze
(same as 歃)to smear the mouth with the blood of a victim when taking an oath, to taste; to try
asthmatic breathing, supposed upward motion of the spirit (in Chinese herb medicine), to long for; to covet, to hum over; to moan; to groan
to laugh at
the way of speaking; to spit at and not agree about something, to spit (same as 否) negative, to deny, cruel; savage; wicked; coarse; rustic
branches to be a parasite (on) a tree, branches growing horizontally, (variant ) imperial orders
to kill, to slaughter, to beat; to strike; to hit; to attack; (Cant.) to pile, stack
inside; within; inner, a family name, (corrupted form of ) to take from the top, to strip; to peel
a finger wrapper; a covering (used to protect the fingers from getting hurt)
a thorn, to select; to pick, to push, to find out, to cut out; to engrave, sound of striking
to distribute, to scatter; to disperse
to strike, to bale out; to clean up
㧿 to bump; to knock against; to strike accidentally; to collide
(same as ) to hold in the hand
to throw; to pitch, to send, to stay, a crutch; staff or stick
to beat; to strike; to attack
a row; a line, to push; to clear out, (same as 朾) to bump; to knock against; to strike accidentally; to collide; (Cant.) to poke, nudge, stab; to stretch out
to pierce; to stab, (same as 挑) to stir; to disturb; to agitate, to place the hand on, to impeach, (a dialect) to lift something heavy from one side or from the end
(same as 捍) to resist; to oppose; to obstruct, to defend; to guard; to ward off, (same as ) to thump; to beat; to strike; to attack
infested with bandits and robbers
to lead on; to advance, to strike against; to break through
(same as 舵) rudder; helm
flying, to run swiftly; to go at express speed
used in person's name
(same as 牂) a ewe or she-goat
(same as 耜) a plough; a ploughshare
container for grains used in ancient times
(corrupted form) to look straight forward, ashamed, to look in a mean way
flat-bottom crock (with narrow opening); jug, pitcher, vase, etc; (Cant.) stool
(same as 缾 瓶)bottle; pitcher; jug; vase
traces or marks of incomplete or damage
a legendary goat-like animal with 4 ears and 9 tails, a kind of goat with no horn
a general term for nets
castrated ram
to use; to made; to act, a kind of goat with mixed colors
offering blood to God
colorful feather, a feather decorated arrow
fine down; floss; wool
decorations of the emperor's carriage; ornamental items on horses
(same as 罠) a kind of spring fishing net
(ancient form 堅) strong; durable; solid; firm; stable, (same as ) tight; firm, pressing
(an abbreviated form of ) fine and delicate silk, plain white sackcloth for mourning
to mend (cothes, etc.), (inchangeable 綻) rippen seam; a crack; split
thick and big ropes or cords; bulky cables, spoilt silk
fabric; textile with patterns used for hem decorations, decorations on carriage and horses, varicolored silk or fine cloth loose in textture
to tie; to knot, to join
(abbreviated form 縐) wrinkled, to shrink, crepe, a coarse, yellowish cloth for summer wear
(interchangeable ) a numerary adjunct for practically everything; a thread; a yarn, clothes for the dead, linen thread; silk thread
to bind loose hemp, old yarn, to stuff; to fill, waste silk or cotton and silk to be laid and attached each other; to padding; cushioning
hairy; long tail feather of a bird
bright; light, clear, (same as 瞇) to close the eyes; to narrow the eyes
(a non-classical abbreviated form of 鼠) a rat, a mouse, squirrels, moles, etc., KangXi radical 208
(standard form of 舐) to lick
(corrupted form of 紓) to relax, to free from
a boat; a ship; vessel
a short, deep and small boat
to band together; to twist; to wring and to disperse fiber then to make thin silk, cloth, cotton-yarn or rope
containers for water or wine used in ancient times
(simplified form of 紬) a thread; a clue
the stomach; gizzard (of birds and fowls), (same as 髀) buttocks, thigh
(same as 粄) rice cake; cake made of glutinous rice
plump, rich and full, plentiful, swelling, a plumpy trunk (body)
dim; ambiguous; unclear eyesight, sharp ends of something
(in chemistry) olein, oil and grease; fats (esp. animal), the ribs and skin
(same as 胅) protruded bones, swelling, a crooked nose
body, fat; plump
a kind of insects; earthworm, durable; strong and soft; pliable yet tough
(same as 痣) moles; birthmarks
to watch stealthily
to swell; swelling
(same as 能) can; to be able to, capability; talent, energy
(simplified form of 絅) (same as 褧) a garment of one colour with no lining, a dust coat
medicine for a sore; a boil (injure by a sword or a knief)
fish, eyes of the fishes
an indenture (of earthenware)
(same as 糊) paste; to paste, sticky; glutinous, to stick
(same as ) (same as 糊) paste; to paste, sticky; glutinous, to stick
bad; poor quality of rice
(same as 等) rank; grade, same; equal, to wait, and so on; etc.
(same as 蟊) insects that are injurious to crops
mantis, (same as 蟅) ground beetle (Eupolyphage sinensis)
name of a variety of grass
a kind of bee; black bee
(same as 蠀) grub ( a kind of larva); maggots, looper; inchworm; geometer
(same as 蚌) oyster
to reach; to arrive, to lie flat, stiff
name of a variety of grass, (same as 莫) not
a kind of vegetable, plants of the mugwort or artemisia family
a vessel or utensil made of straw, grass or weeds, a kind of grass
(same as 蜿) to creep; to wriggle
a kind of head-dress wore in funeral rites in old days, fine clothes
earthenware with the shape of a bean; used in ancient times
(simplified form of 訢) (same as 欣) joy; delight; happy
to stand for a long time, to accumulate; to amass; to store up
to stagger; to fall; to drop; to stumble
(same as 踑) to sit with the legs spread out; to squat with the legs crossed, traces; footsteps, to follow up; to search out
break; damage, wound of the foot, to walk
to walk right into
to falter; to hesitate
(same as 狎) to show familiarity, intimacy, or disrespect (of a tiger)
(ancient form of 莫) not, (standard form of 暮) sunset; dusk
brave; courageous; bold, for the good of, to manage; to handle, (same as 豉) fermented beans
to hang on a big tree, to walk ( the way of Alces machlis, a kind of deer)
to think of; to remember (someone), to read out aloud, (same as 䛘)
(interchangeable 喃 諵) to murmur; in a low voice, to chatter; to gabble
reasonable authority statements, (same as 呶) noise (especially from a brawling crowd); uproar; turmoil, abusive language, to boast
(non-classical form of 脈) the pulse, the veins or arteries
(interchangeable 耗) news; tidings; report; information; message
(ancient form of 謠) to sing, a ballad, rumour; slander; a false report, from, to follow, to undertake; to attend to
(non-classical form of 謠) ballad; folk song; song, rumor
to treat; to detain, according to one's wishes, good words; honest; sincere words, an echo, joke; witticism; pleasantry; jest; fun
to scold in a loud voice
(same as 庀) to prepare, to prepare, all complete; all ready
to soar as a bird, (ancient form of 遷) to move, to change
to lift; to raise
(same as 誃 謻) to separate from; to leave or depart; to break away, (same as 詑) to cheat; to swindle
(corrupted form of 覝)(standard form of 廉) to observe; to watch; to examine
hog; pig
(standard form of 豗) grunting of pigs, to clash, sound of altercation
reptiles without feet, a fabulous beast
(same as 貅) a kind of animal like a tiger; a fierce and courageous soldier
(same as 毅) firm; resolute; determined
scorpion; a grub which bores into trees and destroys them, a kind of spider
(non-classical form of 賢) virtuous; worthy; good, to esteem as worthy, excelling
crack, chap
tray, plate, dish; examine
face; cheek; reputation
a disease's name in Chinese medicine
brilliant white
(Cant.) tongue
wild grain
thick, lush, in clusters
dirty, unclean; immoral, obscene
erysipelas; sloughing of an ulcer
used in 'lede', slovenly
lucky, auspicious, good omen
strips of dried meat, jerky; stiff and straight
barren land; sandy soil
(archaic) town in Hebei province
great, eminent; large, big
skein; tuft, lock; wrinkle
affectionate, solicitous
arrange threads for weaving
to string together, to bind up
绿 green; chlorine
patch together, link, connect
black silk
open eyes; stare
duty, profession; office, post
ears without rims; a personal name
correct, rectify, straighten out
silk cloth, satin damask
bind, draw firmly, strap
bones of a thin horse
cord; woven belt; hem; hemming
spin; achievements
end of thread; thread, clue
thin silk, damask silk
continue, carry on; succeed
fine thin silk; elegant, beautifu
scarlet, dark red, crimson; purpl
graceful, delicate; spacious
the piece of leather used for soles on Chinese shoes. a patch
rope, string, cord; control
maintain, preserve, safeguard
cotton wad; wool; soft, downy
silk ribbon attached as a seal
ripped seam, rend, crack
Indian mallow
a broom, a besom
flat basket for grain
small bamboo
note, memo; stationery; comments
the convovulvus; parasitic plants such as mistletoe; Ribes ambiguum
unpolished rice; brown rice
bow or prow of boat
tall grass; water-weeds
bamboo container for food
cage; cage-like basket
to sew
whirlwind, cyclone, storm
grave, tomb, cemetery
alone; without friends or relativ
sell grains
(same as ) small and thin piece of bones
(same as 饕) gluttonous; rapacious; covetous; greedy, name of a legendary ferocious animal, a fierce person; a greedy and gluttonous person
neck; collar; lead, guide
shackles, manacles
neck, throat
frying pan; warming vessel
cymbals; hand bell; disturb
tongs, pincers; dagger; sword
person's name
lean one side; very, rather
a sickle
sacrificial cauldron
block, obstruct, stop up
gatekeeper; gate, door
wen xiang, Henan province
feud, fight, quarrel
gate of heaven; main gate of a palace
castrate; eunuch
threshold; separated, confined
copper, brass, bronze
two outside ones in three horse
piebald horse
mother horse
ride horseback; mount; cavalry
piebald horse; excellent horse
name of a famous horse
to be obstructed, blocked; to break down
village gate
cakes, biscuits, pastry
explain, clarify, elucidate
hinge; shears, scissors
dumpling soup, wonton
village gate; surname
ingots, bars of metal; hurry
to feed; provisions
spade, shovel, plowshare
weigh, measure; select officials
large hoe; surname; a spear
inscribe, engrave
unit of weight, one twenty-fourth of a Chinese ounce (liang)
sickle for cutting grass or hay
armor, chain mail
ancient weapon, blunderbuss
spade, shovel, trowel, scoop
silver; cash, money, wealth
clanging sound; small gong
filling, stuffing; secret
public building
(Cant.) stupid, idiotic; to kill, slaughter; to roll or crumple into a ball; phonetic
(Cant.) particle indicating past tense
(Cant.) particle implying probability
respect, regard; to stand in awe of, to be alarmed
interjection of approval or admiration
side-room, wing; theatre box
the length of one's two outstretched arms
sing, chirp, warble, twitter
(Cant.) a few
roar, howl, scream; whistle
(Cant.) correct, right
miserly, thrifty; stingy
hang, suspend, hoist; be hung
(Cant.) to lift up; to seize, grab
to feel or fondle with the fingers
ruin, cause fail; overthrown
repay, recompense; restitution
beast, animal; bestial
to lack
to fumble things over, mix up; (Cant.) to swing, fling; to flick off, throw off; to jerk
habit, custom; habitually, usual
dread, shrink from, shirk, fear
ashamed, humiliated; shameful
be satisfied, be comfortable
think of, remember, miss
(Cant.) to think, consider
take; hold; give forcefully
women's headgear; mourning cap
beautiful, lovely, pretty, graceful
character used for place names
wife of father's younger brother
baby, infant; bother
enough, adequate
mountain name
mountain in Shanxi
rocky peaks; lofty and dangerous
high, steep, precipitous; new
moat, trench, pit, cavity
turban; conical cap
nest, living quarter in tree
straw shoes; straw door
hawk, vulture
tears; weep, cry
the crow
tired; implicate, involve; bother
to lead; ratio; rate; limit
evil, wicked, bad, foul
join, connect; continuous; even
take part in, intervene
bridge; beam; rafters; surname
listen, hear
hill, mound; mausoleum
horned owl, scops chinensis
pigeon, dove; Columba species (various)
to twist, nip with the fingers
fabulous bird
deer; surname; KangXi radical 198
strangle, tighten
species of antelope
鸿 species of wild swan; vast
sparkling stone; glazed, opaque
drip, soak, drench; perfectly
reason, logic; manage
pear; opera; cut, slash
bamboo hat; bamboo covering
if, supposing, assuming; similar
rob, ransack, plunder; pass by
grain; small particle
Kunlun mountains in Jiangsu
gnaw, bite, nibble
be lost; sink, be submerged
kill, slaughter, murder; hurt
niche, shrine
approximately, roughly; outline
land, continental; army
hide; go into hiding
give, present; reverential
to lead; ratio; rate; limit
consult, confer; communicate in
careful, attentive
liquor, spirits, wine; ferment
versed in, fully acquainted with
county in Hebei province
state in Shandong province
name of a stream in Sichuan province
riddle, conundrum; puzzle
brag, boast; quibble
visit, pay respects
say, tell; call, name; be called
harmonize, agree; joke, jest
remonstrate, admonish
an intelligence report; to spy; spying
hand over, deliver; substitute
plan, scheme; strategem
honest speech, straightforward
meandering, winding
proclaim, instruct; edict
forget; lie, cheat, deceive
proverb, maxim
knowledge; discrimination; treachery
slander, defame, misrepresent
sincere, faithful; surname
raid, attack; inherit
tool for boring holes
bit; hold in mouth, bite; gag
to throw a rider
give, present, confer; surname
(Cant.) a steering wheel
a Chinese family name to arrange; to display wheel
war car
buy and sell on credit, distant
趿 to tread on; slipshod
skip, jump, frolic
sides of chariot where weapons
cheek bone; protective; assist
numerary adjunct for vehicles
a boa constrictor
small species of cicada
poison; venom; harm; bewitch
razor clam
relieve, aid distressed; rich
walk rapidly
noisily; uproarious; troublesome
trample on, tread on; search for; (Cant.) to squat down
die, perish; vanish; fall
to dust; a duster
throw, hurl, cast, fling
capture, seize
(Cant.) to pluck, to pull
dress corpse for burial
mix, blend, adulterate
throw ground; know, be familiar
trifling, petty; troublesome
roar of dashing waves
shine, illuminate; cover, envelope
amonia; hydrogen nitride
vessel used to hold grain offerings
Anhui province
(Cant.) to roast, bake; to suffocate, stuffy
to spit; saliva
weld, solder
pig; Lolo aboringinal tribe
to fish; seize; pursue; surname
ditch, sluice, gutter, drain
(Cant.) mud, mire
draw back, fold back; collect
simmer, cook over slow fire
rinse; cook or boil in juice
soak, steep; dye; stains; sodden
juice; liquid; water; to leak, pour
to perceive, feel
name of a river in Shandong
carved or patterned window sills
pear and other trees
squeeze out of; extract
hunt; field sports
name of an ancient tribe
macacus monkey
check; examine
(Cant.) onomatopoetic, the sound of a fiercely-burning fire
to blow, hot wind; wind of heat
(same as 敗) to ruin; to destroy; to spoil, defeat; to be defeated, bad; as meat
a narrow path (for rabbit), (same as 迒) animal tracks, path; way; road
(non-classical form of 迥) far; distant; different from; separated
steps leading up to a building
(ancient form of 隄 堤) a dike; levee or embankment
a mountain in Shanxi Province, name of a county in old times
(simplified form) tire of a wheel
a small mound
(same as 域) boundary; a frontier, a region; a country, (ancient form of 城) a city; a town
to meet at the bank; shore; beach; coast
the cross-bar at the sides of a carritage, (same as 較) to compare
the magpie, jackdaw; jay and similar birds
(same as 雌) female; feminine, a female bird, to dwell, to stop
(non-classical form of 䢼) name of a state in old times, name of a pavilion
(same as 虐) cruel; ferocious; atrocious
a big mound, abundant; fertile
(same as 純) beautiful; fine; pretty, net, (same as 醇) rich; good; as wine, pure, unmixed
the shiny colorful of the wine, sweet; color of the wine
an organic compound; phtholein
(ancient form of 髻) dressed hair of a Chinese woman; a coiffure with a topknot
(same as 李) plums, a plum tree
(same as 鈍) blunt, obtuse; dull-witted
name of county (a village)
(interchangeable 奄) name of an ancient state, name of a country in old times
(non-classical form of 邸) residence of a prince or nobility
(non-classical of 轤)a windlass; a pulley; a capstan
the linch-pin of a sheel
(same as 鞃) horizontal front bar on a cart or carriage, leaning board in a sedan chair
name of a place
(same as 軝) decoration on the nave or hub of a wheel
name of a place, (same as 黨) party; gang; clique
hidden; concealed; secret, narrow and small, ugly, low; mean, inferior
the protruded sides of a carriage (used in ancient times to screen off muddy dust)
(same as 軏) the cross-bar at the end of the pole of a carriage
bracelet; armlet
(corrupted form of 鈗) a kind of weapons held by the officials in attendance in old times, (same as 銳) a sharp-pointed weapon
(same as 胲) cheek; face, ugly (same as 孩) a child
ancient music; Chinese classical music
(interchangeable 頑 髡) ancient punishment of shaving the head
(interchangeable 管) a mechanical device for lead ore, (non-classical form of 閌) high; tall and big; lofty (said of the door)
unstrained wine, vinegar
name of a place
(standard form of 送) to send; to deliver; to convey, to give
(same as 廛) living space for one family in ancient times, a store; a shop (abbreviated form of )
(non-classical form of 聆) to listen; to hear
(same as ) name of a double-edged sword, (simplified form ) a chemical element () (Es)
(interchangeable 亞) the next in order; secondary; second (in excellence), inferior; lower
wine or any thick fluid of the best quality; (corrupted form of 靦) ashamed
(same as 醵) to pool money (for a feast, etc.); to contribute to a feast
(same as 鍺) chemical element, Germanium
(same as 歸) the marriage of a woman, to return to; to revert to; to go back, to belong to, to restore, to send back
to wear clothes
(non-classical form of 鴆) a bird like the secretary falcon
to care for; to concern about affectionately, (a corrupted form of 奊) slanting; not straight; curved (of the head)
(same as 射) to project; to shoot out, to aim at
sound of moving carriages; noise of a number of vehicles
the rim or felloe of a wheel; a tire, a yoke, a collar
to move swiftly; to dart; to fleet; to drive v ery fast
(same as 鞃) horizontal front bar on a cart or carriage, leaning board in a sedan chair
deep pond; deep pool
(same as 雹) hail; hailstone
a bird, to map out or draw up (a plan); a plan or scheme; to calculate; to count; to consider
tie it tightly, to lead an ox, a wart; a pustule; a pimple, a round lump
䨿 bad; evil; wicked; vice; wickedness
(same as 鞃) horizontal front bar on a cart or carriage, leaning board in a sedan chair
dressed leather; a large belt
(ancient form of 陵) a high mound, tomb of an emperor, to usurp; to abuse
(non-classical form) the sound of the wind, a typhoon; great gale of wind
a low wall on the road side, a wall, the space enclosed by a constellation
(same as 遊) to travel; to roam; to saunter, (interchangeable 游) to wander about
luxuriant, flourishing, abundant
water-chestnuts; caltrop
species of bean; piper longtum
hawser, heavy-duty rope, cable
fuel, firewood; stubble; Wikstroemia japonica
pond, pool; wash away, cleanse
distant, remote; think of
seal, close; bind; letter
light-yellow color
the woof of a woven item
shine, shimmer; shining, dazzling
brindled ox; brindled in color
a county in Henan; the rising and dashing of waves
meat diet; strong smelling
glory, honor; flourish, prosper
a kind of weed; faithfulness