Korean Search: a

a forked; bifurcation
a tooth, molars, teeth; serrated
a our, us, i, me, my, we
a son, child, oneself; final part
a Asia; second
a to go to meet, to receive, as a guest
a ok prefix for people's names; used in transliteration
a Asia; second; used as a prefix to names
a son, child, oneself; final part
a sudden(ly), soon; Russian
a to grind, to calender, to polish; to roll with a stone roller
a lofty
a lofty
a bud, sprout, shoot
a be beautiful; good; surname
a illness, sickness, disease; pain
a dumb, mute; become hoarse
a oh? really? is that so?
a express surprise, be surprised
uy a exclamation of admiration
a ay forced laughter
a exclamatory particle
a dumb, mute; become hoarse
e a drive, ride; chariot; manage
a be beautiful, be graceful
a elegant, graceful, refined
a moth
a artemisia
a public office; official residence
a crow, raven; Corvus species (various)
a soft steel; ammonium
a hungry; greedy for; hunger
a goose
a goose