Japanese On Search: ran

ran confusion, state of chaos, revolt
ran kon egg; ovum; roe; spawn
ra ran ren explain in detail
rou ran wave; wasteful, reckless
ran rin avaricious; greedy cold
ran stupid; slow
ran rin covet; covetous, avaricious
ran mountain mist, mountain haze
ren ran boil silk
ran ron confusion, state of chaos; create chaos, revolt
tan don ran pit
ran ren flowing water; ripples; weeping
gun nan ran fishing net
rin ran to remove astringency; to bleach in water
rin ran ren clear water
ran kan warming sake, to heat sake
rin ran be afraid of, be awed by, be in awe
on ran disappointed
rin ran be afraid of, to be in awe of
ran look at, inspect; perceive
ran door screen; railing fence
ran flood, overflow; excessive
ran lazy, languid, listless
ra ran ren to look about; order, sequence; complicated thought which is not easy to express
ran rai lazy, languid, listless
ran drive away, expel, oust
ran blue; indigo plant; surname
ran ragged, tattered, threadbare
ran overflowing; waves, ripples
ran basket
ran official dress
ran obstruct, impede, bar, hinder
ran rotten, spoiled, decayed
ra ran ren explain in detail
ran look at, inspect; perceive
ran ren multicolored
ran railing, balustrade; animal pan
ren ran ban man lovely, beautiful; docile, obedient
ran mountain range; pointed mountain
ran entire
ran a one piece garment
ran orchid; elegant, graceful
ran bow case
ran name of tree; a part of cornice
ran tan dan to pass; to step over; to creep; to twine round
ran accuse falsely; slander, libel
ban man ran to see, witness, inspect
ran grasp, take hold of; monopolize
ran olive
ran lanthanum
ran entire
ran river and county in Hebei province
ran hawser, heavy-duty rope, cable
ran bells hung on horse; bells hung
ran ren a case for a bow
ran fabulous bird