Japanese On Search: to

do to soil, earth; items made of earth
to tou Chinese peck; liquid measure
to vomit, spew out, cough up
to rabbit, hare
do to zu stop, prevent; restrict; surname
tou to tremble, shake, rouse; give shake
to belly; abdomen; bowels
to tsu jealous, envious
to zu diagram; chart, map, picture
to rabbit, hare
ta to to scold
to jealous, envious
ta to tsu beautiful, colorful; girl
ta to scold, bellow, shout at, roar
taku do to degree, system; manner; to consider
to disciple, follower; go on foot
to zu cho jo surname; name of certain rivers
to ja a Buddhist high priest
to thorium
to zu way, road, path, journey; course
to zu sho jo glutinous rice
tou to rise, mount, board, climb
to tsu cho metropolis
to tsu taku daku (Cant.) a place
to wall; stop, prevent; stop up
to tsu cho metropolis, capital; all, the whole; elegant, refined
to cross, ferry over; ferry
to cho butcher, slaughter, massacre
sho to tsu zu islet
to do ta bitter vegetable
to smear, daub, apply, spread; paint
to look at, gaze at; observe
to tsu zu dodder; creeper
to zu diagram; chart, map, picture
to zu diagram; chart, map, picture
to zu ill
to zu leaven, yeast; wine
to zu food
to zu sound of horn tooting
to bet, gamble, wager; compete
to see, gaze at, witness
tou zu to head; top; chief, first; boss
to zu fragrant
eki seku to zu dislike; be weary of; explain
to plate, coat, gild
to ja tower over city gate
to moth; insects which eat into cloth
to tsu moth; insects which eat into clot