Korean Search: ay

ayk ay in distress; adverse; strategic; (Cant.) to swindle
ay belch; hiccup
ay artemisia, mugwort; translit.
ay precipice, shore, bank; surname
ay sad, mournful, pitiful; pity
ay interjection of surprise
ay near, close by, next to, towards, against; to wait; to lean on
ay fine dust, dirt
ay alas, exclamation of surprise or pain
ay uy shore, bank, water's edge
ay put off, procrastinate; endure
ay uy cliff, precipice; precipitous
ay sigh; an exclamatory sound
ay cliff, precipice; precipitous
a ay forced laughter
ay gnaw; (Cant.) to shout, yell, scold
kal ay drink; shout, call out
ay obstruct, hinder, block, deter
ay dull; dull-minded, simple, stupid
ay ayk narrow, confined; a strategic pass
sa ay hoarse of voice
ay love, be fond of, like
ay corner of eye; stare
ay stone mill; grind; break apart
ay brilliant white
ay like
huy ay belch; alas
ay interjection; exclamation
ay obscure, dim, ambiguous, vague
ay stupid; foolish
ay clouded, obscure
ay obstruct, hinder, block, deter
ay to cover; to hide; to conceal
ay lush; affable, friendly
ay cloudy sky, haze; calm, peaceful
ay cloudy sky; dark, obscure