Korean Search: cey

cey young brother; junior; i, me
cel cey break off, snap; bend
cey even, regular, uniform all alike; to arrange
cey to rebuke; to scold; slander
cey system; establish; overpower
cey (J) same as 面影 , visage, face; trace, shadow; memory
cey supreme ruler, emperor; god
cey brotherly, respectful
cey younger sister, sister-in-law
cey eliminate, remove, except
cey sequence, number; grade, degree
cey fierce dog; furious, frenzied
cey help, aid, relieve; ferry, cross
cey chay sacrifice to, worship
cey ladder, steps, stairs; lean
cel cey light of stars; shine
cey look at, glance at; stare at
cey dike, embankment
cey si hold in hand; lift in hand
cey i sprouts; tares
cey dike
cey weep, whimper; howl, twitter
cey darnels, tares
cey to hinder; to detain
cey give forth sound, make noise
cey make, manufacture; produce
cey si happiness; peace; good fortune
cey border, boundary, juncture
ca cey even, uniform, of equal length
cey reddish color, red, brown
cey ce coccyx
cey several
cey essential oil of butter
cey hoof; leg of pork; little witch
cey paw
cey a company, companion; together
cey medicinal preparation
cey several, various
cey to help, aid, relieve; to ferry, cross
cey to sip; (Cant.) aspect marker of excessive extent
cey i the sheat fish
cey crowd, squeeze, push against
cey hoof; leg of pork; little witch a horse
cey leather shoes
cey abdominal area of crab; navel
cey forehead; title, headline; theme
cey pelican
cey break or smash into pieces, pulverize
cey anchovy
cey water-chestnuts; caltrop
cey ascend, go up, rise
cey to clear up after rain; to cease be angry
cey break or smash into pieces, pulverize; hash
cey anchovy