Japanese On Search: kan

kan kon receptacle; KangXi radical 17
kan factory, workshop; radical 27
kan oppose, offend; invade; dried
kan recommend, advise, urge
kan kou ou hair style; ore
kan [unknown: wu2? variant guan1?]
kan sweetness; sweet, tasty
kou kan armor, shell; fingernails; 1st heavenly stem
kan publication, periodical; publish
kan kou ken child's hairstyle bound in two tufts; ore
kan ditch; pool
kan gan concerned about
sen kan kou extend across, through; from
kan perspiration, sweat
kan crafty, villainous, false
kan gan weep
kan ward off, withstand, resist
kan fu earthen crock or jar; rad. 121
kan gan a wild dog, a not very large lock-up
kan gan an ancient place in the state of Wu
kan pit, hole; snare, trap; crisis
sen ken kan kin gon wife of mother's brother
sen kan string; relatives; conspire
kan complete, finish, settle; whole
kan drought; dry; dry land
kan liver
kan pole; shaft of spear
kan sunset, dusk; evening
kan inferior variety of gem
kan official, public servant
kan gan a rock or cliff
kan correspondence; a case; a box
kan gen kon a pit, a hole
kan ken kou kyou gen hard; wise
kan rare, scarce; surname
kan ken to clamp, tie down or pin down
kan earthenware, earthenware vessel
kan gan so
kan ken scroll; curl; make a comeback
kan gon water from washing rice to boil thick, as gruel
kan city in Hebei province; various
kan upright and strong; amiable
kan to give pleasure; pleased, happy
kan smooth out the clothes
kan ken scroll; curl; make a comeback
kan gen officialdom, government official
kan gen together; all, completely; united
kan gan worm
en kan kon dan nan cover over, hide; narrow-necked
en on kan gan river in Henan province
竿 kan bamboo pole; penis
kan gan white silk, fine silk; gauze
kan correspondence; a case; a box
kan see, observe, view; appearance
kan kon kin hack, chop, cut, fell
kan tangerine, loose-skinned orange
kan ken letter, invitation; choose
kan be numerous, brilliant
kan ken (Cant.) to clean; dried up
kan ken adultery, debauchery; debauch
kan cap, crown, headgear
shun kan an ancient feudal State in Shaanxi
gen kan boundary, limit, line
kan look, see; examine, scrutinize
kin kei kan pity, feel sorry for, show sympat
kan change
kan gan variety of tree; surname
ken kan light of the sun; to dry in the sun
kan sunrise; dawn
kan publication, periodical; publish
kan ward off, guard against, defend
gen kan ken to confuse; dizzy, dazed, disoriented
kan scatter; scattered
kan courageous, brave; violent
kan kon gon a sound; to put in the mouth; (Cant.) to grunt, grumble
kan ken submerge, sink, plunge; trap
kan gan prison; a kind of wild dog
kon gon kan dan pig-sty; privy
kan gon correspondence; a case; a box
kan a place in Taiwan Tainan
ten kan ki light of the sun; to dry in the sun
kan to wash, to rinse
kan shining, brilliant, lustrous
kan childhood diseases
ken kan gen to labor; tired
kan call
kan kon river in Jiangxi province; water leaking into a boat
kon kan dark blue or reddish color
kan shining
kan to treat well; to detain
kou kyou kan ken man
kan gan pole; stick; club; pole as unit
kan soak, wet; tolerate, be lenient
ken kan bamboo tube, wooden peg; spout
kan gan kon gon tray for carrying sacrificial meat
kan ken gen dry; first hexagram; warming principle of the sun, penetrating and fertilizing, heavenly generative principle (male)
kan gan hold in mouth; harbor, cherish
kan kon licorice
kan kind of clam, arca inflata
kan wan a string of 1000 coins; to go through
kan gan village
kan a pit, a hole, a snare, a danger; a crisis; a mortar
kan gan solder
kan gon gems of pearls formerly put into the mouth of a corpse
kan submerge, sink, plunge; trap
kan investigate; compare; collate
kan gen suffer, worry about; suffering
kan gen gan internal cavity of stomach
fu kan pottery, earthenware
ka kou kan an arrow shaft
kan gon pre-dawn
kan ancient family name
ken gen kan gon shin lock, latch; stamp, seal
ken kon sen kan well-boiled congee or gruel; thick, rich
kan gan gatsu gachi large face, flat face; stupid
kan ken fence, barrier; defend; idle time
kan scatter; scattered, dispersed
gen kan decrease, subtract, diminish
kan gen gan big-eyed
kan gen wan bright
kan stalk of grain; straw
kan kon a jade tube used as an instrument
kan kon salty
kan ken interval, space; place, between
kan gan to escape from; to flee, to avoid
kan gan kon enjoy intoxicants
kan en flow
kan Anhui province
kan ka numerary adjunct for trees
kan item, article; clause; fund
ken sen kan relax
kan call, summon; invite; be called
kan shout, call out, yell; howl; cry
kan ken sturdy
kan ken choose; select; pick up; gather
kan change, exchange; substitute
kan to dare, venture; bold, brave
kan coffin
欿 tan ton kan kon discontented; sad; gloomy
ken kan bowl
kan cold, wintry, chilly
kan tan adequately capable of, worthy of
kan inlay, set in; fall into; rugged
kan kon ken sen zen chin gan rugged
kan ken limp; be embarrassed
kan libation
kan gan ken small badger; porcupine
kan ken pincers, pliers, tongs
kan broad
kan sick
kan chin subjugate, subdue, quell; kill
kan recommend, advise, urge
kan a key; to be in charge; a pipe
ken kan domestic animals; feed, raise
ken kan gan kehu pouch; hold; content
kan feel, perceive, emotion
kan smiling; a kind of aquatic herb, clubrush, Scirpus lacustris
kan trunk of tree or of human body
kan gan a bud
kan gen ken edible greens; amaranth
en on kan gen large ring of fine jade
kan same as 款 , an item, article; clause, fund
kan shining, brilliant, lustrous
ki ken kan kun weld, solder
ken kan warm
ken kan en a last for making shoes; to turn on a lathe
kan shin bone
kan tree trunk; support, prop
kan kon ken a mouth or opening
kan ken tweezers, pliers, tongs, pincers
kan pipe, tube, duct; woodwind music
kan gan sui grass used for making mats; Huanpu, place famous for robbers
ken kan affectionate, solicitous
rin kan green silk thread or tassel
kan ken coarse grass, themedia forskali
ken kan gen (Cant.) 小膁, loins, side of body
kan habit, custom; habitually, usually
ken kan deficient, lacking, insufficient
ken kan sen alkaline, alkali, lye, salt
kan gan bit; hold in mouth, bite; gag
kan kon cliff
kan supervise, control, direct
kan ken miserly, parsimonious, stingy
atsu kan revolve, rotate, turn
kan pursue, follow; expel, drive away
kan the Chinese people, Chinese language
kan throw ground; know, be familiar
kan pour; water; irrigate, flood
kan ken wan frontier pass; close; relation
kan gan indecipherable
kan gen courageous; martial; dignified
kan elegant, refined; skillful
kin kon ken kan lofty, towering
kan refined, elegant, gracious
kan kon same as 轗 , to fail; a difficulty, misfortune
kan ken brook, mountain stream
kan gan solder, weld; leg armor, greaves
kan happy, pleased, glad; joy; enjoy
kan remonstrate, admonish
kan broad, wide; spacious, vast
kin kon gin gon kan ken to prepare horses and chariots for battle
kan seal, close; bind; letter
kan ken inlay, set in; fall into; rugged
kan slow, leisurely; to postpone, delay
kan gon gan kou mouth; jaw
kan gen composed, contented
kan dry by exposing sun
kan ken illness; pain; neglect; useless
kou kan soup, broth
kan move, shake; (Cant.) to fight
kan cleanse, wash
kan en circle, surround; encircle
kan gan chin, jowl; give nod
kan great domain, country, world
kan gen kon gan in harmony; in agreement; incere
kan kon cliff, ledge, bank; step
kan wash
kan gen ken sen to put on
kan olive
ran kan warming sake, to heat sake
kan writing brush, pen, pencil
kan a mansion; a building
kan to regret, remorse; dissatisfied
kan gan foolish, silly, coquettish
kan remonstrate, admonish
ken kan gen anxious, distressed
kan gen ken to peep; to spy
kan ken difficult, hard; distressing
kan watch, spy; overlook; look down
kan ken draw back, fold back; collect
kan public building
kan public building
kan sen gen still, yet, also, besides
kan epilepsy, convulsions
kan jade ring or bracelet; ring
kan to rage, run wild
kan ken embarrassed; ill at ease
kan fence; surname; Korea
kan ken embarrassed; ill at ease
kan gen en measure; money, coins
kan an pastry filling, stuffing
kan snore loudly
kan gen half-grown beans
kan kon ken gan gen yellow
kan wan a frontier pass or gate to shut or close; a custom-house; suburbs of a city
kan threshold, door-sill
kan a heron; small cup
kan metal ring; measure of currency
kan gan carp
kan gen valeriana villosa, climbing plant
kan see, observe, view; appearance
kan simple, terse, succinct; letter
kan agueweed
kan ken hen en steal look; peep at; spy on
kan ken hen en steal look; peep at; spy on
kan wan frontier pass; close; relation
kou kan soup, broth
ken gen kan noose; hang death; tie, bind
kan ken recommend, advise, urge
kan vast, wide, extensive
shin kan coffin; tung tree
kan gen ken tear asunder between chariots
kan fail
kan salty, briny; salted; pickled
kan warship
kan ken an en blackhead
kan ken impure carbonate of sodium of natron
ken kan fabulous mythical bird
kan kon huge fish; widower; bachelor
kan happy, pleased, glad, joyous
kan pour; water; irrigate, flood
ken kan gen big-mouthed flounder
kan gen wan en wall around market place
kan jump
kan metal ring; measure of currency
kan to supervise to confine a government establishment
kan gen a vehicle for transporting prisoners
kan mirror, looking glass; reflect
kan mirror, looking glass; reflect
dan kan bank, a sandbar, shoal; rapids
kan jade
kan ken gen fire
kan happy, pleased, glad; joy; to enjoy
gan kan niche, shrine
kan ken san zen to go bald
kan ken the silver pheasant, Lophura nycthemera
kan gen silver pheasant badge worn by civil officials of the 5th grade; Lophura species (various)
kan dress hair in coiled knot; maid
kan jar, jug, pitcher, pot
kou ku kan kon Jiangxi province; places therein
ken kan sen alkaline, alkali, lye, salt
kan gan ken kon scaptre
kou gou kan kon vast, large, grand, expansive
kan ken cheer; noise, noisy
kan see, observe, view; appearance
kan ken gen badger
kan view
kan kon hipbone; hip
kan jar; can
kan ken cheek bones
kan happy, pleased, glad; joy; to enjoy
kan crane, Grus japonensis; stork; Ciconia species (various)