Japanese On Search: sho

sha sho moreover, also (post-subject); about to, will soon (pre-verb)
so sho ga roll, bolt of cloth; foot
sho place, locale; department
jo sho help, aid, assist
sho so beginning, initial, primary
jo sho express; eliminate; relieve
sho dull, slow, unskilful
sho jo so dull, stupid, suspicious
sho pestle; baton used beat clothes
cho sho shuttle of loom; narrow; long-headed; a scrub oak; thin
so sho uneven
sho so stop, prevent; defeated, dejected
so sho impede, hinder, obstruct; oppose
so sho suck; chew, masticate
sho so an ape, monkey; to spy, watch for; to lie
sho so place, location; numerary adjunct
sho place, locale; department
sho so a small table or tiered stand filled with meat offerings
sho so all, together, mutually
sa sho so hawthorn
sho so chopping board or block; painted
sho jo loosen, relax, relieve; extricate
cho sho jo yo chestnut oak
sho so ulcer, carbuncle, abscess
jo sho forgive, excuse, show mercy
sho book, letter, document; writings
sho so rocky, hilly, uneven
sha sho net for catching rabbits
cho jo sho lamb
so sho sa sackcloth; female hemp plant
sho ya open country, field; wilderness
sho small sand bank, islet
sho numerous, various; multitude
sho numerous, various; multitude
ya sho open country, field; wilderness
yo sho so happy
so sho class; section, department
sho so maggots
jo sho waste cotton, raw silk or cotton
sho jo sha so weak, lame
so sho curse; swear, pledge
sho to tsu zu islet
jo sho open up, unfold, stretch out; comfortable, easy
sho weak, lame
sho glutinous millet; KangXi radical number 202
sho hot
sho to strain spirits; river in Guangxi; abundant; bright
to zu sho jo glutinous rice
sha sho cook
so sho neglect; careless, lax
sha sho cook
sho jo yo toad
sho variant of 暑 , summer heat; hot
toshokan sho library
sho osprey, fishhawk; hold back
sho public office
so sho rat, mouse; KangXi radical 208
sho zo so hoe; eradicate, eliminate
sho cho end of thread; thread
sho ya villa, country house
sho wa ja seki shaku wax; candle; waxy, glazed; maggot; as a non-simplified form sometimes used as an equivalent to (䄍), meaning imperial harvest
sho so neglect; careless, lax
sha sho to screen. loquacious; (Cant.) final particle used to defend oneself or protest against others
sho sha salted or pickled vegetables
sho sacrificial rice; rations; pay
sho rough and rugged
sou so zo sho excellent horse, noble steed
sho cho end of thread; thread, clue
sho to soar; to take off
sho several
sho knowledge; discrimination; treachery
sho several, various
yo sha sho relaxed, comfortable, at ease
sho to strain spirits
so sho vegetables, greens
sho sha sugar cane
sho island
so sho foundation stone, plinth
sho ill
so sho to spy; to watch for
sho bright, light of rising sun
shu su sho peep at; watch, spy on
sho jo yam, tuber, potato
sho jo yo fine
sho blowfish
sho Oak
so sho sa irregular teeth; discord
sho jo yam, tuber, potato
sho so toothache
sho jo yo bream
shi sho so strain