Japanese On Search: don

don ton ten swallow; absorb, annex, engulf
ton don metric ton; (Cant.) to babble, gibberish
don ton ten swallow; absorb
ton don grain basket, bin for grain
ton don a village; to dwell together
chun ton don falter, hesitate
ton don heat with fire; stew
zei nei don non the handle of tools
chun ton don tan to bury
ton don chun green sprout; foolish
don ton greedy, covet; covetous
ton don shun tai te kyou kau creak; (Cant.) to babble, gibberish
ton don tai tsui dim
don ton blunt, obtuse; dull; flat; dull-witted
totsu tochi dochi ton don strong
dan nan tan don (Cant.) fatty meat on a cow's belly; abdomen; to boil meat
tan don ran pit
ton don chun stuffed dumplings
dan ton don sphere, ball, circle; mass, lump
tan don long hair; (Cant.) to hang down, droop
don non zen soft, tender, delicate; young
ton don deceive, hide, conceal; flee
ton don blowfish, globefish, Spheroides vermicular
tan don dan satin
don tan become cloudy, overcast
tan don sacrifice offered at the end of the three years' mourning the death of a parent
in tan don silverfish
tan don earthen jar or jug
tan don earnest money; silk label on books
tan don bitter taste in wine; rich; full flavoured
tan don dan chin jin black, dark; unclear; private
ten den tan don black horse
tan don an earthenware jar, a jug