Japanese On Search: chin

chin sink, submerge; addicted to
chin sen occupy by force, usurp; possess
chin jin shin sink, submerge; addicted to; surname
ten chin a stand on which to replace goblets after drinking
chin pillow
chin aching of limbs, muscular pains
chin precious, valuable, rare
chin precious, valuable, rare
tei chou chin pavilion; erect
chin jin pronoun 'I'
shin chin restraint
chin anvil; flat stone; exe
shin chin measles; rash; fever
jin chin column, row or file of troops
chin jin in a rope for leading cattle or horse
ten chin den nen (Cant.) to hold between the fingers and thumb
chin county in Hunan province; surname
tan chin wine with bird poison added
chin jin exhibit, display; plead; surname
chin jin shou pupil
chin take advantage of, avail oneself
chin to take advantage of; to avail oneself of. to follow; to go
chin shin treasure, valuables
kan kon ken sen zen chin gan rugged
tan chin deep; profound; clear; tranquil, placid
chin roll up the sleeves; fight bare-fisted; strike, stab
in chin jin the leather belt that connects a horse with a cart
chin jin rent, hire; hired person
kan chin subjugate, subdue, quell; kill
ten chin fill in, fill up; make good
chin jin a chopping board
椿 chin chun father; a plant with white flowers
ten chin fill in, fill up; make good
ten chin shin a gem used as ear plug; a jade earring
chin stone slab used for washing clothes; an anvil
chin rin shin to stop; adjusted, in order
chin preious
chin a bird resembling the secretary falcon
chin jin long continued rains
chin jin mulberry fruit
sen chin carve
tan ton chin red
shin chin detailed, fine; closely woven
tou dou chin jin mythological wingless dragon of
chin jin a variety of artemisia
chin rush in, burst in, charge in
chin ten town, market place; suppress
chin ten town, market place; suppress
tan dan sen chin strip; lay bare; bared; naked
tan don dan chin jin black, dark; unclear; private