Japanese On Search: chi

chi shuu shu go; KangXi radical 34
tei tai shi chi name of an ancient tribe
chi ji sha ta i she, her
chi ji shi ta da hill
chi ji earth; soil, ground; region
chi ta pool, pond; moat; cistern
shi chi loosen, relax, unstring a bow
chi ji shi i tree
shi kii tou tei chi settle
chi tai KangXi radical 153; legless insects; a legendary beast
shi tei dai chi ji an amphibious beast resembling a tiger with one horn; place name
ji chi govern, regulate, administer
chi ji tei tai de variant of 低 , low; to lower, hang, bend, bow
chi know, perceive, comprehend
ta da chi ji i a steep bank, a declivity
ki chi rei ryou to rest
chi ji shi tei tai an islet, a rock in a river; an embankment; to stop
shi chi happiness, blessings, good luck
chi shi tei callous, corn
chi send, deliver, present; cause
ji chi sustain, support; hold, grasp
chi ji prepare
chi choku price, cost, worth
chi choku price
chi ki ke city under the Chou Dyn. a surname
ki gi shi ji chi celery
chi chou i to gaze at
chi shame, humiliation; ashamed
chi shame, humiliation; ashamed
chi only, merely
chi ri rare beast; strange; elegant
chi bamboo rod used for beatings
赿 chi tei late slow; dilatory; tardy to delay; dull; stupid
chi ji shi tei tai ant eggs
shitsu shichi chi matter, material, substance
chi ji wait for; lay in
乿 chi ji to cure, to heal
chi wisdom, knowledge, intelligence
shoku chi plant, trees, plants; grow
chi embroidery, needlework; radical
chi teki chaku jar
chi unicorn
chi late, tardy; slow; delay
shi chi ji i part
chi ji go quickly or swiftly; hurry
chi rei ri white jasmine
chi low rear portion of cart
chi ji stop
chi foolish, stupid, dumb, silly
chi place, lay out; set aside
chi young, immature; childhood
chi fine linen; fine hemp fiber
chi ji pheasant; crenellated wall
chi shi tei tai fall, stumble, falter; hindered
chi late, tardy; slow; delay
chi spider
chou chi summon
ko ku chi ji ancient woodwind instrument
chi ji porch; courtyard; steps leading
chi ri to spread (name, news); to be known
cho chi to stretch out, to unroll; comfortable, easy (used for 舒); 摴蒲 is the name of a traditional play
chou chi summon, recruit; musical note
chi hesitate, undecided; embarrassed
chi ji variant of 穉 , young grain; young, tender
chi delicate, fine; dense
chi late, tardy; slow; delay
tei dai chi ji paw
chi strip, tear off, undress
chi ji a bamboo flute with seven holes
ji ni chi jujube
ri chi a bridal veil; to tie; to bind
i chi ji side room
chi a dragon whose horns have not grown; cruel
chi young grain; young, tender
tei chi weed; shave
chi silly, foolish, idiotic
rei rai chi ji to walk slowly; to parade
chi shi to chew the cud
chi heavy horse; horse unable to move because of twisted leg; plodding
chi a mountain demon resembling a tiger
chi spider
chi ri to stick; sticky
chi yellow dragon
chi stumble, totter; fail, be frustrated