Korean Search: ce

cha ce moreover, also (post-subject); about to, will soon (pre-verb)
ce name of an ancient tribe
ce calm, peaceful, serene; healthy
se ce express; eliminate; relieve
ce ramie; sack cloth
ce low; to lower, hang, bend, bow
ce wait; look towards; turn one's back on
ce che an ape, monkey; to spy, watch for; to lie
ce shuttle of loom; narrow; long-headed; a scrub oak; thin
ce pestle; baton used beat clothes
ce stop, prevent; defeated, dejected
ce ci resist, oppose; deny; off-set
ce ci bottom, underneath, underside
ce uneven
ce official residence, residence of
ce suck; chew, masticate
ce elder sister, young lady
ce root, base; bottom of object
ce gore, butt; resist
ce net for catching rabbits
ce ulcer, carbuncle, abscess
ce ram, he-goat
ce sackcloth; female hemp plant
ce en this, the, here
ce maggots
ce pig
ce ramie; sack cloth
ce china grass, ramie
ce pig, hog, wild boar
ce small sand bank, islet
ce gore, butt; resist; push
ce slander, condemn, reproach
ce curse; swear, pledge
ce store, stockpile, hoard
to ce butcher, slaughter, massacre
ce islet
ce osprey, fishhawk; hold back
ce mulberry; paper
ce district in Anhui province
ce chak manifest; (Cant.) to wear
ce salted or pickled vegetables
cey ce coccyx
ce pond; a pool
ce bag, valise; stuff, pad; surname
ce Ailanthus glandulosa or A. altissima, a kind of tree useless as timber
ce chopsticks
ce pig, hog
ce to save money, store, reserve; an heir
ce pond; a pool
ce chak hesitate, falter, be undecided
ce irregular teeth; discord
ce yam, tuber, potato