Japanese On Search: gon

gin gon stand side by side
gin gon multitude, crowd; masses, public
kin gon used in person's names
sen ken kan kin gon wife of mother's brother
gen gon gin words, speech; speak, say
gon kin kon happy, joyous, delighted
kin kon gon round-shaped storage bin for grain
kan gon water from washing rice to boil thick, as gruel
kou gou gin kon gon to act contrary to
gin gon boundary, bank of stream or river
kin gon ken gen gin salt marsh plant
gen gon the snarling of dogs
gei un kon gon rue, herb used to keep insects away; to cut grass or weeds; art, talent, ability, craft, technique, performance, acting, trick, stunt
gin gon (Cant.) sediment, precipitate
kan gon correspondence; a case; a box
kon gon kan dan pig-sty; privy
kon gon tie up; bind, truss up; bundle
kan kon gon a sound; to put in the mouth; (Cant.) to grunt, grumble
gen gon express condolence
kin kon ki fgin gon pleased, delighted; happy
kan gan kon gon tray for carrying sacrificial meat
kan gon pre-dawn
kin gon to seize; to clutch; to arrest; to capture; (Cant.) to climb
gan gen gon eye; eyelet, hole, opening
kan gon gems of pearls formerly put into the mouth of a corpse
gin gon kin to hum, to intone, etc. to close, to shut
gan gon (Cant.) to speak
ken gen kan gon shin lock, latch; stamp, seal
ken gen gon carry
kin kon gon restrict, prohibit, forbid
kin gon a hut; careful
ken gon bar of door, bolt of lock
kon gon ki kun peg
kin gon industrious, diligent, attentive
kon gon bright, glorious, splendid
gin gon county in Zhejiang province
kon gon cord; woven belt; hem; hemming
kon gon soul, spirit
gin gon silver; cash, money, wealth
kin gon kon a hut; careful
kon gon dishonor, disobey; insult
kin gon to build with soil, plaster over with mud
kin gon kon brave; cautious; sad
gin gon speak gently; respectful
kan gon gan kou mouth; jaw
kin kon gin gon kan ken to prepare horses and chariots for battle
ken gon power, right, authority
kon gon jokes, obscene jests; joke
kin gon courteous, cordial; zealous
gen gon strict, rigorous, rigid; stern
kon gon dumpling soup, wonton
un kon gon dumpling; supply
ken kon gon a quiver on a horse; a store
gin gon gan gen argumentative, talkative
ren ken kon gen gon vine
gen gon strict, rigorous, rigid; stern
gen gon earthenware vessel in two parts
ki gi ke kin gon variety of artemisia seek
ken gon power, right, authority
gen gon ken summit, peak